Lets learn 7 yoga laws for success in life written by God himself as he wants us all to live the life to our fullest potential.

We highly encourage you all to study and practice the law of the Yoga spirituality each morning when you get up in the morning and each night before going to sleep for a few minutes. Throughout the day, use these mantras and include them into your awareness so that the energy of this pure


People from America and  people around the globe have started to use and apply these laws for the betterment of their lives and they are having a great time and more successful than ever.


We request you to Practice and learn these amazing laws to be a good success in life.


7 Yoga Laws for successful life


Lets learn 7 yoga laws for success in life written by God himself

 These are the 7 yoga laws so practice them accordingly day wise of the Week Spiritual 


Law 1 : Law of Dharma (or Purpose in Life).


The law of dharma is the law of pure awareness is defined as the bucket of all positive possibilities and underlies all forms of valued creativity in all its forms. Pure level of consciousness is your spiritual essence and the central source of your joyful succes in life.


The world of pure potentiality is defined as the home of holy knowledge, intuition, balance, harmony, and bliss. Giving wings and helping a person rise to thoughts, feelings, and actions, and stay highly focused undisturbed.


Technique for using this law are listed below.


1.Cultivate stillness in your body and mind. Between poses and between movements, bring your attention to the quiet stillness within you.


2. During your each day learn to practice yoga for  the peace of your inner silence and through your communion with nature, you will experience joy and reverence for the eternal movement of life in all its manifestations.


3. When you are constantly making circumstantial judgments, including yourself, as things being right or wrong, good or bad you create stress and aggression, which constricts and stops the flow of energy between you and the field of pure potentiality. 


So practicing with no judgment cultivates silence in the mind, which gives you direct access to a highly energetic field of pure potentiality.


Law 2 : The Law of Giving and Receiving 


The second is the law of giving and receiving as it is a rule we all know that what we sow we reap, so use this law for the betterment of your life.


Because your physical body, your physical mind, and the powerful universe are highly in pure constant and dynamic exchange, stopping the complete circulation of energy is like stopping the flow of blood. Whenever blood stops flowing, it begins to clot, to coagulate. 

Whenever winds stop flowing we are left with lower oxygen in atmosphere. So this is why you must be very open to giving and receiving in order to keep the life force circulating within you.


As you practice yoga we recommend you to put the second law of success into effect in your life.


1.During the time of your practice of yoga focus on your breathe as its the best example of giving and receiving as you give carbon dioxide and inhale oxygen balancing the nature.


2. Develop a pure and soothing sense of gratitude for the greater and special gifts you have in your life. During your time on this planet enjoy the pure and amazing sensation of your inner presence and stay happy.


3. During your practice of meditation feel calm and relax your senses completely and focus on your breath as you take it in form of oxygen and release it in the form of carbon dioxide.



Law 3 : The Law of Karma (or Cause and Effect)


The third spiritual is the law of karma and it is very much the law one must obey and follow for a successful life.


Every action we take generates a requisite force of energy that returns to us in the same way or same stream in which we have generated our actionable force as there is the perfect saying of that we sow, we reap. When we put effort to consciously choose actions that bring happiness and joy in your life.


By using the below given points you can get apt with the law and be more successfull.


1. With your action in accordance to dharma or in simpler terms with your actions in accordance to goodness and for kindness your life is always gonna be at peace and be successful.


2. As you make your choice about how to move through resistance in your poses, carry out detailed thinking on your current life situation and on the things that makes you happy and the things that make you frustrated and filled up with hatred so carry out this process and get to know your own fears, strength and reality.


3. Then listen to your heart for inner guidance and focus on how you feel on a particular idea of a thought so let it be in your heart that what empowers you and what things does make your life miserable. Your heart is the junction point between your mind and your so feel the connect via your feelings. Through this process take super important decisions in your life and your life is gonna turnout a huge


Law 4 : The Law of Least Effort


To enliven and enjoy the benefits of Least Effort in your life carry out the following processes and be a success in life via least effort.


1. Learn acceptance. During your life you work very hard to mostly change things like and fight against things that are out of control which only wrecks your life and puts you in danger instead learn to accept things and be safe and secure as accepting your current situation will pit your life in ease and comfort.


Give up your need to struggle against the whole universe by trying to be something else and struggling against this moment. By acknowledging each and every situations as it exists, you are in a position to be more in every way.


In your everyday life, practice accepting people as they are and circumstances as they occur, under-standing that every moment in your life is the consequence of every prior action and  choice you’ve made. Rather than resisting who or what is currently in your life, practice acceptance of what is present, promise  yourself to work ethically and reinforce your commitment to make more conscious choices with reference to goodness from this moment on.


2. As you have accepted things as they are, learn to take responsibility for the challenge you are facing. If you are looking to change your body in a positive way, taking responsibility does not mean indulging in blame for the state of your body now. Remember that every challenge is a comfortable opportunity in disguise, and the state of mind and body is relaxed and healthy when we use the law of least effort.


3. Establish your awareness and maintain your goodness. Do not waste your life energy defending your own confident point of view or attempting and trying to convince others. Remain open to all points of view without rigidly attaching yourself to any one of them. Experiment for yourself with different approaches and find the style that fits best with your needs at a given time of your life.


Law 5 : The Law of Intention and Desire 


The fifth law is the law of intention and desire can learn to harness the power of  your true desire.


1. Be clear about your basic intentions and desires. On a regular basis, take the time to write down a list of those things you would like to see manifest in your life with thorough thinking and learn to accept that you first need to understand the nature of your intents and desire.


Review your intentions and desires prior to beginning your actions to full fill your desires and be at more comfort while taking actions to full fill your desires.


Modify you base and important desires and see that they are fulfilled or transformed and observe how your intentions and desires evolve. When you take the time to reflect what you desire in your heart you get a step closer to success in life.


2. When you bring your pure intentions and wonderful desires into purity of your conscious awareness, surrender the outcome to nature. Cultivate a positive attitude of trusting that when things are not going exactly the way you intend them to, there is a grander design at work. 


3. Remind yourself to practice purity of the present moment awareness in all your actions. Do not allow any kind of drastic obstacles to consume the quality of your pure attention in the reality awareness of present moment. As you engage in wonderful actions, be fully in the present, remembering that being in the sense reality of pure awareness moment empowers your most cherished intentions and desires.


 Law 6 : The Law of Detachment 


The sixth is the law of detachment and one must use this law to overcome fear of failure via detachment form outcome anxiety.


1. Use the detachment and practice self love for the betterment of your life. Remind yourself to engage with a sense of detachment with outcome in everything you do with pure detached involvement as it will help you to be more engaged in reality of life.

2. Embrace the life of pure uncertainty as an essential truth of your life experience and watch how creative solutions to your basic problems spontaneously emerge out of chaos. Cultivate an attitude of true curiosity and pure innocence as you live your life and learn to notice how a deep inner confidence and security that develops within you, so you start to feel more independent of things around you.


3. Surrender yourself to the field of pure general active potential. Combine your mind and body and connect the spirit and maintain detachment to worldly desires.



Law 7. The Law of pure awareness (or Purpose in Life)

The seventh spiritual is law of pure awareness and one must make it his purpose to be aware spiritually, mentally and physically in the reality of life.


As everyone of you have truly unique abilities and your own way of expressing them. There are truly needs in this world for which your specific talents are ideally suited, and when the world’s needs are matched with the creative expression of your talents, your purpose is realized by your power of awareness.


Use the pure awareness law in regards to the below listed points.


1. Pay attention and be aware of the positive life force within you and be aware of your feelings as they guide you towards true success in life.


2. Become purely aware of your truly unique talents that are your true gifts and those things you love to do while expressing your unique talents. Some people are naturally strong, some have good muscle strength, while others have innately flexible good balance. Celebrate your natural talents even as you strive to develop other ones in yourself.


3. Cultivate an inner conversation of helping and serving with your gifted powers and try to work for the good of the masses with active awareness. When your intentions behind every action are to align with your awareness, your actions will be effortless.


Hence these are the 7 yoga laws for being a success. So use them to achieve pure success in life.

Yoga Stats

An additional value of information. Statistics of success rate increase in public life in terms of health, wealth, prosperity and success in accordance to the doing of yoga and following its spiritual laws and people who are not doing yoga or following it.

Lets learn 7 yoga laws for success in life written by God himself

As 5 is the final mark we see yoga practicing public do score more than the people per say not following yoga sincerely.

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