Here is an article that will help you get your gotranscript test answers correctly, so read and learn how to pass gotranscript test with answer guide.

Right now a lot of people are sitting at home trying to find work from home opportunities and gotranscript test is one of them.

So we are gonna explain what is this test about and how you can get gotranscript test answers by using your mind.

Easy Gotranscript test answers 2023

Gotranscript test answers 2021
Gotranscript test answers 2021

Before telling you the ways to get gotrancript test answers we are gonna explain what is gotranscript and how it works.

So GoTranscript is a type of translation and easy transcription agency which was founded in the year 2006. 

Today, the company has more than 3,000 clients from various countries and delivers more than 45,000 orders a year which is about 144 million minutes transcribed.


Sample For majorly asked Gotranscript test answers 2023 are below -

The types of timestamping are - Every 2 minutes and Change of a Speaker

If you were a soilder, you could have also understand.

To identify who exactly is speaking - use speaker labels with a question mark before like, ?Speaker 1, ?Speaker 2, ?Speaker 3.

I went to see the new movie. | Use went which is irregular verb and to as preposition.

When speaker spells the word, it looks like (Eg. When speaker spells J-I-M) in transcription.

If there is a sound of laughter made not by the speaker but by other people, then it should always be written on a separate line and in the format of [laughter].

The correct answer to “2+5*4-8÷⅘  is 12.

The transcribe hours should be in format like - 3:00 PM, 10:45 AM, Two o'clock, nine o'clock.

He said,"1 am 27." | Is the correct format.

How is Gotranscript useful for you?

Well according to various reports on internet GoTranscript is a very well known legit transcription company with jobs available to their remote transcribers. 

Their platform is one of the most highly rated on TrustPilot as it has 4.6 stars out of the possible 5. 

Their pay rate is more than average with top earners making around $1215 per month.

Gotransscription Test Answers And Transcritpion Job Application

So now many of the beggineers will be asking how to apply for gotranscript job and get the gotranscription test answers to get selected easily.

Well for that we have embeeded a video via Jennifer Marie as she explains all about the gotranscription test answers 2023.

And its job appliction so that for people who do no like to read much can just see the video and learn it.

To join the gotranscript you just need to visit there site and there will be a welcome page like the one below :

How to join gotranscript
Join gotranscript link here

At the bottom You will see Apply now button just click over it. When you click the apply now button you will be directed to their online test section where you have to answer text and audio questions which will be reviewed by gotraanscript team.

Generally it takes 2-3 working days for them to give you the resuts.

So How to Pass the Gotranscript test 2023?

Now most of the people out there are really confused with the selection process of gotranscript as even after they feel they have given all the gotranscript test answers 2021 correctly they do not get selected.

So lot of people try searching for the gotranscript test answers 2021 online or on youtube still it doesnot work for many of them.

So below are some basic tips that will helps you get all the gotranscript test answers correctly :

1. Check the gotranscript guidelines

2. Read the gotranscript test questions correctly before answering

3. Get all your audio transcription equipment ready like your computer, broadband internet connection, headphones and transcription software.

4. Increase your typing speed.

5. Learn transcribing if you do now what is it from udemy.

6. Check your gotranscript test answers grammar & spelling.

7. Always Proofread your gotranscript test answers before submitting and run a spellcheck.

8. Don't feel discouraged if you fail as you can always try again.

Here are some more repeated gotranscript test answers :

1. It is a problem that needs to be dealt.

Ans : with

2. Which forms are not appropriate to use affirmations in full verbatim.

Ans : Uh-uhh, Ammm

3. I adore you and _____ Smile.

Ans : Your

4. If a Speaker made a grammatical error in the sentence.....?

Ans : I saw one Children

5. Which tags should be bolded?

Ans : Speaker labels and Everything with time fold

6. What should you do with curse word?

Ans : Transcribe it word for word.

7. Clean verbatim?

Ans : It has got to be called incumbent.

8. Why is this ____?

Ans : m-m-moist

9. Vilnius _____ has around 723,000 permeant inhabitants?

Ans : , the capital of Lithuania

10. What is the correct format of the website links?

Ans :

When You answer the 10 questions correctly, you have to take the audio transcription test. 

Many people follow youtube sites to get the audio Gotranscript test answers but still they fail.

Tips on how to pass Gotranscript audio test 2023?

The reason many fail in the Gotranscript audio test answers  is that they just copy paste the Gotranscript test answers of audio transcription from various sources.

To get it clear we recommend you to use grammarly from where you can check the overall tone of grammar and good understanding of verbatim

Verbatim means :

To use exactly the same words as were used originally in the audio.

Use Speaker 1 and Speaker 2 inference.

Gotranscript Review

You can all find the gotranscript review on trusted sites like glassdor and indeed.

As for Glassdoor The rating and gotranscript review score is 4.1 which is regarded the best.

People have found out that gotranscript pays you on time and gives you full freedom to work which is one of the best things a company can provide.

We would like to conclude this article here, if you feel you need any thing updated or you want any kind of extra information just comment below.

Disclaimer : This article is written for people who are looking for work from job opportunities and want guidance to crack Gotranscript test answers, so this is only for educational purposes. 

FAQs on Gotranscript test answers 2023

1. Is it easy to pass the Gotranscript test?

The easiness of the test depends upon how good is your english and cognitive skills like listening, reading and some others like writing fast. But yes if you practice then it will be easy.

2. Is Gotranscript a legit website?

Yes it is.

3. How to reapply for gotranscript test?

Use a different mail id.

4. Does my english needs to be good?


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