Viral infection has been a very serious life threatening issue for many and its been a problematic disease so to protect yourself you must understand the importance of micronutrients as it will improve your immunity and protect you from these viral infection.

Micronutrients for Immunity 

Micronutrients for Immunity is must for You
Micronutrients is best for immunity

Micronutrients is very important for developing  immunity.

Between 1935 and 2005, cancer rates rose every single year for around a period of seventy years straight! As processed foods and fast foods expanded into the underdeveloped world (both nationally and abroad), we saw rural areas beginning to develop higher rates of cancer and obesity. 

The result today may be a nation (and other nations) with exploding numbers of individuals with system disorders, allergies, autoimmune diseases, and cancers.

In the 1960s and 1970s most intelligent nutritionists focused their attention on the study of macro-nutrients and looked to work out the most effective ratio of fat, protein, and carbohydrate for optimal health. 

Doctors and nutritionists thought that our micro-nutrient needs may well be met via a multivitamin or other supplement solution, and saw no necessity to fulfill our vitamin and mineral needs through micro-nutrient-rich food. 

In fact, the micronutrient density of food was generally ignored: science had not yet isolated and understood the critical function and dependence of the system on foods that contained many not-yet-identified organic compounds.

Micronutrients For Power Immunity

Even today many still believe proper nutrition to be some ideal macronutrients, with proponents falling into different camps—high-protein advocates, low-fat advocates, high-carb advocates, low-carb advocates, and so on. 

Unfortunately, this concentrate on macronutrients over micronutrients diverts attention faraway from understanding optimal nutrition in a very complete and effective manner. many folks worry about their weight, but almost everybody—even the one who carefully monitors caloric intake—neglects their health.

We now know that a diet is “healthy”—in other words, health-promoting—with a broad range of acceptable macronutrients: it can, as an example, contain more fat and fewer carbohydrate, or more carb and fewer fat. the matter is that the health-enhancing qualities of a diet don't seem to be accurately determined by the extent of either fat or carbohydrate. they're determined 

The amount and also the diversity of micronutrients is very important for the body immunity, for instance, a diet with 15 percent fat may be micronutrient-adequate or micronutrient deficient, as could a diet of 40 percent fat. this is often a crossroads, so I’ll restate it: it’s not the ratio of fat to carbs in your diet that matters for your health. many folks see fat because the villain and mistakenly ignore the impact of protective micronutrients

You could be surprised to get this information that nutritionists have recently learned that when there's fat present within the meal, the foremost powerful micronutrients found in vegetables are absorbed more readily into the body. In other words, fat itself isn't the villain.

The point here is that when our body is deficient in plant-derived micronutrients, we weaken our system and leave ourselves exposed to infections and cancer. The way we’re going—eating more processed and packaged convenience foods and routinely giving fast fooaged c fad to children—I worry especially about the potential spike in carcinoma rates in young women within the next twenty to thirty years (or sooner).

We hope that together we are able to disclose the broad array of very powerful immune-supporting micronutrients found in vegetables and therefore the incredible opportunity they supply to shield ourselves and our families. the solution is simple—we just have to feed our bodies with super-charged fuel, which means foods that are richest in micronutrients.

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