Here are the transcribeme exam answers 2021 and transcribeme audio answers so that you can easily pass the exam conducted by Transcribeme.

This article is mainly written to answer your question how to pass transcribe exam 2021, so read the full article and get transcribe test answers now.

Don't worry if you are confused about working as transcriptionist for transcribeme as we are going to give you some great tips that will help you.

How to pass Transcribe Exam 2022 Easily?

Transcribeme Audio Exam Answers
Transcribeme Exam Answers

If you want to pass transcribe me exam then you must learn how to do transcription work, because if you try to find answers on google, the websites that have presented the answers won't work correctly for you at all due to improper grammar usage and other issues.

So first learn the what is transcription after which you can easily pass transcribeme test 2021 easily without any help and start earning from transcribeme.

But don't worry as in this article we will give you the basic Transcribeme exam answers 2021, so when you will scroll below you will find avideo from youtube to help you with the test.

Below are the list of main skills that you need to have if you want to work with this platform :

1. You must know how to perform transcription

2. Reading and Writing Skills are Must have

3. Basic Computer Knowledge

4. Great Listening Skills

Tips To Pass  And Get Transcribeme exam answers 2021 

Transcribe, me is a platform which promises its customers fast and accurate audio to text conversion jobs so they only look for skilled people.

So if you are not educated enough to do transcription by yourself then even copying the Transcribeme exam answers 2021 from our site will not be useful for you.

That is why we recommend you to learn transcription, and we are also giving you easy tips that you can implement to pass the transcribeme exam.

Step 1 : Record the audio or download the Transcribeme audio exam main audio with google chrome audio download extension.

Step 2 : Make a profile on and import the downloaded Transcribeme exam audio file.

Step 3 : Wait for to do the transcription of the audio file and get your Transcribeme audio answers.

Step 4 : Copy the Transcribeme audio answers, and paste it into Grammarly to check the grammar and then paste the answer into Transcribeme exam test space.

This is one of the most easy way a newbie can implement and use for faster and better results.

Transcribeme exam answers 2021 From Youtube

Here we have embedded a video to help you get Transcribeme exam answers 2021 so that you can get freelance work from transcribeme.

This video is used to help you understand how Transcribeme Audio exam works and what are the benefits of transcribeme.

Transcribeme exam is one of the toughest exam and it is taken by Transcribe me so we are gonna list main details about this company below.

What is TranscribeMe?

Transcribeme is one of the best professional web platform that helps its users in transcription of their audio file and also provides other relational services.

Transcribeme performs :



Data Annotation

Speech recognition

AI Datasets

Dictation etc

Its one of the commonly used website that people prefer to get their text conversion and transcription work.

Why Should You Consider Working With Transcribeme?

Well Transcribeme promises to offer :

  1. Good pay
  2. Flexible workhours
  3. Remote Work Opportunities
  4. Career Growth

So if you are looking to work from home and you think that you can give Transcribeme Audio exam answers easily, then you should try it out.

Transcribeme audio exam answers 2022 pdf

A lot of you are looking to get your hands on transcribeme audio exam answers 2021 pdf file so that you can download it, copy the answers and pass transcribeme audio exam.

But this process is not good for you as even if you find the transcribeme audio exam answers 2021 pdf from some online websites then also you wont have the confidence and guarantee of passing the exam.

Also, even if you pass the exam with transcribeme audio exam answers 2021 pdf, then also you wont be able to earn from this platform.

As this platform pays only to the people who are good at transcription.

Is Transcribeme legitimate and Good to work For?

Well many people who are currently working for or with transcribeme have given their online reviews on glassdoor and other such websites.

So you can understand about the credibility and reality of transcribeme from these sites. 

Remember Transcription jobs require good attention, great English speaking, reading and listening skills so if you have this then you are good to work with transcribeme.


Transcribeme Audio exam answers Sample for You

1. if a speaker says you're, we expand the contraction to you are.

Answer is False

2. Copying text from Word or from a website and pasting it directly into your workhub is fine.

Answer is False

3. Editing the transcript to ensure the file is grammatically correct, even if the speaker did not say it that way is good.

Answer is False

4. Always transcribe the main brand names with the basic use of capitalization of the first letter to keep your overall file consistent, even if your main research shows that the name is officially formatted in altogether different way.

Answer is False

5. In a defined and clean verbatim, the words wanna and gonna should be transcribed as want to and going to.

Answer is False

6. Example of an approved spelling in TranscribeMe's Clean Verbatim is

Answer is gotcha

7 .  The TranscribeMe tag used while understanding a difficult accent, poor audio, or an unsuccessful internet search is

Answer is Inaudible

8. Transcribeme tag for a person who speaks over other and makes it hard for you to understand

Answer is Cross-talk

Final Words on Transcribeme Audio exam answers 2022

As a lot of people are looking for work from home opportunities, we have written this article for them keeping the basic things in mind.

We have given a lot of emphasis that motivates our reader to work on their skill development first and then work as a freelancer.

Note : This article is written mainly for educational purpose and we do not promote any platform or website in general.

So if you find this article useful or you want to have anything updated in here just comment us below.


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