Lets look at some of the best home remedies for loose motions which are gonna help you cure this problem and have a smile on your face.

Best Home Remedies For Loose Motions

6 Quick Best Home Remedies For Loose Motions
6 Quick Best Home Remedies For Loose Motions

We all know this that loose motions are one of the commonest and most annoying stomach problems which affect an individual at least more than twice a year. Though loose motion is quite common and a lot of people like to avoid addressing it but loose motions can be very uncomfortable as you must have felt and can cause considerable weakness in your body.

As a thumb rule one should not take any kind of hard medication for loose motions unless they are suffering very severely. If you pass and go through more than 3 loose motions in a day then sincerely opting for some home remedies for loose motion and drinking lots of fluids is the best bet.

Main Causes of Loose motion 

You are doing your important work and suddenly you feel the loose motions taking hold over you so you think what is the cause, so here we list some basic causes for you :

1. Indigestion : The main reason for loose motion is indigestion so work on improving your digestion.

2. Acidity : Now this one is bad but you see how many TV commercials give you ads of instant acidity relief medications because they know acidity is common and happens to every one.

3. Infection in stomach : Infection in stomach is one of the main cause of loose motions.

4. Food poisoning : Rememeber how your doctor told you to avoid unhealthy food but you didn't and now you are suffering from food poisoning that is causing loose motion so next time be aware.

5. Food allergies : See loose motion is the way body saying you have something that is not worth to stay in your body and you need to get it out so food allergies are the triggering cause of loose motions.

Best Home Remedies For Loose Motions

Lets look at some of the best and most benefiting home remedies for loose motion so next time you don't have to miss something important due to loose motion problems right.

1. Pomegranate Peels

Note this down that the Pomegranate peels are one of the most effective and most amazing home remedies against loose motions. Always keep with you some shade dried pomegranate peels in a glass jar. 

When suffering from loose motions take 3-4 pieces of the curated peels and don't forget to boil them in two cups of water on low heat. Keep open cover of the pan with lid. Add some amount of candy sugar (mishri) for taste. 

Reduce water to half cup and don't forget to turn off the gas. Cool this outpour and drink up after eating some healthy light food. You can also powder the dried peels and keep it stored in a glass jar. When loose motions hit, take ½ teaspoon of this healthy powder and mix in a cup of thick curd. Eat this on absolutely empty stomach in the morning.

2. Fenugreek Seeds And Buttermilk

Soak a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in water for a couple of hours and chew them properly along with a glass of buttermilk.You can drink buttermilk 2-3 times a day. It will not only kill germs but also helps in providing you much needed fluid in the body.

3. Tea

Our favorite beverage awesome and hot black tea is also a great home remedy for loose motions. You can either drink the home made black tea itself or you can swallow a teaspoon of black tea with a glass of plain water. It helps in reducing and controlling loose motions.

4. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is one of the most popular home remedy for killing bugs that are causing you loose motions. Take a nutmeg and just sprinkle some water on a clean and rough surface. Rub the nutmeg on this surface and collect the concentrated paste in a teaspoon. Consume this paste with a glass full of water. Nutmeg not only kills germs it also helps in soothing your irritated intestines so it has double benefits.

5. Curd

Consume curd as much as you can during loose motions as your granny was right it helps. Curd contains gut friendly bacteria which is very much helpful in balancing the good and the bad bacteria balance in the intestines and helps you in restoring your health. It is one of the best home remedy for loose motions.

6. Bitter Gourd Juice

If you can bear with the sour bitterness of very very highly bitter gourd juice then you will be glad to know that it is a good remedy for loos emotions. Just remember to take two bitter gourds and extract their juice properly. Drink up for hydrating body and stopping loose emotions.

When afflicted by loose motions, pay attention on drinking lots of fluids. Drinking water helps but since water does not contain electrolytes drinking electrolyte containing drinks help more. You can make lemon water with half a lemon, a tea spoon of sugar, a pinch of salt and drink up 3-4 times a day or can drink ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) solutions available at drug store. Eat light food and avoid spicy and oily food when suffering from loose motions.

Stomach ache and loose motion is literally a very common problem among people of all the ages, be it adults or children. It is very discomforting pain in the abdominal region when suffering from loose motions and the causes occur due to several reasons. Therefore, loose motion treatment depends upon its causes, so before taking any kind home remedy, just understand and know the exact reason behind it.

Preventive measures to avoid Loose motions

Some of the preventive measures to avoid loose motion so that the home remedy for loose motions works good :

  • Take a good and a very healthy greeen diet.
  • Chew your food  while eating properly.
  • Drink lots of water and this is a must.
  • After eating food, walk for at least  a time of 20–30 minutes.
  • Don't go to bed after having a meal.

We know that loose motions can be very bad at certain times so using these home remedies for loose motions is good things but just consult with your doctor for any harsh problems and you can directly contact us for free consultation.

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