"What is Osie Vision Effect and is it Healthy?" answered out for you here so read and learn about osie vision effect.

As with the technology expanding day by day new and awesome software are coming out to give you a better viewing experience which is both safe and fun for you which is why Osie vision effect is one of the best.

Osie Vision Effect for Better experience 

What is Osie Vision Effect and is it Healthy?
What is Osie Vision Effect and is it Healthy?

OSIE vision effect stands for Object & Semantic Images and Eye tracking vision effect. The feature uses Artificial Intelligence to improve viewing experience in supported applications.

This effect is automatically closed. So you will need to power it up by hand to have a better viewing experience. Not all Realme devices support the OSIE Vision Effect feature. Available on Realme X, Realme XT, and Realme X2 Pro currently. 

Before you enable the feature, it is important to know that it will increase the power consumption of the device. But thanks to the increased use of force it is not really obvious.

Why is Osie Vision Effect used?

Osie vision effect has been used mainly to enhance the viewer experience while playing games on your mobile such as pubg.

With high increase of usage in gaming platforms like pubg on mobile the mobile companies have opted to use the this to provide users a better and safe viewing experience to give there eyes a soothing effect while playing the games on mobile.

How to enable OSIE Vision Effect?

There are mainly two Ways to Enable OSIE Vision Effect :

Go to Control center. Swipe down from the very top of any screen and check out the OSIE Vision Effect.

Settings. go to [Settings]> [Display and Brightness]> change [OSIE Vision Effect] to enable.

Additional information: Not all applications are supported by this effect as it may affect power consumption.

Is OSIE Vision Effect good for your eye health?

As the OSIE Vision Effect has been designed to give you a better viewing experience it also works on giving you a safe viewing experience and hence its good for your eyes.

But remember prolonged viewing over mobile screen is harmful no matter what so restrict your mobile usage time.

This effect has been opted some of the listed compaines to use here so use there mobile if you like to as its your choice.

Understand that with the new and ever developing tech on mobile one must use the mobile to their advantage and not to cause their disadvantage mainly of their eye health.

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