We all must understand the importance of green leafy vegetables for healthy lifestyle as living a healthy lifestyle is main motto of the whole world and to achieve it one must start eating green leafy vegetables.

Let us learn the importance of green leafy vegetables for healthy lifestyle.

Green Leafy Vegetables 

Importance of Green leafy vegetables for Healthy Lifestyle

According to researchers green leafy vegetables are boon for healthy lifestyle as they build up your immune system by providing the essential micronutrients to the body.

Green leafy vegetables provide our body the micronutrients that are those nutritional factors essential for our prolific survival and life longevity that don't contain any harmful calories. Because they're not calorie-contributors, they are doing not give us fuel or energy; we rely on macronutrients for that function. 

Green leafy vegetables is the key to superior nutrition, then, is to urge adequate amount of micronutrients, while at the identical time not consuming excess calories. to urge optimal amounts of immune-protective micronutrients, we've to eat plenty of vegetables. 

Fortunately, green leafy vegetables are relatively low in calories, so large amounts may be consumed without overeating on calories and hence there is no harm to health. 

Nutrition scientists have shown over and again that individuals who eat more natural green leafy vegetable plant foods like vegetables, fruits, legumes are less likely to urge sick. 

But are all vegetables equally protective or only the green leafy vegetables are good ? 

If we wanted to style an excellent Immunity diet, we might want to understand which foods had the foremost powerful effects. 

Then we could eat many these foods every day, flooding our bodies with the protective substances contained within them. 

The basic importance of green leafy vegetables comes in place when we are wanting to build a good health.

A review of quite 206 epidemiological studies shows that the consumption of raw green leafy vegetables has the foremost consistent and powerful association with reduction of cancer of all kinds, including stomach, pancreas, colon, and breast.

What percentage green vegetables does one eat a day?

Importance of Green leafy vegetables for Healthy Lifestyle

A per the dietary guidelines of US it is generally advised that one should eat about 2 to 2.5 cup of green leafy vegetables or dark green vegetables.

As the number gets differentiated according to age we bring you a general advised plan to eat the green leafy vegetables according to the need of your body.

We suggest you to eat raw green leafy vegetables according to below formulae 

Your Weight in kg X 4  =  answer in grams, so understand this multiply your weight in kg with 5 and note the answer in grams.

Example : 75 kg X 4 = 300 grams so if your weight is 75 kg then you must eat 300 grams of green leafy vegetables in your lunch and dinner respectively so in total you have to eat 600 grams of  green leafy vegetables so that your body receives utmost nutritional benefits.

Include green leafy vegetables like spinach, cabbage, broccoli, kale, Rapini, leeks, celery, kale.

When you follow this rule you will understand the importance of green leafy vegetables as you will live a very healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Green leafy vegetables

Importance of Green leafy vegetables for Healthy Lifestyle

To understand the benefits of green leafy vegetables one has to know its benefits as green leafy vegetables are packed with vitamins these are very important to cure obesity, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure.

Here is a basic green leafy vegetables benefits list :

1. Green leafy vegetables eliminates the over filled piled up toxins and waste in the colon to prevent stomach issues like constipation.

2. Green leafy vegetables makes your immune system stronger by removing the deficiency of vitamins and nutrients.

3. Green leafy vegetables gives you stronger body remember popye.

4. Green leafy vegetables reduces the risk of cancer.

5. Helps you fight aging, skin problems and skin disease.

6. Helps you stay energetic and young.

7. Green leafy vegetables helps lower cholesterol.

8. Green leafy vegetables improves and preserves your eye sight.

9. Helps you boost bone health.

10. Green leafy vegetables prevents colon cancer.

So we have tried our best to make you aware of the importance of green leafy vegetables for healthy lifestyle so next time eat your greens with a smile on your face.

Consult us for free before adopting the formulae for eating green leafy vegetables or consult with your doctor as it is all about understanding the need of your body.

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