Here is your answer on how to pass rev transcription test, so read full article and clear your test with our rev transcription test answers smartly with little efforts.

Rev Transcription is one of best opportunity for people who are looking to work from home, but the rev transcription test answers are really hard to find.

So here we will give you a complete full proof plan on how to pass rev transcription test, just read full article as we are gonna suggest you some awesome tools to crack the rev test.

Details about Rev Platform That Can Help You Pass Rev Transcription Test

Rev Transcription Test Answers
Rev Transcription Test Answers

Rev is one of the best American speech-to-text company that provides services like closed captioning, subtitles, and transcription services.

Rev is defined as an online marketplace for all the remote work consisting of a more than 50,000+ freelancers (also known as Revvers) that provide services to customers from all over the world.

So Rev is a genuine platform that is founded by MIT engineers which has 200+ employees that helps people with transcriptions and other speech to text conversion services.

So how can you join rev and get work from home transcription jobs?

Well to join rev and get paid freelance transcription just use this link fill the form and give answers to the pass the rev audio and grammar test you.

The problem is that many of you try to find the rev test answers 2021 online so that you can pass easily, but the thing is even though you pass the test by getting answers from various online source, if you fail to do the transcription work given by Rev platform to you, then you will make zero money.

So in order to join rev as a freelancer you need to know what is transcription and how to do transcription.

Before registering for being a Rev freelance transcriptionist, you have to pass the rev transcription test which is mainly a half hour test, so we have listed the details of the test below.

Details Of Rev Transcription Test 2022

The first part of the Rev Transcription Test Question and Answer consists of quick grammar test quiz to judge your hold over English language. So if your English is good than its very easy for you to pass the rev transcription grammar test.

Rev Transcription grammar quiz consists of 20 easy follow up questions covering mostly word choice, sentence and structure, and passage punctuation. It will take 5 to 20 minutes to give all the answers to this test.

The second part of rev transcription test consists of a basic three-minute transcription sample. You have to listen to a short sample rev audio file and transcribe the sample in the given online editor.

Tips Recommended By Rev To Help You With "How To Pass Rev Transcription Test"

To pass the main rev transcription audio test, you need to follow basic standards set by Rev that is needed by their customers. 

Be sure to pay extra close attention to the following in your sample transcript:

  1. Identify the speakers: Identify the speakers as it is necessary who said what so mark the speaker's as speaker 1, speaker 2 and so on.
  2. Avoid spelling mistakes: Avoid silly spelling mistakes.
  3. Grammar and punctuation: If you do can not transcript an audio with proper grammar and punctuation then you can never pass the rev audio test.

Its important for all the freelancers to pass the  rev transcription test as Rev focuses on providing high quality transcription services to its customers, so they only hire and provide work to freelancers who are skilled in transcription.

Example Set Rev Transcription Test Answers 2023 For Your Practice (Answers are marked in green)


1. She really didn’t know how to accept the news.

2. She didn’t even… she really didn’t know how to accept the news.

3. She did not even, really did not know how to accept the news.


1. Person: Nice to meet you. I’m Michelle, Director of Product, here at Enron.

2. Michelle: Nice to meet you. I’m Michelle, Director of Product, here at Enron.

3. Michelle: Nice to meet you. ΔΎ’m Michelle, Director of Product, here at Enron.

4. Old Woman: Nice to meet you. I’m Michelle, Director of Product, here at Enron.


1. Speaker 1: Hi, John. How are you?
Speaker 2: I am not feeling well, Paul.

2. John: Hi, John. How are you?
Paul:I am not feeling well, Paul.

3. Paul: Hi, John. How are you?
John: I am not feeling well, Paul.


1. Well, I mean, there are some other ways to go about it.

2. I mean, there are some other ways to go about it.

3. Well, I mean, um, there are like, Some other ways, to umm, go about it.

4. Well, I mean, there are, like, some other ways to go about it.


1. We is going to Paris in a few days.

2. We going to Paris in a few days.

3. We are going to Paris in a few days.

Q8. After I moved to Miami I had to get ______ the weather.

1. used too

2. used to

Q9. Grilled cheese is the perfect ___________ to my tomato soup.

1. complement

2. compliment

3. Complicit

Q10. My husband played football very ___________.

1. good

2. while

3. well

4. too

Q11. Dr. Lewis and ___________ walked to the gym.

1. me

2. us

3. them

4. I

Q12. Even after weeks of thought, he just didn’t know how to ___________ his wrong.

1. Write

2. right

3. rite

4. righten

Q13. Her nervousness had a profound ___________ on her ability to play the piano. It ___________ me too.

1. effect/ affected

2. affect/ effected

3. affect/ affected

4. effect / effected

Q14. Do you like to sleep ___________ the stars?

1. to

2. on

3. under

4. At

Q16. Jeremy and Jack took their bikes with ___________.

1. they

2. them

3. their

4. us

Q17. Did you know Hong Kong is one of the world’s most ___________ cities?

1. populus

2. populous

3. population

We have given some example test answers to help you practice for the Rev Transcription Test Answers 2023, this is mostly for educational purpose.

Rev Transcription Audio Test Sample Answering Set 2 ;

Below sample shows how the use of time stamp and defining of speaker with what they said so follow the below format -

Speaker 1 (00:00):

This audio is being used as a test for transcription purposes at Rev Transcript.

Speaker 2 (00:18):
Alright. Well, Steve, I wanted to ask you about your day. I heard you had some issues with a machine. Could you share more details?
Well, I could either wash the dishes or just start talking.
Steve: (00:34)


So, regarding the balancing machine, we discovered that the low sensors on the left side, or specifically the white side, were functioning incorrectly. We attempted to resolve the issue by swapping the cables, but even after doing so, the load values on the screen still showed as zero, and the grounds on the left side remained problematic. I carefully examined the circuit board, checking for any loose connections. It seems that the current load Louisville is connected to an error signal, resulting in incorrect readings. Additionally, the timing on the weight and balance is off. I'm going to demonstrate that the position is 90 degrees off-axis, instead of the intended zero degrees at 12 o'clock. When we place it at zero degrees at 12 o'clock, it displays as 90 degrees instead...

As the Rev Transcription Test Answers 2023 keeps on changing due the regular update of questions and audio pattern by Rev, its hard to give you any constant update.

Remember even you copy the Rev Transcription Test Answers 2023 for audio transcription test from any website then also you can fail the test if you have done small grammar mistakes.

So practice on improving your skills. This is just to improve your knowledge.

Our advice to help you get Rev Transcription Test Answers 2023

Well as how to pass rev transcription test is one of most frequent question asked by many freelancers who want to work from home, we suggest you that you improve your transcription and English language skills.

But to help you get the Rev Transcription Test Answers 2023,  we suggest you to use below steps ;

1. Make Your account on

2. Record the full audio of the Rev Transcription Audio Test and then import it on

3. takes 5 minutes for complete transcription, and it is very accurate.

4. Use the transcription done by to for Rev Transcription Test Answers 2022

To check your grammar, you can use Grammarly and can score perfect on Rev Transcription Test.

Frequently Asked Question About Rev Test Answers

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on  Rev Transcription Test.

Is Rev safe?

Yes Rev is very safe and very highly trusted site.

How to pass rev test?

It is easy to pass rev transcription test if you know how to do transcription and if you are good in English, although you can copy answers from online websites but it will not help you to make good money from rev?

Does Rev pays to its freelancers?

Yes as a freelancer you can make anywhere between $200 to $1200 from Rev depending upon your skills and your work.

Does Rev Provides Transcription services in other languages?

No, currently Rev only provides transcription in English language.

Note : This article is written for educational purpose only, we do not promote any websites here, and we recommend you to first learn how to do transcription if you want to make money from transcription jobs.

If we find any updated information on  Rev Transcription Test Answers 2021 then we will update it for you.

Thanks for reading, comment below if any other help is needed.

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