Momos is very lovely dish that all of the people enjoy eating but there are many bad disadvantages of eating momos that you must know.

So here are some of the most harmful disadvantages of eating momos that you can suffer from if you eat more than the safe consumption rate.

Eating Momos Good or Bad

Disadvantages of eating momos
Bad effects of eating momos

Understand that we are not asking you to stop eating your favorite momos, we are just asking you to eat them in moderation so that the disadvantages of eating momos doesn't affect you.

So the question is momos bad for you which comes to all of our mind does have one basic answer, the momos aren't bad when you eat them in moderation and eat the momos that are made with proper hygiene and safety.

Is Eating Momos Unhealthy?

The only healthy thing that is good about momos is that it's well steamed. But besides that, it would give you problems like acidity, bad belching, flatulence and very irritating constipation. 

Momos are very low on nutritional values and the way they are made on streets where the hygiene conditions are not just becomes the reason of you suffering from gastroenteritis (food poisoning).

But again if you eat momos once or twice a month just to increase the level of biodiversity of your gut which may help increase your overall immunity against anything you eat which is severe can be good.

But always remember, excess of anything is very bad so below are some of the disadvantages of eating momos we have listed for you that tells you momos are not very healthy for you.

Disadvantages of Momos

There are many disadvantages of momos eating at street :

1. Momos Preparation : The way momos are made by street vendors and street momo sellers is very unhealthy as they do not follow any safety food guidelines and they do not have any legal license so they have no credibility.

2. Momos Ingredients : The ingredients in Momo that is Maida or refined wheat flowers is the reason that many people fall ill and face problems like constipation.

3. Momos Chutney : The momos sauce used by many is the packaged garlic sauce that is very unhealthy in nature as they directly serve it without any healthy alteration.

4. Momos Mayonnaise : The mayo sauce that you eat directly eat with the momos has many adverse health effects and causes many healthy problems.

Bad Effects of Momos Overconsumption

There are many bad disadvantages of eating momos and bad effects of momos like :

Increase in your Fat levels



Gastric issues



Above are some of the basic bad effects of eating momos that comes under the disadvantages of eating momos, if you feel to add something add it in comments.

Are momos good for weight loss, definitely not they are not good for weight loss at all.

Check out the home made recipe for momo and stay healthy.

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