Hey your Kid is growing up right so its the time for some Mommy and Me yoga where your Kid can learn some healthy yoga and develop good fitness.

Mommy and Me yoga for your Kid

Its Time For Your Kid to Do Mommy And Me Yoga
Its Time For Your Kid to Do Mommy And Me Yoga

See mommy and me yoga is supposed to be a fun health activity and all the moms can do it with their kids so below is a youtube video example where the mother is teaching her kid daughter to do some healthy yoga in a very fun and active way so be inspired by this as it is the best mommy and me yoga type.

Youtube video Credit : CamiRose Yoga

Hey yoga has been around there for more than 1000 years and kids were taught to do yoga from an early age to develop their fitness, strength and mental power, but now a days its being neglected so as you are a mom its important for you to spend some Mommy and Me yoga time with your kid where he learns and practices yoga.

As a yoga teacher, we want young child to do yoga, for their overall development,so its better for you to show your kids the importance of yoga and  may be join some mommy and kid yoga classes to make it more fun for your kid so that he gets more social and active.


Mommy and Me yoga Poses

See if you are thinking about yoga for children then you should be very careful with choosing the right yoga poses for children as they are delicate and they are not able to do hard poses so starting easy is a good way to make your kid learn yoga.


The best type is to start with fundamentals of mommy and me yoga, so below we have mentioned some easy yoga poses, which you can teach your child to do.


See its not some television world where your kid should live like Jake from Two and half men as that is not healthy a kid must have a healthy environment and must learn to exercise daily to keep his mind active.


Below are some of the easy poses that are very healthy and good for your kid :

1. Child pose ( Balasana )


Balasana is a very healthy yoga practice where Balasana consists of two Sanskrit words i.e. Bala means child and asana mean pose.


This asana is also known as the very best child’s pose as it resembles a child doing some healthy activity.


How to do it:-


Kneel down easily on the floor as such you are resting on your heels.

Now exhale with ease and start bending forward slowly. Place your torso between your thighs.

Keep your stance active with forehead flat on the floor and your hands resting forward in a straight line of your knees.

Feel the gravitational pull and feel the stretch on your tailbone.

Breathe normally with ease and comfort and hold your body in this position for 30 seconds and then release slowly.

2. Bridge pose ( Setubandhasana )


Setubandhasana a typical styled yoga is a Sanskrit word that consist of three main Sanskrit words i.e. Setu means bridge, bandh means to lock and asana means the pose that is to be performed.


Setubandhasana is also known as the comfortable bridge pose in English as this pose resembles the formation of a typical build of bridge. This pose generally stretches your back and neck muscles to relax them with comfort. Practicing this yoga for back pain will surely giving you kid a big relief and to you too as this one is the most fun mommy and me yoga pose.


How to do it:-


Start your asana by lying flat on your back.

Now bend your knees easily and keep your feet and knees in a good straight line.

Put your arms beside your body and your palms must be facing downward.

Slowly lift your back with the help of your thighs. Make sure that your chin should touch your chest without moving your chin.

Press your hands against the ground and try to lift your back a bit higher.

Hold your body in this position for almost 40-50 seconds. Breathe normally.

The release slowly and come back to normal position and be at peace.

3. Cobra pose ( Bhujangasana )


Now this one is Bhujangasana which is a Sanskrit word consisting of two Sanskrit words i.e. “Bhujang“ and asana. Here “Bhujang” means the snake and asana mean pose or stance.


How to do it:-


Begin comfortably with lying flat on your stomach and stretch your toes leaving no space between your ankle joint and floor.

Bring your arms to the level of your shoulder.

Now place all the body weight on your arms, slowly inhale and raise your body.

Stretch your neck slightly backward.

Hold this asana for a time period of 15 seconds

You should keep your elbows slightly bent.

4. Cow-cat pose ( Marjaryasana )


Marjaryasana mainly consists of two Sanskrit words i.e. Marjari means cat and asana mean the pose.


In English, it is called the Cat pose which is funny for mommy and me yoga kids as it just looks like a cat stretching. Yoga is all about taking inspiration from your surroundings and implementing It in your life.


In yoga, you can find many poses inspired by animals like Marjaryasana and even from trees also, like Tadasana which is mainly inspired by the mountain, Bhujangasana is very much inspired by a cobra and many more such that. So there is a deep message in yoga to respect and give importance to our environment also.


How to do it:-


Stand on your arms and knees as your body resembling the tabletop position.

Your arms should be hip-width apart and knees should be hip-width apart.

Now inhale and raise your chin looking upward. Arc your head backward. Push your navel region down and raise your buttocks.

Hold this pose for 5 seconds and breathe normally.

This asana includes two kinds of counter movements.

Here starts the main second movement. Exhale with comfort and drop your chin to your chest. Raise your chest and rest buttocks.

Do 4-6 rounds of this asana and then rest your body.

5. Corpse pose ( Shavasana )


This is the last pose which is kind of meditation so your kid can consume benefits of entire poses he did and it must be a part of your mommy and me yoga routine.


How to do it:-


Lay with comfort down on your back, and now slightly separated your legs released to the side.

After that just flop your arms at the sides with the palms facing up, close your eye.

Now put your whole focus on easily relaxing each part of your body.

So these are some of the good mommy and me yoga poses and you must get training first before doing them so we have just listed them and not given any pictures as we donot encourage you doing them without proper training.

So get in touch with us for free video classes.

Mommy and Me yoga Importance and Benefits

There are many benefits of mommy and me yoga so just check them out.

Mommy and me yoga is very important in yogasanas, Ayu mentioned good choices, while for a subtle strong young and healthy body is what you get doing yoga.

If you are looking for a simple way to connect both emotionally and physically with your baby then mommy-and-me yoga is the best to acheive this! Unlike the kinds of yoga you might have practiced on your own (or simply heard about), doing yoga with your baby is quite different: At yoga class, you’ll help your baby perform simple stretches with playful music and some simple props thrown into the mix to engage and stimulate the minds of your little yogi. Just don’t expect your 3-month old to do hard poses.


Benefits of Mommy and me yoga for mothers :

  • It helps ease the crazy  new parent jitters. Get started by attending a class taught by a trained instructor it’s a safe and structured way to engage with your baby.
  • Yoga gives you an opportunity to nourish and care for your body through focused stretches and mindful breathing exercises, which is especially very much important after carrying a baby for nine months and then giving birth!
  • It stretches and strengthens the muscles that need the most attention. The gentle movements and mindful breathing that are integral to yoga boost your body abdominal strength and activate the pelvic floor muscles, which aids recovery from giving birth.
  • It helps you meet new moms and learn from them too. After baby is born, you might not have as much time for socializing. But it’s reassuring to talk to other mothers and as yoga is safe its a good thing to do.
  • It helps you and your new baby bond with you. Yoga is a healthy, playful activity you can enjoy together.

Benefits of yoga for babies

  • Helps develop your kid their motor and sensory skills. The simple stretches and poses can help your baby kid gain some much needed self and environmental awareness. Of course your babykid doesn’t need to be running marathons right out of the womb — but experts believe that early physical activity can help your little kid develop good voluntary movements, which can build a very strong foundation for sports, dance and exercise later on in adulthood.
  • Mommy and me yoga aids in healthy digestion. Apanasana, or knees-to-chest pose, has been shown to alleviate constipation, gas pains and colic (which is often caused by gas). 
  • Promotes better sleep which is very very important. Although it’s not guaranteed, some parents report their babies sleep much better after attending baby yoga classes.

Safety tips for Mommy and me yoga

While mommy-and-me yoga classes should be structured with your utmost safety and baby's in mind, keep in mind these few tips to stay comfortable and safe:


  • Get your doctors to work and take a health test. Make sure to get good clearance from your child's pediatrician as well as your own doctor before attempting any type of baby yoga.
  • Check out your baby's skills. Can he or she lift and hold up her head on her own or not ? If not, hold off. The practice will be much safer when they can.
  • Be attentive and take necessary precaution.
  • Stretch your body gently. Because your body continues to produce the general hormones that loosen the ligaments even after you give birth, don’t push too hard on the stretching.
  • Don't overdo it and don't stress your kids to be serious about mommy and me yoga as its a playful fun activity so let them have fun but remember Safety always comes first!
  • Baby comes first so always take care of your baby as it is your first priority.


Hey if your kids is of 5+ years age then you can teach them Surya Namaskar that is Sun saluation which is very easy and can be done at home with comfort and it can be a good way to start some mommy and me yoga.

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