Backaches are one of the most common ailments prevalent today. There are several causes of backache. Sedentary living habits, hazardous work patterns and psychological conditions associated with emotional stress, are known to bring about spasms of the muscles, causing backaches.

 Besides muscular pain, backaches can also originate from the nerves, ligaments, tendons and joints or could be linked to the spine. Bad posture or illness could also trigger a backache. As the back bears the weight of the entire body, overweight persons feel an additional strain on the back when they have to carry an extra load. 

Backache affects at least 80% of people at some time, and most often concentrates in the low back. This result is an estimated 40 million days of lost work, at a cost of $70 billion. Poor postural habits are a major contributing cause, while other factors include repeated strains or micro trauma, muscle tension, nutritional deficiencies and reflex irritation from related internal organs. 

When repeated episodes of injury are added to this mix, the discs become subject to thinning, deterioration or rupture. These events can also gradually lead to arthritic changes. About 80% of adults suffer from back pain at some time in their lives, Backaches are categorized as acute and chronic, acute pain is cause by movement or excessive use of the back which can injure the muscles, ligaments, bones, tendons. 

There are some powerful home remedies for back pain that we will share with you. We all know that Chronic pain is a highly reoccurring backache that results of normal movements or for no particular reason, and can also affect the light tendons, ligaments, bones. 

As we all know that issues with some organs can cause back pain as well, for example kidney infection, prostate problems, female pelvic disorder, bladder, and even constipation can be felt on the lower back. This site offers home remedies for back pain and all the above mentioned problems. Back pain is very common during pregnancy, due to the considerable anatomical changes and stress in the body.

Carrying a child changes the position of your body internal organs putting a large amount of pressure on your lower spine. The increase in body weight, the muscle relaxing effects of the hormone progesterone, and the change in your body center of gravity contribute to the backache problem. 

That's why every day as your baby grows it's harder to get up and down of chairs and beds. The use of home remedies for back pain is essential for expecting moms. If you have tremendous back pain you can feel also very bad muscle aches, locked areas in your back, stiff neck and your hole body will ache with pain very badly.  

Ill effects and causes of back pain

There are many causes of bad back pain that can be due to poor postural habits, strains, micro trauma, muscle tension and basic nutritional deficiencies. When repeated episodes of injury happen and are added to this mix, the discs become thin, deteriorated or ruptured. 

These events can also easily lead to the arthritic related health conditions. With nerves close by, swelling or compression in the body in the spine often results in problems like neuritis, lumbar neuralgia, or sciatica.  With your body nerves close by, swelling or compression in the spine often results in neuritis, lumbar neuralgia or sciatica. 

• Degenerative health diseases such as spinal stenosis, spondylitic disease; discogenic disease; facet joint hypertrophy 

• Traumatic body injuries or bad accidents such as vertebral fractures; lumbar strains and sprains; ligamentous injuries, musculoskeletal injuries 

• Inflammation such as arachnoiditis; arthritis (e.g. Ankolysing Spondylitis) 

• Bacterial or viral infections such as meningitis ; vertebral osteomyelitis; epidural absess; urinary tract infection; intervertebral discitis; radiculopathy 

• Congenital diseases such as spondylosis; tethered cord syndromes 

• Metabolic diseases such as osteoporosis; Paget’s Disease; diabetic radiculopathy 

• A tumor, which can either be a benign tumor or malignant. A malignant tumor can be primary or metastatic. 

Herbal medicines are used similarly to medical drugs in this type of condition, though with far more safety. Both the anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving qualities of plants can be used effectively and taken for prolonged periods of time. Other benefits are relief of muscle spasm and repair of connective tissue and cartilage tissue. Bio flavonoids and other healing factors contained in herbs, along with well-known nutritional substances like glucosamine sulphate, can complete deeper repair and strengthening of tissues. 

The herbs listed under Arthritis can provide further help for chronic joint dysfunction. If nerves become inflamed or compressed, additional sedative and nerve-repairing herbs may be needed.  

Prevention Tips for Back Pain 

• There are several useful tips to avoid backache and these include: 

• Improve your posture to avoid back pain.

• Regular back and abdominal exercises can keep your back in excellent physical condition 

• Ensure that your mattress provides firm support 

• Sleep on your side (in an “S” shape) or place pillows between your knees to provide comfort to your back 

• If you lift heavy objects, bend at the hips and knees, and keep your back straight 

• Wear flat shoes with a good arch support if you stand for long periods of time 

• Take regular breaks and move around rather than sit or stand in one position for several hours 

• Sit on an ergonomic chair when working on a computer or make sure that your chair supports the small of your back 

• Reduce the weight of your handbag, as a heavy load creates stress on your spine 

• Avoid wearing high heeled shoes, as they can lead to back pain 

Home Remedies for back pain, backache

1. Two or three cloves(Garlic) should be taken every morning. 

2. An oil prepared form garlic and rubbed on the back will give a good result in backache treatment

3. An boil oil mix with Camphor & apply on your Back. 

4. Ginger paste and eucalyptus oil could be applied on the affected area. 

5. Heat/Ice therapy are very simple and most effective options for finding back pain relief at home

6. A Proper Diet can prevent back pain and help control the symptoms of existing conditions. Nutritional supplements, herbs, and vitamins are all important parts of an alternative back pain relief program. 

7. Massage the affected area with herbal oils using knuckles and increasing pressure slowly. Barberry-Berberis vulgaris 

• For low feeling backache, often related to kidney weakness or congestion. 

• For sciatica and neuralgia with radiating pain and weakened muscles 

• Use in rheumatic disorders, sciatica, bursitis, neuralgia and gout. 

8. Black Cohosh-Cimicifuga racemosa • Anti-inflammatory effects, relaxing muscle spasms in low back and neck. • Suitable for wry neck (torticollis), sciatica, neuralgia and intercostal (rib) neuralgia. Treats muscle pain associated with fibromyalgia, arthritis. 

9. The easy and very helpful remedy for back pain is to take a piece of chebulic myroblan after taking every meal. 

10. Heat the coconut oil or sesame oil on low flame adding 8 pieces of garlic in it.When mixture became cool, apply it and give massage on the affected area with light hands. Keep it for around 3-4 hours.Take bath with hot warm water. 

11. Vitamin C rich foods are good in relieving pain of backache. One should eat 2,000 mg of vitamin C everyday. Orange, grapes and pineapple etc are fruits which are rich in vitamin C and it is cure for back pain. 

12. Black Haw-Viburnum prunifolia 

• With aspirin-like ingredients, relieves spasms and neuralgia of back and neck, sciatica, leg cramps, tension headache, wry neck, digestive spasm. 

• A nervous system tonic and sedative, helps treat backache during menses. 

13. Boswellia-Boswellia serrata 

• Strong anti-inflammatory effects, reduces stiffness and pain. 

• Works for acute problems, but needs 2-4 weeks for maximal effects. 

• Improves blood circulation and muscle movements around inflamed joints, ligaments, tendons. 

14. Bromelain-Pineapple/Ananas comosus 

• Enzyme found in pineapple stem, helps resolve late stages of inflam- mation, speeding healing and reducing the potential for scar tissue. 

15. Corydalis-Corydalis soldida 

• Chinese herb that relieves pain of all kinds, especially from injury. 

• Sedative, analgesic, relives spasm and abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea. 

• Often used in combination with other complementary herbs. 

16. Devil's Claw-Harpagophytum procumbens 

• Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving herb, with rapid results. 

• Useful for low backache, arthritis and chronic rheumatic disorders, neuralgia and headaches. The whole herb preparation works best. 17. Dong Quai- sinensis 

• Reported to possess 1.5 times the analgesic activity of aspirin.

 • Relieves backache, cramping, muscular spasms and inflammation. 

• Also for menstrual cycle regulation, anemia; a liver and heart tonic. 

Horse Chestnut-Aesculus hippocastanum 

• Low back, sacrum, and sacroiliac pain. Stiff, weak back that "gives out." 

• Helps with arthritic and rheumatic backache with heaviness, swelling. 

19. Jamaican Dogwood-Piscidia erythrina 

• Strong sedative, pain-relieving and antispasmodic effects. 

• Especially valuable for muscular back spasms and pain, but also used in asthma, menstrual pain, insomnia, toothache or nervous conditions. 

20. Kava Kava-Piper methysticum 

• Relaxes muscles, reduces internal and external spasms and cramps. 

• Pain reliever, plus enhances pain-reducing effects of aspirin and drugs. 

• No hangover, tolerance, build-up or addiction, typical of medical drugs. 

21. Meadowsweet-Filipendula ulmaria 

• Herbal forerunner of aspirin provides anti-inflammatory pain relief. 

• No gastric irritation like medical NSAIDs; neutralizes stomach acids and general internal acidity. 

22. Valerian-Valeriana officinalis 

• Relaxing and sedative effects, reduces transmission of pain signals. 

• Muscle relaxant, relieves muscle spasms and contractures due to stress and tension; eases menstrual pain, colic, asthma, irritable bowel spasm. 

23. Wild Yam-Dioscorea villosa 

• Indicated for backache characterized by sharp, knife-like sensations. 

• A relaxant used for pain originating in the digestive system, gall blad- der, nervous system, uterus. Supplies precursors for adrenal cortisol. 

Home remedies for back pain are used with far more safety than drugs, specially in pregnant women. 

Now use these tips with proper medical care and take advice of your doctor or consult us for free.

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