Here are the details on calories in pringles snack pack for you so read all about calories in pringles snack pack right now.

The total calories in pringles snack pack are about 110 calories which comprises of 11g carbs, 8g fat and 1g protein.

Nutritional Info of calories in pringles snack pack

Calories in pringles snack pack
Calories in pringles snack pack 

Below is the nutritional info on calories in pringles snack pack ;

Nutrition Facts

% Daily Values*

Serving Size   1 pack


Amount Per Serving


Calories 110






Total Fat 8.00g


Saturated Fat2.000g


Trans Fat0.000g






Total Carbohydrate11.00g


Dietary Fiber1.0g






Vitamin D-









* The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.


Time Required to burn the Calories in pringles snack pack 

If you are a health enthusiast then you might be interested in knowing the time required to burn the calories you get from eating pringles snack prack.

So you can burn the 110 calories by doing ;

20 Minutes of Cycling

15 Minutes of Running

20 Minutes of swimming

Are the 110 Calories in pringles snack pack  safe for children?

The rate of obesity has been on a uprise in United States due to the unhealthy food habits followed by people.

The 100 Calories in pringles snack pack are regarded as the processed fast food calories that are not very healthy if consumed in large quantity.

Although if your kids are eating the pringles snack in limit then it can be of good value for them as it is a good source of carbs.

Are the Calories in pringles snack pack good for diabetic people?

Diabetic people are going from a problem of sugar and the fast food that comes in processed packets always contains bad amount of sugar or sodium.

As with the 100 Calories in pringles snack pack the amount of sugar that is used is defined is to be 0.

But still the pringles snack pack can mess your cholesterol levels as it the 100 calories contains in total of 10mg of cholesterol. Also the sodium levels are found to be very high in the pringles snack pack.

So eating a single piece of pringles for checking its taste can not be considered as harmful for diabetic people but if you are diabetic and you eat more than 1 pringle snack pack then it can be very bad for your health depending upon the condition of your sugar level.

So always consult your doctor for diet tips and upgrade your eating habits.

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