We all love maggi but do you know the count of calories in maggi noodles of 70 gram is 310 with 43g carbs, 13g fat and 6 g protien,

In India Maggi noodles has been the best tiffin box food for several years due to its low time of cooking and taste although after the ban on maggi the use of maggi has been a little low.

But is it really good to eat maggi and are the calories in maggi good for you, we are just here to answer that so keep on reading.

What is maggi, What is the exact count of calories in Maggi and Is Maggi healthy?

Calories in Maggi

Now instead of only breaking down the count of calories in Maggi we are gonna tell you all about what is maggi and are the count of calories in maggi good or bad for you.


Value per per serving

% Daily Values


310 cal



6 g



43.2 g



2 g



13 g



0 mg





Vitamin A

204.5 mcg


Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

0 mg


Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)

0 mg


Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

0.2 mg


Vitamin C

6.7 mg


Vitamin E



Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

4.8 mcg






80.8 mg



0.3 mg



0 mg



0 mg



457.5 mg



32.9 mg



0.1 mg


What is Maggi?

Calories in Maggi
What is maggi?

Maggi (IPA: or similar in many countries, IPA: in others) is a worldwide brand of spices, fast soups, and noodles from Switzerland in the late 19th century. Maggi's company was acquired by Nestlé in 1947.

In India the general variant of maggi used is the maggi noodles and the maggi noodles is in general a very lovabale noodles by Indians.

In US the maggi is know for its sauce seasoning too, also there is maggi masala and the count of calories in maggi masala is 303 calories.

Amount of Calories in Homemade small tiffin box 

One Maggi Noodle Vegetarian diet, Tiffin Box Noodles provides 215 calories. Of these carbohydrates contain 99 calories, protein makes 19 calories and the remaining calories come from 97 calorie fat. 

A single serving of Maggi Noodle Vegetables, Tiffin Box Noodles provides about 10 percent of the daily calorie requirement of an average 2,000-calorie adult diet.

Are calories in Maggi healthy?

Calories in maggi
Are calories in maggi good for you?

It depends on your conditions for making something safe. Calories in Maggi, like any other fast noodles, fried crisps, and many other processed and mixed foods are unhealthy. 

It doesn't matter if the simple maggi, or the atta maggi or the oats maggi, is unhealthy. 

I don’t think about the latest developments about Maggi that contain lead and everything. 

I'm just saying that all these fast noodles, no matter how healthy they are, are not healthy at all. And so it is with most of the breakfast cereals.

They all contain high glycemic carbs that raise your insulin levels quickly and then fall off quickly. Having such foods in your diet increases your chances of getting diabetes. 

It does not happen in a day or a month or a year. It takes several years to repair the damage to your body. 

If you find that unsafe, cut out such items from your diet and eat real, unprocessed foods such as vegetables, fruits, pulses, eggs, fish, meat (not the most processed type), whole wheat, oats, nuts, etc.

Is Daily Intake of Calories in Maggi Unhealthy?

Being with Maggi every day is a bad idea for the following reasons:

1) Calories in Maggi is made from whole-grain flour (aka Maida in India) - All refined flour for the purpose is actually whole wheat flour and its nutrients, until what is left behind is a fine flour with just a few carbs, which is equivalent to sugar. 

Light carbs, when eaten in excess, have a tendency to accumulate in the stomach like fat. Therefore, using excess Maggi is not bad for you.

2) Calories in Maggi is fried twice to turn the texture, waxy look - The process of making nogile noodles involves deep frying the ingredients not once, but twice! 

Most of us don’t realize this, because the product doesn’t have an oily look. There are many videos on youtube that will confirm this. 

Too much fat in noodles is what gives them a waxy look and prevents them from coming together while the product is hot. Also, a lot of fat makes those rolls around the waist.

3) Calories in Maggi is very rich in Sodium - Maggi is high in salt, which is why it is so rich in Sodium. Salt is an excellent flavor enhancer and really helps to bring out that amazing maggi flavor. 

However, problems with excess sodium are well documented, including water retention (causes swelling of the face and body), dehydration and high blood pressure (high blood pressure).

So don't have calories in maggi as a part of your daily calorie in take as its good to eat it once in a while not daily.

Homemade Maggi Recipe to get your calories in Maggi 

Calories in maggi homemade

Believe me I have tried 12 varieties of Maggi and fed them to my friends who love the whole combination so much.

The basis of all -

  1. Chop onions and tomatoes and sauté in a deep frying pan (Kadhai).
  2. Add the garlic if you are not sensitive to garlic.
  3. Add a tablespoon of chilly powder, salt and very little turmeric.
  4. Also add the maggi masala
  5. Put it all together


Add water and Maggi to it.

Keep it on medium heat so that the remaining water is very small.

Everything is set, Now we try (Below each step can be tried with a combination of the above steps) -

  1. You can add a little cheese to Maggi while serving. (Cheese should be added in moderation otherwise it will not taste good)
  2. Garnish with chopped onions and coriander (Add a different look)
  3. While preparing you can add Sweet corns / Peas. When doing this let the ingredients boil for a while in the water before adding Maggi to it.
  4. While preparing you can add chopped paneer (cottage cheese) to it.
  5. Add the peanuts and a little tomato juice (this I learned from a friend from Karnataka) during frying onions and tomatoes.
  6. Add a teaspoon or two of any soup you like when you add water to your Maggi. It will give soup to your Maggi.
  7. Sometimes we have only the option of boiling Maggi and adding masala to it. In such cases add your favorite namkeen to it.
  8. You can keep trying for that kind of options and believe me you will definitely find it suitable for your hidden. :)

Best Maggi recipes to take calories in Maggi 

Different maggie recipes given below so that you can enjoy having your calories in maggi in the best way possible.

1. Deep fried Maggi

Start by cooking Maggi, it will dry slowly and lightly and carefully sink into the vegetable oil pan you have set for boiling. 

Therefore! Sprinkle chaat masala, anything else that lubricates your gears and get the perfect rainy day meal.

2. Maggi Spring Rolls

Tie the old standard cabbage with the spring chicken roll and Maggi-fy the hell out of it. Throw in a few fresh cut capsicum and vegetables of your choice. 

Your eastern Maggi is awake and ready to be trampled on.

3. Remains Maggi

Now we get into the real flesh (if you will). If you happen to live alone, the rest of the previous night is inevitable and there is a good chance you really wanted to get rid of it, but you failed. 

Cook Maggi noodles without Maggi tastemaker, and toss the broth from last night.

4. Bread Maggi

Maggi's sandwich is actually under this list. In fact, it tastes better than it does. We suggest that you cook your Maggi slightly dryer than usual to avoid making the bread flat. 

Beat your favorite sandwich ingredients and toss in the freshly made Maggi.

5. Maggi Pakoras

Get ready for a pakora batora, collect your remaining Maggi (or slightly dried Maggi) into pakora-sized balls, and fry the glory.

6. Meat Maggi

You have a number of options when it comes to meat that you would like to add to Maggi: sausages, hot chicken strips, pepperoni, salami and everything else you can think of, would be the equivalent of a bill. 

Cook your meat the way you like it, before Maggi (it takes a little longer), then add an extra spice to the meat.

7. Maggi Noodle Soup

Maggi noodle soup, the same receipt you have for traditional soups, and Maggi noodles as local. 

Find your favorite chopped vegetables, vegetable stock and Chinese frying flavors. Include incompatible tastes makers for Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese or Bhutan versions.

8. Chesse Maggi

Simplicity and beauty go hand in hand, amigos. Maggi's old cheese recipe has always been the focus of all cheese and Maggi's addictive fascination. 

It can be whipped with a whip of cheese on your favorite Maggi type, and feel the placebo of relying on something too sloppy.

9. Maggi Noodle Cutlet

10. Maggi Burger

Maggi Burger is made for you. It may be complicated at first, but with a little effort, you can complete it. Take your tips on how to take it. Food, the better.

So now as you know all about calories in maggi just plan your diet better and stay fit.

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