Here is the nutritional value of jadoh with info on calories in Jadoh for you so that you can plan your diet better and get healthy

The overall nutritional value of jadoh in 150g and Calories in jodah in 150 g consists of 10g protein, 28g of carbs and 5gram fat.

Nutritional Facts of Jadoh 

Nutritional Value of Jadoh
Nutritional Value of Jadoh

Jadoh is Jadoh is a completely popular dish a number of the khasi network of Meghalaya. Jadoh is pink rice, cooked with beneficiant quantities of beef meat. Every so often, it is also cooked with chook or fish. A mixture of green chilies, onions, ginger, turmeric, black pepper, and bay leaves is made.

The nutritional value of jadoh and calories in jadoh makes it a perfect source of protein as 250 gms of jadoh can provide you 16g protein which is good for you.

Facts about jadoh

The traditional jadoh of the khasi tribe is the Meghalayan equal of a pulao or biryani. Made with quick grain purple rice referred to as jodoh rice and pork, the meat is slowly cooked with an various aromatic spices.

Jadoh cuisine is one of the best dish of the Indian nation  made in Meghalaya. Its a perfectly cooked dish that you can enjoy eating with your family and friends.

Jadoh has been now made in many other countries and big hotels present it as a part of their Indian cuisine dish.

Benefits of Nutritional value of Jadoh and Calories in Jadoh

1.The calories in Jadoh provides you proteins that is good for fitness.

2. The carbs in calories of jadoh helps you maintain a low carb diet.

3. Jadoh is good for skin,.

4. Calories in Jadoh improves your body metabolism.

There are many other health benefits of the nutritional value of jadoh but make sure you eat it in limit to gain its full beneftis.

Jadoh Recipe

To get the calories in Jadoh and the nutritional value of jadoh, here is a quick recipe :


2 cups of hill jadoh rice

350 gms of pork cut in cubes

1 onion chopped

1 tbsp ginger paste

1 tsp  ground black pepper

1/2 tsp turmeric

salt as per taste

3 bay leaves

3 tbsp of vegetable oil

Cilantro for garnishing.


Get oil in a flat bottomed pan and heat it. Add bay leaves, onions, ginger paste, turmeric and black pepper and then just fry till the oil separates.

Add the chopped pork pieces and fry them for sometime till light brown.

Add the washed jadoh rice and fry for 4 minutes. Add some salt.

Add 3 cups of home drinking water and simmer till cooked.

Just use cilantro to garnish and serve.

This is all about Calories in Jadoh and nutritional value of jadoh.

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