As you are embarking yourself upon a new journey to get more fit or to loose weight you tend to have many questions and we are here to answer it all.

So here are yoga vs walking results that will define yoga or walking which one is better for weight loss, so read full and learn.

Yoga Vs Morning Walk, Choosing the Winner

Yoga Vs Morning Walk
Yoga Vs Morning Walk

So Yoga vs Morning walk, which is better and why is the most basic question that comes to everyone's mind, so we will try to answer this with some of the facts.

Now Yoga is something that has gained a high popularity among the masses due to its high productivity on health and fitness results and overall peace of mind, so one may think that doing yoga is the best possible day to get fit and strong and they are right.

Yoga can help you acheive good fitness within months that even gym can not help you to achieve but some may find doing yoga hard and prefer morning walks instead so yoga vs morning walk which one will give better results, well ofcourse yoga is more productive than morning walks. 

But then what should you prefer as you are more comfortable with walking as an exercise and yoga is not your cup of tea.

Difference between Yoga and Walking

To choose between yoga vs morning walk for better fitness you must understand the difference between yoga and walking.

Yoga is a collection of bodily, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in India.

Walking (also called ambulation) is one of the most important acts of terrestrial locomotion among legged animals. 

Walking is a slow movement action that doesn't requires much effort while yoga is an intense form of heavy exercise that requires complete focus and real effort.

Walking is natural while yoga is needed to be learned.

So above we have mentioned some of the most common differences between yoga and walking that will help you choose better in yoga vs morning walk.

Stats on Yoga Vs Morning Walk

Understand that Yoga is good and great only when you do it correctly and under professional guidance as doing yoga exercises involves heavy body movement and these movements can result in injury if not done correctly.

In the fight between Yoga Vs Morning Walk when we statically compared both, we found out yoga is much better than walking as when you walk for and hour your burn around 240 calories but when you do a intense session of yoga you burn 340 calories considering the time for both is same.

Yoga also helps you to elevate your energy levels while morning walk helps you get the necessary vitamin D and it also keeps you fresh for the day.

A 30- minute walk in the morning can change your life! The fresh morning oxygen in the air helps you feel rejuvenated along with attaining a pleasant state of mind. Morning walks are great for the heart and help lower blood pressure according to many experts.

Yoga keeps you fit and also helps you maintain heart health and overall body fitness intact.

So its correct to say that yoga vs morning walk gives us equal winners as both of them are equally important for you.

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Yoga or walking which one is better for weight loss

There are many things we all try to loose weight and attain a perfect decent good looking body shape but one is always confused from the question "yoga or walking which one is better for weight loss".

To answer the question yoga or walking which one is better for weight loss and help you choose between yoga vs morning walking for weight loss, we compared yoga, morning walk and running to see how much calories each activity can burn in 1 hour,  we found out the below results :

Yoga burns = 350-500 calories

Walking burn = 300–350 calories

Running burn = 400–500 calories

So clearly running and intense yoga workout gives you the same results so its right to say yoga is better when some one asks yoga or walking which one is better for weight loss.

Now clearly running is not something that all are capable to do with their over weight so we can say walking and yoga combination under an expert health guide can help you achieve you your desired weight.

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Walking is better or Surya namaskar

To choose the winner in Surya Namaskar Vs Yoga, we compared some of the benefits of both :

Benefits of Walking :

Helps in blood circulation

Helps in fitness maintenance

Helps in functioning of heart and health

Benefits of Surya Namaskar :

Helps you loose weight or attain weight accordingly

Helps improve body function

Helps improve joint power

Strengthens muscles

Improves blood circulation

Improves Metabolism

So from above comparison one can easily choose between Surya Namaskar Vs Walking right,

But Surya Namaskar is much more harder for some to do and hence they choose walking which is also good for your body.

Conclusion on Yoga Vs Morning Walking

The main conclusion one can draw out is that in the choice between yoga vs morning walk or surya namaskar vs walking one should always opt for the yoga and surya namaskar as they are more beneficial.

But try to do your choice of yoga or sun salutation under an expert guidance to gain full benefits.

If you feel there is something to add comment down below.

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