The relationship between your body nutritional status and the immune system has been a huge topic of study for over and around sixty years, as we have seen. In the last twenty years a much greater understanding of the very hard and fast complexity of the immune response and its dependence on nutritional factors has evolved. 

Please understand that nutritional status is a way of understanding the body nutrient value. A person with good nutritional status has all the important nutrients and vitamins in his body that makes his immune system stronger and the person with bad nutritional status is said to have low amount of nutrients and vitamins content in his body which makes him prone to harmful viral infections and other health diseases.

Let us understand the relationship between nutritional status and your body immune system.

Relationship between Nutritional status and the Immune system

Relationship between Nutritional status and your Immune system

Dramatic increases in our trying to understand the immune system and the nutritional status factors that regulate the immune system function have demonstrated a remarkable concordance between host nutritional status and immunity to almost all known infectious agents.

There are two main points here that we will explore further:

1. The main nutritional status of the host is very highly critical in permitting or preventing viral and harmful bacterial infections.

2. Nutritional inadequacies in the host allow the modification of viruses into more virulent or dangerous forms.

The concept that very strong and powerful and competent host defenses are enabled by nutritional status excellence which is not just an individual opinion or observation; it is the reality of human physiology supported by hundreds of scientific studies. 

When the body is badly deprived of nutrients, viral infections can easily and very firmly cause serious, even fatal diseases that don’t occur when deficiency is not present so nutritional status is good the  immune system is highly optimized, can ward off infection; and if infection does occur, it is much more likely to have a harmless outcome.

Discussing interactions of nutritional status and viral infections

Relationship between Nutritional status and your Immune system

When discussing interactions of nutritional status and viral infection, nutritionists have traditionally considered only the effects of a good and bad diet on the host (that is us). It has been known for years that malnutrition is a very grave problem that interferes with various physical barriers or immune responses, making the body more vulnerable to attack from the hard and damaging microbes, including viruses. 

Extremely new evidence is now showing that the level of nutritional status of the host can also directly influence the normal genetic makeup of the virus, altering its virulence. 

We declare confidently that excellent nutritional status of the human body can both indirectly and directly promote resistance to infectious disease by improving the immune system.

The most effective artillery we have to protect ourselves against the potentially damaging effects of influenza and other infectious disease is our immune increasing nutritional excellence. And that’s in our own, individual control!

If you are deficient in virtually any type of known vitamin or mineral important for the immune system, research has shown that your defense functions can be very badly and harmfully affected. Most notably, it has been demonstrated that when our natural daily diets are low in consumption of green leafy vegetables and yellow vegetables (rich in carotenoids), viral illnesses takes a more harmful and serious form. 

Micronutrients an important part of nutritonal status

Various types of micronutrients, including lutein, lycopene, folate, bioflavonoids, riboflavin, zinc, selenium, and many others have high and strong immune-modulating functions that improves the nutritional status of the body.

We tell you that absence of micronutrients harmfully affects the nutritional status and weakens the ability of the immune system, influencing our susceptibility to infectious diseases and the course and outcome of such diseases and if these micro nutrients are present in our bodyimmune system gets stronger and our body is able to fight off any harmful disease.

The ability of the nutritionally competent immune system to prevent viral genetic mutations that would allow the virus to evade the weak host’s defenses has been recognized in varying investigations, even those studying HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and it is declared that a weak body nutritional status is the main reason for the harmful virus being more effective to weaken the body.

Micronutrient deficiencies are prevalent in many HIV-infected populations, and numerous studies have reported that these deficiencies impair  the body immune responses and are associated with low or poor nutritional status.

We have given high emphasis on the role of micro nutrients to improve nutritional status as for example the numerous studies have demonstrated that the transmission of the AIDS virus is significantly reduced (and even made very improbable) when the host’s nutritional status is excellent so its clear that you must maintain good nutritional status

This means that eating a highly good micronutrient-rich diet, with no notable deficiencies, may be the most critical factor in our ability, individually, to combat emerging infections; with the weapon of good nutrition, we give our body the power to fight off harmful viruses affecting us harmfully. 

Hence please do understand that you must maintain good nutritional status of your body so that the immune system of your body is able enough to fight off any harmful disease and kill these harmful viruses making us live longer and healthier.

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