You will be amazed by the amazing benefits of soham meditation for healthy mind and body as we tell you how important it is.
Soham Meditation is a meditation which allows a reflection strategy offering significant benifits worth to the mind and body. 

Soham meditation is beneficial process that quiet your brain and permits you to witness the quiet space between life and spirutality and extends awareness and helps us heal the mind and body. 

An easy, viable, and effectively learned meditation method utilizes the breath alongside a breathing mantra to quiet the mind and body and helps in curing anger and depression. 

If you are unable to receive personal instruction from a wonderfull yoga guru or a professional teacher, the Soham meditation described below will help take your awareness from a little to an expanded state of consciousness and aligns you with the Law of Pure Potential.

We suggest that you practice Soham meditation for twenty to thirty minutes twice every day for healthy mind and body. We energize you to perform it not long after arousing and again before dinner.

 Although a few people find that on the off chance that they conceptualize before bed they may experience issues getting the chance to rest, you may find that by thinking at sleep time, you can easily divert off your mental disturbance from the day's action and fall asleep effectively after you have finished your Soham meditation practice.

10 Amazing Soham meditation benifits for a healthy mind and body

1. Sit easily where you won't be disturbed and close your eyes.

2. For a couple of moments basically watch the inflow and outflow or your breath.

3. Presently take a moderate, full breath through your nose while thinking the word So.

4. Breathe out gradually through your nose while thinking the word soham.

5. Permit your breathing to stream effectively, silently repeating, Soham  . . with every inflow and outflow of your breath.

6. At whatever point your imagination floats to visual in your mind, use soham sound in your condition so that sensations in your body delicately come back to your breath and keep silently chanting soham meditation for mind and body purification.

7. Pay attention to the sound while inhaling and exhaling and you will hear “Sooo” while breathing in and “Haaam”  while breathing out.

Soham meditation  benifits and soulful experience 

Despite the fact that you may have an imaginative distraction of encounters in your meditation practice, amazing soham meditation benifits changes your stream of life and turns  toward positivity.

Mantra Awareness 

Your chanting of the soham meditation mantra will be amazing if you put daily efforts.

Silent chanting of the sound doesn't require clearly pronouncing it in your brain. Or maybe, have only a vague sense of the mantra, as a vibration, a spirtual drive, or a subtle sound. The sound of soham meditation helps you connect mind and body. 

At whatever point the mantra has all the earmarks of being changing in its rate, mood, or articulation, permit it to transform without controlling the process.

Thought Awareness 

The most normal issue that new meditators express is that they are having such a large number of thoughts in mind while soham meditation. 

Thoughts are a characteristic segment of reflection, and it is not completely quit reasoning as its nature of mind and mind will never be without thought so dont try to control your thinking just guide it. 

There will be many times in each soulfill reflection during which your mind and body drifts off the mantra to other attraction. 

You may get yourself thinking about something that has occurred previously or something you are foreseeing occurring later in time.

 You may end up considering feelings of hyperactivity in your body or sounds in your environment. 

During this time of confusion thoughts, when you become aware that your consideration has floated away from the mantra, effectively move it back. 

Regardless of whether you are thinking about what you need for your kid, a film you saw a year before, a problem at work, or some significant, when you perceive that you have floated off into thinking about something and anything unwanted, think of happy moments and the things that make you happy in life.

Sleep Basics

If your body is exhausted when the time has come to refresh yourself, you may float off to rest. 

Try not to battle the inclination to rest. Meditation is an open door for your mind and body to rebalance, and on the off chance that it needs to rest, permit it to do as such. 

When you are awake, sit up and rehearse your mantra, for about ten minutes. If you wind up nodding off and your mind is feeling anxiety in the majority of your chanting, you are presumably not getting enough rest at night. 

Relaxing rest is a significant segment of a balanced way of life. Be certain that you are practicing regularly, avoid doing work that is unnecessary during the day, and eliminate liquor from your eating routine, especially before bed. 

Attempt to be sleeping with the lights off by 10 P.M.

Pure Awareness 

As your mind and body through  soham meditation calms , you will experience minutes when there is the no appearance of thoughts with the peace mindfulness. We call this experience going into the spiritual zone. 

There is no mantra, and there are no thoughts. The mind and body has temporarily forgot its attachment to time and space and is immersed in the eternal, infinite realm of pure godly awareness. 

This is the experience sometimes known as Samadhi. With regular practice and proper implementation, the expansive awareness that you glimpse during soham meditation begins to benifit your life outside of meditation. The relaxation you gain while meditating extends into your activity. 

The ability to consciously experience postivity with active awareness simultaneously is the essence of yoga soham meditation and thus you get established in a state of unity of mind and body with your soul while being fully engaged in the world of materialism and practical life.

The 10 benifits of soham meditation

1) Soham meditation helps cure anxiety and depression by providing high level of positive energy.

2) It helps the blood flow to mind hence creating a positive healthy mind and body. 

3) It creates vibrations of power evolution enhancing the 7-chakras beneficial for the mind and body. 

4) It generates spiritual essence in emotions and cures negative thinking. 

5) It helps the lungs to breathe in pure form oxygen hence curing lung related disease.

6) It creates positivity in daily work by enhancing the focus of our mind and body connection.

7) Soham meditation generates high power of spiritual knowledge hence helping us to define purpose of life.

8) Morning soham meditation with family members creates a stream of happiness in family and diminishes stress.

9) Soham meditation helps brain neuron cells function more efficiently as the flow of oxygen is intense during its process.

10) Soham meditation increases virility, power, strength and confidence by developing mind and body connection on a spiritual level.

These are the 10 amazing Soham meditation benifits for a healthy mind and body although there are many benefits but to get the whole yoga meditation and asanas practice learn free from us. 

As yoga is a medicine available for free and with help of our yogic gurus we train you free.

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