Are you suffering from the issue of constipation then just read these healthy Indian Instant home remedies for constipation and get yourself cured.

Secret Indian Instant home remedy for constipation

15+ Awesome Indian Instant home remedy for constipation
15+ Awesome Indian Instant home remedy for constipation

To avoid constipation and to maintain good health practicing these secret Indian instant home remedies for constipation is very beneficial but also taking some preventive measure is a must.

Preventive measure to avoid constipation

We are giving you the 20 secret Indian instant home remedy for constipation but before listing that we want to give you some precautionary measures so that you have no need to suffer the problem of constipation.

When you get up Early in the morning (It is a self-tested observation moreover as per Ayurveda ) getting up early will  not require much effort from you as in excretion as our intestine starts absorbing matter present in them and we find hard to excrete when we get up very late in the afternoon and that causes constipation.

Some basic preventive measures for constipation :

  1. Buy a good pure copper (Pot) Ghada (cost less than a useless branded jeans). Pour drinking water in it and use it on a daily basis.
  2. Drink the same water immediately after getting out of bed.
  3. Stop eating junk food completely (Habit of eating out ) especially and particularly ‘Maida’ (White flour). Because that will destroy your intestine one day if you won’t stop, which also causes cancer in future (as per researchers).
  4. Don’t drink extremely cold WATER, except in summers but prefer warm/ normal water (for drinking purpose).
  5. Eat green veggies especially spinach that can help you a lot fast and consume pulses like (Moong Dal)
  6. Eat one/ 2 Teaspoon of Triphla and Amla power on a daily basis before going to bed with warm water/ normal water.
  7. Don't do excessive masturbation as this also cause constipation. (Avoid if you do)
  8. Try to do dinner and lunch in a sitting position on the ground (As per Ayurveda gravity plays an important role in digestion). (If possible avoid dining table)
  9. Understand this that ample water intake can also help you in digesting and fighting against constipation. (5 % of your body weight ) for e.g. 7 / 10 glasses for an average adult. But remember don’t drink water before and after 40 min of you dinner lunch or dinner as it is mentioned in auryveda.
  10. Do daily exercise or any physical activity of your choice because it is necessary for proper digestive health.
  11. Avoid all those foodstuffs that are very heavy and very much hard to digest because more religiously you will be able to follow this rule to get much better digestion that you will witness and less constipation will be there.
  12. Aloe vera or (juice) will be very helpful drink twice in a week.
  13. Never delay when you feel to use the washroom for shitting that is for taking out your excrete.
  14. Maintain a good healthy balanced diet.

These are some of the best preventive measures for constipation and if you follow these then you will not be needing the Indian instant home remedy for constipation as you will have no problem of constipation.

10+ Secret Indian Instant home remedy for constipation

Lets look at the Indian home remedy for constipation as these are the most wonderful natural remedies to cure constipation:

1. Proper Eating habits

Irregular eating and following unhealthy habits daily in your daily routine also affects your digestive system. 

Constipation is mainly due to improper food habits so eat fresh and eat healthy avoid junk at all cost and avoid unhealthy beverages.

2. Fruit intake

The best home remedies for treating constipation are eating good fruits that are rich in fiber. Fiber is  present in guava, papaya, pomegranate, mangoes, fig, pears and oranges. Consumption of these fruits will cure your constipation. 

You are not bot you are a real person so eat above listed fruits to cure constipation.

3. Use of spinach

Learn this that spinach is one of the best foods containing fiber. It is useful in the treatment of digestive tract related disorders. Constipation is destroyed by eating raw spinach or cooked spinach. Drinking a glass of spinach juice daily is very beneficial as old-time constipation is eradicated in this simple way.

Now don't whine about eating spinach even if you are a kid you must know eating good will keep your health good so just eat it by adding some mayo but eat spinach.

4. Isabgol

Isabgol husk is the peel of a seed in which there are healthy substances which has a curable effect on constipation. Constipation is cured by isabgol after taking it with hot milk before sleeping at night.

5. Jaggery

Jaggery is also good and natural constipation medicine and is a preventative substance. The taste is very sweet, you can take it with milk or food. Every day two teaspoons of jaggery is sufficient for the constipation.

So now understand that jaggery is your friend but not jaggernaut from deadpool haha.

6. Triphala

Your mom and dad must have been consuming triphala infront of you so know this that they ate it to cure constipation as it is the best Indian instant home remedy for constipation.

The problem of constipation is due to irregular routine and bad habits of eating. Triphala is an effective solution to remove constipation. Triphala i.e. powder of turmeric, gooseberry and amla powder. Taking this powder with water for 6 consecutive months, the problem of constipation will always vanish. 

If you want, put one big spoon triphala in a liter of water and keep it in the night. Due to drinking it over empty stomach in the morning it will have good effect, it is also good to eat. Sprinkling eyes with this water is also beneficial for the eyes.

So now get your triphala from your nearest local store and you can also try patanjali triphala its not like we want to promote Ram deobaba or his products but that is seriously good.

7. Fig

Dried fig are very effective. It is called constipation deer fruit also. The activity of figs in the intestines increases digestion, thereby eliminating the problem of constipation. It also provides relief from gas and acidity. Simmering dried figs in hot milk in normal constipation benefits. And the permanent constipation that remains permanently gets away from eating figs.

So now you know why your father ate figs and you need to do the same.

8. Linseed 

There is abundant omega fatty acid in which plays an important role in curing the constipation problem. Powder the linseed seed and put this 20 gms of powder in a glass of water and leave it for a few hours. After filtration, drink this water. It is a highly effective treatment for constipation.

Its one of the best best Indian instant home remedy for constipation and gms means grams here so don't take 20kgs just 20gms is more than enough.

9. Drink Good amount of water

Water helps to remove the harmful toxic substances from our body. Drinking enough water for internal body cleaning is very important. Drinking less water is also a big major cause of constipation. Wise people believe that we should drink a glass of water every hour. By drinking lukewarm water in the morning, all the toxic elements of the body get out, making the whole system clean.

So drinking water is not only for the beauty peagents but also for you so seriously go get a glass of drink and fill it with water and then drink it as it is healthy for you.

10. Honey consumption

Honey is very beneficial for constipation. But you should be aware of its true amount for digestion and constipation in your body. Before sleeping at night, mixing one teaspoon of honey with a glass of water regularly removes constipation by drinking it regularly.

So now just don't eat honey like a bear but do the above as it is good for you and it is an awesome Indian instant home remedy for constipation.

11. Eat adequate grain

To prevent and treat constipation, you should consume around 130 grams of grain per day. The grains meet you with whole wheat bread, starch vegetables, barley flour and oats flour. This is the perfect home remedies for constipation.

12. Drinking Fruit juice to avoid constipation

We know: it is necessary to drink between 1.5 to 2 liters of liquids per day to be in shape. This habit is all the more important if one has a tendency to be constipated because the absorption of sufficient liquids promotes the softening of stools and contributes to their better evacuation. 

Its same with drinking fruit juices rather than the hot tea and bad coffee. So drink a fresh citrus juice on an empty stomach as its really good Indian instant home remedy for constipation.

Citrus juices (orange,pineapple, grapefruit...) are excellent natural laxatives. 

13. Eating prunes to fight constipation

A proven grandmother's remedy and the best Indian instant home remedy for constipation. Prunes, juices, and jams from these fruits are natural and effective laxatives.

So now go say thanks to your grandma friends.

14. Sport against constipation

Sedentary life promotes bad constipation. By strengthening your core abdominal muscles, and regular exercise also helps to pass stools more frequently. Simple exercises will help you improve digestion and fight constipation.

Do yoga as it is highly beneficial as even RDJ is doing that.

15. Constipation: massage your stomach

To activate your bad lazy intestine, massage your stomach gently and regularly. Better: ask your home partner for this small care.

Or go out for a massage therapy now.

16. Take your time to go to the bathroom

Stress and lack of toilet time can lead to bad and un-curable constipation. Normal bowel movements involve different muscles that must be relaxed to function regularly better. Take a book or magazine and sit comfortably on the toilet seat to relax.

Please do not hold back to avoid constipation and address the issue as it will only worsen the situation.

These are some of the common Indian instant home remedy for constipation as we have listed so follow them but please consult before that with your doc or contact us.

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