We all love green tea as it is best for health, so here is the nutrition facts of lipton green tea calories with its health benefits.

Green tea is used by many for weight loss, health regulation, proper digestion and stress relief but do you know too much green tea drinking is actually bad for health.

Although Lipton green tea calories is zero but almost any type of green tea has in general the same value of calories.

Lipton green tea calories and Health Benefits

Green in general are very healthy and have absolutley zero calories so the below pic represents the value of Lipton green tea calories.

Lipton green tea calories and Health Benefits
Lipton green tea calories

The actual Percent Daily Values in the pic are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values well actually can be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

About Lipton Green Tea Calories and its nature

Yes , Lipton is a green tea that has zero calories so your question on lipton green tea calorie content is answered.

See this is not a sponsored post of Lipton green tea so we will be very true to you that lipton doesn't have a clear advantage over any other brand, it does come with an array of good health benefits. 

Well this is true that Lipton offers you pure green tea as well as flavored teas made with orange, passionfruit, berries and other ingredients. All of the Lipton tea bags yield calorie-free beverages, provided you don't add sugar, milk or other caloric additives.

Like other green teas your answer to the question "does lipton green tea have caffeine"' well yes Lipton's versions also contain a combination of caffeine content and catechins -- a type of antioxidant that alters cell-signaling pathways so now you know. These pathways control how cells in the body grow, multiply and die and its a fact. 

Together, caffeine and catechins will help you a great deal to lose weight, according to a review of more than 15 studies published in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" in 2010. Researchers found that participants given catechins and caffeine have actually lost more weight and experienced a greater reduction in their waist circumference than those given green tea with caffeine alone.

So yes Lipton green tea calories is no concern for you and its actually better to drink.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Some of the very basic benefits of green tea that are also present for Lipton green Tea.

Green tea gives you the inspiration that you need to remain focused and active with whatever comes your direction so here are 4 benefits of drinking lipton green tea or any green tea. 

  1. Tea is a heavenly hot drink made to assist you with accomplishing the suggested every day active work. The main ingredient in tea is water, which is required by your body to run at its best. Green Tea is 99.5% water making it similarly as hydrating and reviving as water. Try not to be overwhelmed by the task of hydrating. Sit back, taste, appreciate and enjoy your green tea! 
  2. An every day utilization of 400mg flavonoids may help keep up a solid heart as a major aspect of an eating regimen reliable with dietary rules. Some Lipton 100% Natural Green Tea contains about 150mg of flavonoids contrasted with 37mg of flavonoids in 1 cup of new squeezed orange! 
  3. Tea has less caffeine than coffee. For those searching for less caffeine, green tea has around 33% of the caffeine as espresso and helps you keeps you hydrated! 
  4. Unsweetened tea contains zero calories: Choosing drinks with no additional sugars instead of sugar-improved refreshments can add to a solid eating regimen reliable with dietary rules. 

So now you know everything about lipton green tea.

Beware as we have given you the basic info on lipton green tea calorie we also give you the warning that too much of anything is not good for health so it goes same for green tea.

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