Smart Lipo, also known as laser lipolysis or Smart Lipo, is basically a cosmetic procedure that uses laser energy to sculpt the body of your dreams.


Although there are various types of lipolysis that include innovative technology like radio frequency energy, ultrasound energy and injections, laser lipolysis is one of the most widely used methods because it is regarded as the most effective by experts.

In today's world obesity and fat problems are the most concerning factors affecting the lives of many. So to get rid of obesity or extra fat many people opt for liposuction or smart lipo procedure, a fat removal clinical process.But remember it's not a magic pill that will make you look like Captain America next day.

In the United States, Smart lipo is considered as one of the most common cosmetic surgeries which is a bit different than the Liposuction process, or simply lipo.


So if you are looking to undergo a smart lipo process, then you should first know what is the main purpose of the process, which we have explained below.

What is Smart Lipo and its main purpose?

Smart Lipo
Every Facts about Smart Lipo Cleared

Smart Lipo is an improved and minimally invasive procedure that utilizes temperature sensing cannula and medical-grade laser energy for fat removal.


Smart Lipo is one of the most technologically sophisticated tools used in cosmetic surgery that is safe and effective to sculpt a desired contour in comparatively lesser time and discomfort.


It is an innovative procedure that can not only remove excess body fat but can also firm the loose or saggy skin.

The technique can very well transform the appearance of a person by reversing age effects and removing excessive fat from the specific stubborn areas of the body that generally do not respond to even strict diet and exercise.

So if you are looking to enhance your appearance via fat loss then smart lipo can be of good value to you.

Is Smart Lipo FDA Approved and safe to undergo? 

Well every knowledgeable person will have the above question in his or her mind, so yes in 2006, the Smart Lipo procedure was approved by the FDA as one of the best fat removal processes and since then it has been used widely.

Also it would be good for you to know that Smart Lipo is a less aggressive form of liposuction that uses the power of a laser to liquefy the tissues before extraction. 

As a result, the fat is much easier to remove and there is less overall damage to the surrounding area.

Smart Lipo process not only helps in removing fat but also helps activate collagen production to strengthen the skin structure. 

But before opting for this process you need to understand if you are allowed to undergo this process, so you will need to get approval from your doctor.

How does Smart Lipo work?

Smart Lipo basically works by burning the overall targeted body fat cells at a temperature generated by the use of laser light.

So when the fat cells reach their appropriate temperature, they tend to dissolve. This makes it easy to pull them with a medical device more comfortably than before. 

However, depending on the volume of the fat that needs to be removed, the fat can be removed from the area rather than extracted.

On the day of the procedure, patients are generally given local anesthesia to make the treatment areas non-painful and numb, after that they make a small hole and insert a laser fiber.

The laser works by using different wavelengths to identify and dissolve the base fat cell membrane. Certain wavelengths are used to achieve the specific desired firming skin effect. When this is done, the fat gently sucking out using a small cannula.

Depending on medical factors and patients' history and health conditions, the whole process takes a few hours or less.


What is the Cost of Smart Lipo in US and Other Countries?

The base cost of the Smart Lipo process is somewhere between $1500 to $5400 mainly depending on the requirements of the process.

The price generally varies depending on factors like your body fat and the area from which fat needs to be removed, the place where you are getting the operation done.

Keep in mind that this process is not directly carried out on the fatty region of the stomach but rather it focuses on the waistline, abdomen and love handles that make up the stomach


Treatment Area

Average cost

Upper Arms 

 $4000 – $5000

Full stomach area(waistline, abdomen, love handles

$5000 – $8000









Love handles





$2000 – $5000



Double Chin $5000



Smart Lipo is an advanced medical procedure that uses lasers to melt fat cells and is ideal for many because it gives good results, it’s quick, and there are no scars left after the process.


 So this process can be very cost effective and if a person is looking to remove stubborn fat in basic body areas like the upper arms or lower belly, then only one session of this procedure can give you great results, so it's cost effective.


Smart Lipo vs Liposuction which is better?

Now if we ask you what is the difference between fat thor and fit thor in avengers, well you may say the fat body, but that's not the only difference. 

So it's the same in the outlook of smart lipo vs liposuction, although both are fat removal processes but they differ largely from each other.

There are many differences between Liposuction and Smart Lipo processes, including anesthesia used, levels of invasiveness, fat removal process, and the after procedure pain and recovery time that patients should expect.

Below we have given point to point details on the smart lipo vs liposuction topic that will help you understand the key differences better. 

Smart Lipo

Traditional Liposuction

Monitored Anesthesia Care with Conscious Sedation

General Anesthesia

Small incisions (1/8″)

Large incisions (1/2″)

Use of the laser for tightening and firming the skin

No skin tightening, so there is the possibility of being left with loose, sagging skin once the fat is removed

Laser is fed with a small micro-cannula. The laser dissolves the oil and turns it into a liquid before sucking on the body, ensuring a smooth appearance.

Larger cannulas rub on fat on the skin, often leading to bumps and bumps under the skin.

Minor bruising 

Significant bruising

Compression garment used for just 4 weeks

Compression garment used for 6+ weeks

1-2 days recovery time

Recovery will take days and weeks

How Long Do the Results Lipo of Smart Last?

According to many experts, the results of laser Smart Lipo are considered permanent, so you don’t have to worry as fat cells won’t return. 

Since adults are not able to grow new fat cells, once fat cells are destroyed and removed from the body there are permanently fewer fat cells in the treated region. But we recommend you to exercise daily to maintain good health.

With the exception of a few, there is no way a person will lose weight if they eat too many calories. So do not go back to your old eating habits because then the fat will again increase in your body and going through this process again can be harmful, so just improve your eating habits and exercise daily.

How much time needed to recover after smart lipo?

While liposuction recovery is regarded as easier than Smart Lipo, patients still have to expect the side effects of a follow-up procedure such as pain or numbness or pain if they opt for liposuction.  

You may want to take a break from work if these side effects prevent you from doing your job in a safe or comfortable way. Patients usually return to their normal routine within a week or less. 

It is important to get permission from your doctor before engaging in exhausting activity or exercise to prevent further inflammation or complications. 

Since Smart Lipo is a skin-strengthening and tightening procedure that removes permanent fat cells, the effects will last as long as patients maintain a stable weight. It is important to exercise regularly and keep a healthy diet to stay healthy and keep the body looking in the best shape.

Final Thoughts

At the end of this we know that you want to look and feel good but undergoing a fat removal process like smart lipo should be only done after your doctor's consultation. 

You have to understand and keep this in mind, “No clinical process can help you stay fit and healthy forever”, you need to take efforts by your self to live a healthy obese free life via eating healthy and doing regular exercise.

There is a common thinking that one should look like a perfect model or a movie star to gain confidence or approval from others, which is totally absurd because all of us are going to get old and lose the fitness we have at a young age, so why worry just eat good and stay fit for life.

FAQ Section

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on the topic of smart lipo, so we have answered them for you.

Can You Get Finance For the Smart Lipo Process?

Obviously yes! Some healthcare centres allow you to go on an EMI plan meaning you pay off your surgery in monthly installments. Or some take CareCredit, the credit card for cosmetic surgeries. Like a credit card, you can pay for the surgery with CareCredit and then make monthly payments towards paying down the balance. This can include high interest but some surgeons offer up to a year of interest free payments.

Is Consultation For Smart Lipo Expensive?

Some surgeons provide free consultations and some charge a $100 fee. A consultation fee is more common with major surgeries versus easy procedures like fillers. But, the consultation fee you pay always depends on the cost of your surgery or treatment.

Will I Need Multiple Sessions In Case The Fat Comes Back?

The Smart Lipo  process uses a base cannula which is a type of hollow needle mainly used to remove the body fat melted by a laser, so once the fat is removed it wont come back for a good long time.

But remember the fat will not come back unless you yourself eat all the fatty foods and gain weight! And the reality is that no clinical surgery can completely wipe out  body fat forever. So once again we are giving you a simple advice “just eat a healthy and live a good lifestyle for long-lasting results.

When am I ready for Smart Lipo?

This is the important question for you to consider to ask yourself. But you should also talk to your doctor about the treatment. He or she will be able to help you determine if your particular body type is suitable for this treatment. You will also find out if there are any other solutions that may be better for you and your specific needs and requirements.

How will I feel?

You will be awake. However, you will be much more comfortable. You will not feel great discomfort. You are given a variety of medications on the day of scheduled treatment. One is uncomfortable and the other is mild. We start treatment after the area is completely numb.

What body parts can be treated?

Smart Lipo process can be done on any part of the body, but mainly your body area of arms, flanks,abdomen, thighs and back are popular treatable areas.

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