Pizza Health Benefits
Pizza Health Benefits


In this article we are going to talk about Pizza health benefits as Pizza is a world-famous dish made with a flatbread that is round in shape. It has various sauces and toppings on it. The toppings are of various types depending on different regional choices. They can be veg(cheese, vegetables, and fruits) or non-veg(pepperoni, chicken, seafood, etc). 


The base of any pizza is made from a flatbread and is called a crust. The crust is covered with various sauces called Pizza sauces. Lastly, the bread is covered with cheese and topped with different veg or non-veg food items. These items are known as Pizza toppings. 

Pizza is generally Oven-baked. It is an Italian mouth-watering food that serves as a very popular comfort food all over the world and that is why we will list out top 6 pizza health benefits that will surprise you.


Learn About Origin of Pizza Before Checking out Pizza health benefits

Pizza is an Italian dish and has its origin in the city of Naples. The basic form of Pizza popularly known as pizza Margherita was invented in the 19th century. From there, its popularity increased and spread in the US after World war 2.


What makes Pizza so yummy and enhances Pizza health benefits factors?


The Crust of a Pizza is usually made from dough. The dough of a pizza can be customized according to our choices. Instead of a common all-purpose flour, other healthy options can be used such as whole wheat flour, or multi-grain flour to create a pizza crust of our own liking.


A pizza can have a thick crust or a thin crust. Usually, a thin crust is said to have more pizza health benefits as compared to a thick crust pizza.



Sauces are mainly a puree of certain vegetables mixed with spices and herbs. The sauce adds flavor to any food as it is served with them as a side dish. There are specific sauces used to make pizzas, But mainly a tomato sauce is considered a healthier option. So if there is tomato used in your pizza then your pizza health benefits increase at least 2 times more than regular.


Cheese is a very important ingredient and the favorite of all other pizza toppings. Not only children but adults of all ages are fond of different varieties of cheese. Generally, Mozzarella cheese is the most popular among other forms of cheese due to its gooey consistency. It holds together all the other toppings on the Pizza.


Other types of cheese such as Feta, Cheddar, Swiss cheese, and goat cheese also go well with a pizza.



Toppings are of various types. They have a much broader variety depending on the country to country and region to region. The Toppings can be of three types and can be used as a combination or separately.


The first type of Topping is vegetables. Who does not want a fresh tasty veggie in their meal? Fresh crunchy, green-leafy also guilt-free and healthy vegetables are the most popular pizza toppings in India.


Veggies like onion, potatoes, corn, Bell peppers, Cottage cheese, Mushroom, and many others are very popular veg toppings in India. Apart from vegetables, fruits like olives and Pineapples are also used as toppings.


Secondly, Non-vegetarian toppings like pepperoni and chicken sausages are very popular. Other types of meat are also very prominently used as toppings in other parts of the world.


Herbs and seasoning:-

Herbs and seasoning are the taste-makers of our Pizza. Garlic Powder, Crushed red chili flakes, Oregano, Finely chopped Parsley, and Fresh Basil leaves add a flavor to the Pizza that makes its taste linger on our tongues.


Does Pizza health benefits differs in every variety of Pizza?

Pizza has its fans all around the world. Also, it is very easy to customize a pizza according to our liking and taste. So as there are different types and styles that enhances or devalues pizza health benefits because pizzas are of many types as it has adopted changes from different parts of the world. Some of its types are as follows:-


  1. Sicilian Pizza: Originated in Sicily, Italy. This Pizza is Rectangular in shape with a thick crust. It has traditional ingredients like Sicilian Toma cheese, Anchovies, Tomatoes, and herbs like Basil.
  2. St. Louis Pizza: This pizza has a very thin and crunchy crust because yeast is not used for fermentation. Provel cheese which is a mixture of three different types of cheese is used to top up the pizza. It is smothered with heavy toppings and oregano-laden sauce. It is usually cut in squares instead of wedges.
  3. Greek Pizza: As the name suggests, Greek Pizza was first prepared by a Greek person in Connecticut in 1955. It is a light and puffy crust pizza with the dominant use of olive oil and a secret Greek sauce which keeps it warm and fresh for a long time.
  4. Roman Pizza: This Roman origin Pizza has found its way around the world due to its extravagant flavors. It is of both a round shape and rectangular as well. Chives and Olives substitute tomatoes and the crust is such that it can hold up to loads of toppings as compared to any other pizza.
  5. Bagel Pizza: Bagel Pizzas are small in size as compared to regular pizzas. They are ideal for a light meal or take-away snack. Having a small size does not compromise on toppings, It can hold loads of
  6. Dessert Pizza: Dessert Pizza is one of the favorite Pizzas in the US. Filled with delectable toppings such as fresh fruits, Marshmallows, chocolate, etc Dessert Pizza is an all-time favorite for those who have a sweet tooth.
  7. Neapolitan Pizza: Originated in Naples, Italy Neapolitan Pizza is the most traditional form of pizza and has a very basic but fresh topping. It has regular toppings like tomato sauce, basil, and an overload amount of mozzarella cheese.
  8. New York Pizza: New York Pizza is a much simple concept as it has a basic thin and hand-tossed crust that holds only tomato sauce and cheese as toppings. It is the simplest form of pizza that can be enjoyed on the go.
  9. Chicago Pizza: Also known as deep-dish pizza, It has a high crust which serves as more surface area for plenty of toppings. It is baked in a pan and has relatively more baking time. The toppings are usually placed in reverse order which gives it a mouth-watering look.
  10. Californian Pizza: This pizza can also be said as a gourmet pizza. Topped with fresh and seasonal toppings, this is a pizza with a twist. Goat cheese, smoked fish, and other Gourmet picks make the pizza extravagant.


The above-mentioned pizzas are popular around the globe and savored differently depending on local taste and the ingredients available.


If you are a health freak and a pizza-lover at the same time, You can always add twists and changes to your favorite toppings. These changes can be made regardless if you are ordering from your favorite restaurant or preparing one yourself. Below are some pizza health benefits listed for you.

Top 6 Pizza Health benefits  

Below are the top 6 pizza health benefits listed and explained :-

  1. Lycopene Absorption: Lycopene is an antioxidant that is said to be found in tomatoes. It regulates body cholesterol and blood pressure. Lycopene is much more easily absorbed by the body if tomatoes are consumed in cooked form rather than eaten raw. Use a lot of tomato sauce on your homemade pizza to reap maximum health benefits and Lycopene absorption.
  2. Rich source of protein: Protein is the most basic and indispensable component needed for our body in order to stay healthy. The amount of protein required for us differs from person to person depending on our daily activities and body type. A single pizza slice contains around 12 grams of protein. So, a whole slice of your favorite pizza after a heavy workout is not a bad option.
  3. Customized for low calories: Nowadays, Pizza is readily available in our nearby outlets and restaurants. But it may be possible that these restaurants may not have healthy alternatives available for us to our liking. Therefore, we can customize pizza as per our health requirements and go for a homemade pizza. In such ways, we can customize our pizza as per our needs.
  4. Balanced meal: A fresh and healthy homemade pizza is a perfectly balanced meal as it comprises protein, carbohydrates, and the right amount of fats. You can always control your calorie intake by swapping a normal crust pizza with a thin-crust multi-grain or whole-wheat pizza. Thus, you get an ample amount of fiber in your gut. Also, cheese contributes as a calcium-rich component and a tasty topping as well.
  5. Rich in fiber: Whole wheat crust or a multi-grain crust is rich in fiber and low in carbohydrates. Fiber is very essential for our body. It enables proper nutrient absorption and keeps our gut healthy. When a whole wheat crust pizza has more fiber contents, it makes our stomachs full early and we automatically tend to eat less.
  6. Healthy option: A home-cooked pizza can be made by using healthy alternatives that we can add or remove as per our health requirements. It helps make bones healthy, Thanks to the calcium present in cheese. Pizza is rich in Antioxidants and serves as a perfect breakfast or a fulfilling meal.


It is not recommended that you opt for pizza every now and then. If you are on a diet and trying to lose weight, A pizza once in a while is a considerable way to go.

Let’s Conclude

Pizza is a healthy food as it has multiple health benefits. A perfect homemade pizza offers to be a guilt-free healthy and tasty snacking or even takeaway option. You can always customize your favorite pizza with healthy available options.


  1. Swapping a normal crust for a whole wheat one adds fiber to your meal.
  2. Using tomato-rich sauce serves as a rich source of Lycopene.
  3. Fresh veggies are here to flood your pizza with anti-oxidants.
  4. Low-fat cheese adds calcium to your Pizza.
  5. Summing up, all the ingredients including non-vegetarian toppings makes pizza a high source of proteins.


Now, Who says Pizza cannot be healthy for you? Tell them This! Although we have listed pizza health benefits in this article we recommend you all to eat your pizza in limit and under moderation so that it does not affect your health as too much of anything is not good.

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