Diet and nutrition plays a vital role in overall health development of an individual and as its so important that various food pyramid guides are made to help the general public develop good eating habit and stay healthy and fit. lets check it out.

Food pyramid or pyramid is a representation of the amount of food to be eaten each day from each of the basic defined food groups for proper nutrition and diet maintenance. The first pyramid was generated and made public in Sweden in 1974.  

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) also introduced the idea and concept of food pyramid and it was called the "Food Guide Pyramid" or "Eating Right Pyramid".

Improve dietary Nutrition via food pyramid for your vital health

Importance of Food pyramid

Food pyramid guide helps an individual understand the necessity and importance of various types of food in accordance with health improvement and stats show that following the food pyramid guide helps you improve your health. 

In a food pyramid, the foods that are consumed in the highest quantity are placed at the lower base. However,in the basic and traditional American food pyramid the source of most Americans’ first understanding of health and nutrition doesn’t put nutrient-rich foods at its base; it gives this lovely place of honor to the high fibrous bread, cereal, rice, and pasta group. 

This is one reason why so many Americans are confused about the basic nutrition diet and highly plagued by problems such as obesity and preventable diseases. Don’t you think it makes logical sense to put the highly nutritional healthiest, most micro nutrient-rich foods at the very base of our food pyramid? Shouldn’t we all be eating more healthy food and less unhealthy food? 

Improve dietary Nutrition via food pyramid for your vital health

Thus we suggest you the food pyramid that is designed to achieve a healthy mind and body and help you all live better. If adopted broadly, it would save millions of people’s lives each year and end our costly and tragic health care crisis. There’s no other way for achieving superior health, we must all eat more basic organic nutrient-rich foods and fewer calorie-rich foods. 

Therefore, the top of the food pyramid, the foods that should be consumed rarely, contains the foods that are very lowest in nutrients which are processed foods like chips and cookies—while the bottom gives a foundation of high micro nutrient-rich foods. When the nutritional outlook of America is reshaped by its high nutrient density as represented in our pyramid below, we will all radically and positively extend our healthy life expectancy.

Simply put, this means we need to eat lots of high content of nutrient, natural plant foods: vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and seeds. In conjunction, we need to eat much less from the animal products category and eat far fewer (or no) foods that are completely empty of nutrients or indeed are highly toxic for the body—foods such as sugar, other sweeteners, white flour, processed foods, refined oils, and fast foods.

Follow our recommended food pyramid guide for better health and you are gonna have a great life.

Stats in health improvement via this food pyramid

This is a basic stats fig. showing the health improvements and health vitality in both categories of people which is done via intensive research.

Q & A on Food Pyramid

Answers to your basic questions on food pyramid.

What are the five food groups on the pyramid?

There are mainly five basic main diet food groups consisting of grains, dairy, meats, and fruit and vegetables.

What are the foods that are in the food pyramid?

There are long range of food that are included in food pyramid refer the pictogram above for details.

We highly recommend you to have a good nutritional value diet with fruits and vegetables as the main focus and main part of your diet so that your body stays healthy and immuned.

We help you plan a basic diet plan according to your needs and vitality of health so mail us for your free nutritional diet plan in accordance to our recommended food pyramid.

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