Here are all the details on the eye wash cup benefits also known as Netra Shudhi benefits that helps you to take good care of your eyes.

Taking care of your eyes is very necessary and that is the reason we have written this article for you, so that you can know about the eye wash cup benefits/Netra Shudhi benefits in yogic terms.

As Netra Shudhi is defined in yoga as cleaning and washing of eyes many modern health professional recommend using eye wash cup for carrying out the process of eye cleaning that is netra shudhi, so read all about it below.

Eye Wash Cup Uses, Process and Benefits Explained in Simple words for you

Eye Wash Cup Benefits
Eye wash cup benefits | Netra Shudhi Benefits

The main purpose of Eye Cleaning Eye Wash Cup is to help you clean and wash you eyes to solve irritating eye problems, also this process is also called as Netra Shudhhi, that is why many health professionals gives credits to eye wash cup benefits for solving basic eye problems.

We all know that eye problems and eye discomfort can be very annoying and irritating, but a lot of you still neglect it and let the issues increase. 

As you feel irritation in your eyes many of you try to rub it, hoping the initial pain or irritation will go away but it is useless so that is why many of the experts recommend you to wash your eyes with eye wash cup.

Purpose of Netra Shudhi Or So called Eye Wash Cup

Netra Shuddhi is regarded as the perfect yoga practice of eye cleansing, it is 100% chemical free and very natural. 

Netra Shudhi Benefits and main purpose is to remove out dirt, pollutants and any other harmful stuff from the eyes, making the eyes clean and keeping the eye sight sharp. 

But as many of you do not know the Netra Shudhhi yoga process, that is why many experts recommend the use of Eye was cup which also helps you to relax your eyes and strengthens the eyes.

So the main purpose of netra shudhi and eye wash cup is to help you keep your eyes clean and protect them from dirt irritation.

Benefits of Eye Wash/Netra Shuddhi using Eye Cleaning Cup

Below are some of the benefits of eye wash cup and eye cleaning cup that are used for eye cleaning, also known as netra shuddhi.

  1. Eye wash cup cleans your eye thoroughly
  2. Help you relax tired or puffy eyes, removes any harsh irritation of the eyes and it also solves issues of redness and watering of eyes
  3. A lot of people have reduced their issues of head ache due to eye strain from the eye wash cup benefits
  4. Insomnia can also be cure with the help of eye wash cup benefits
  5. It Relieves tension/eye strain in the eyeballs
  6. Soothes sore eyes and helps you feel relaxed
  7. Some experts also say that eye wash cup benefits are perfect for treating myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia and headache
  8. Helps in improving your eyesight helps you control the growth of spectacle numbers
  9. Use of eye wash cup improves the blood supply to the eyes and the optic nerves
  10. Increases the proper flow of blood circulation and helps cure dark circles
  11. Using eye cleaning cups can help you counter problems like conjunctivitis.

Eye Wash Cup Benefits For Students and Working Professionals

Below are 4 basic eye wash cup benefits for working professionals, and they are ;

  1. Using Eye Cleaning Cup can help students relax after studying longer so they can also feel better and show more activeness in class with relaxed eyes
  2. IT Professionals who have to can work longer on laptop/ PC can feel more relaxed and gain good eye health from the eye wash cup benefits.
  3. For Readers of who love to read Books the use of eye wash cup can improve overall reading experience and reduces the base tiredness of eyes
  4. Driving with focus can only be done with the help of relaxed eyes that reduces accidents, so using eye wash cup for eye cleaning/netra shuddhi is a good practice.

Process of Using Eye Cleaning Cup/Eye Wash Cups

Below are the steps that are given to answer your question "How to use eye cleaning cup?", so read and practice them for best results ;

1. Keep eye cleaning cup on table and check if it is clean or not

2. Now use clean water and fill your eye wash cup with it.

3. Add the recommended medical solution recommended by doctor, do not use any thing by your own choice

4. Keep both eyes open

5. Blink eyes and rotate them clockwise and anticlockwise for at least 10 times

6. Now wash your eyes slowly and thoroughly with the water in eye wash cup as recommended by your doctor.

Kindly understand that these are just normal directions given for general health purpose, so you should always use eye wash cup for eye cleaning with proper consultation and advice of your doctor.

Eye Wash Cup Price

The main things people are always curious about is the eye wash cup price as they think its something that is of very high cost.

But the fact is, eye wash cup price is around 1$ to 3$ only, so you can buy it easily online or from your nearby medical store.

The best use of eye wash cup can only be gained by following the proper prescription given by your doctor, so only buy it after consulting with your doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions on Eye Wash Cup and its benefits

Below are some of the FAQs we have answered on the topic of eye wash cup and its benefits ;

What is eye wash cup?

An eye wash cup is a medical cup that contains a sterile solution used to clear the contamination and bacteria from eyes.

Is using eye wash cup safe?

Using eye wash cup is safe but only when you are using it after doctors consultation, so do not try to use it by yourself.

What is the cost of eye wash cup?

The cost of eye wash cup is around 1$ in US and around 150Rs. in India.

What is Triphala Eyewash?

Triphala is a eye wash formulation mainly given by ayurvedic doctor, so triphala eyewash is an ayurvedic eye cleaning process.

What are the limitations of eye wash cup?

Improper use of eye wash cup can cause wounds and other issues, so only use it with right medical care and under a good doctors check up.

This is all about eye wash cup benefits and Netra Shuddhi, so if you feel there is anything you can suggest please comment below.

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