Here is your answer to are tomatoes considered fruits or vegetables, so read full to if tomatoes are considered fruits or vegetables.

As the matter of the fact to answer your question are tomatoes considered fruits or vegetables, the answer is and always will be yes tomatoes are fruits so read below to find out why.

The Truth About Tomatoes You must Know

Are tomatoes considered fruits or vegetables?
Are tomatoes considered fruits or vegetables?

This is probably one of the most advanced queries on search engines about botany. While the scientific answer is simple, the whole picture is more complex.

According to plants, tomato fruit. Fruits are structures built from flowering plants to carry seeds, and they contain many things that you may not think of as fruit. This category includes raw beans, hot peas, peppers, squash, avocados, olives, and even inedible items such as cotton, gourds, and small helicopters from Maple trees.

Another ways to know if Tomatoes are considered fruits and vegetables

But there is another way to divide tomatoes, with some interesting historical support. A popular case in the United States Supreme Court in 1893 answered the question of whether imported tomatoes should be taxed as vegetables, or treated as fruit, tax-free. Case, Nix v. 

Harden, has ruled that the law should classify tomatoes as a vegetable because it is cooked with nutritious food and served for dinner, not desert. So if you consider tomatoes to be vegetables, you have a very high level participation in the law. In terms of cooking they are often used as a vegetable.

Treating Tomatoes as Fruits or Vegetables

When tomatoes are treated like vegetables they just don't get the respect they deserve. Most of the tomatoes that are grown in large quantities on farms and sold in restaurants are raised for disease resistance, long shelf life and resistance to damage when shipped. They are usually picked when they are green and hard, and then ripen afterwards.

Tomatoes treated this way do not produce much flavor - they are just cut into sandwiches and salads because they are very tasty and add a lot of texture. But that’s what the industry offers, because that’s all we expect from them as vegetables. No wonder so many people think they don't like fresh tomatoes.

You will never hear the same story from someone who grows his own tomatoes at home. Selected from heirloom varieties - there are completely different colors, shapes and flavors to choose from - and allowed to ripen grapes, juicy, soft home-grown tomatoes are one of the best things about the last summer days.

Varieties of Tomatoes Fruits

Some varieties are earthy and herbal, some are tart, and some are sweet and savory. You can eat it with bread, a pinch of salt, or go straight to the plant (sometimes very hard not to do).

One of favorite varieties of tomatoes is the “indigo rose,” due to its unique color: dark purple, almost black, or sometimes black on one side and red on the other. Another favorite is "sungold:" a bright orange, sweet as cherry, and shaped to the same size (outside the hole). Black cream is great, fresh and a remedy, and pea-sized tomatoes are a great and delicious size.

Not only do they taste that way but they are very nutritious, high in acid, lycopene (a powerful antioxidant) and Vitamin C. These tomatoes are not comparable to the type you usually experience in the product category. So if you think you don’t like tomatoes as you remove them from your burger in a fast food chain, you really lose.

The debate on "are tomatoes considered fruits or vegetables" answers via dictionary

When you look at the word "vegetables", this refers, in particular, to edible parts of the plant such as cabbage leaves, stalks, carrots and potato plants that are not the fruit of the plant. Blueberries, raspberries, oranges, apples, peaches etc., real fruits. Strawberries, however, are an example of fruit with its seeds growing on a soft part of the plant, such as a tomato. Confused right now?

So to answer your question, tomatoes are actually the fruit of the tomato plant, but the fruit is used as a vegetable in cooking. Hmmm, and this took the Supreme Court to get it.

The North American Encarta English Dictionary defines tomatoes as:

1. Red Fruit

Round fruit with bright red skin and pulpy seedy flesh, eaten cooked or raw as a vegetable.

Wiki Calling Tomatoes as Fruits

Wikipedia also describes tomatoes as:

Tomato is an edible fruit / berry, often red nightshade Solanum lycopersicum known as the tomato plant.

So the ball is back in your court. Both of these answers can be considered positive, depending on who you want to quote. It's like kinda like, first come, chicken or egg ???

Super Facts Stating Tomatoes as Fruits

Are Tomato fruit or vegetables - The answer is tomatoes are fruits! feel good. 

Confusion arose when the U.S. Supreme Court named tomatoes under vegetables for tax purposes. However it was clarified that by definition vegetables are the stem, leaf and roots and fruit is the edible part of the plant that contains the seeds.

  1. They are the most popular fruit in the world. With an annual production of 60 million tons, they remain the most sought after and popular crop in the world.
  2. Tomatoes originally came from Peru, where their Aztec name was translated into a fatty substance.
  3. Tomatoes increase weight as they ripen, even when harvested.
  4. Tomatoes are over 10000 varieties and can be pink, purple, black, yellow and white with no red.
  5. The scientific name of the tomato is Lycopersicon lycopersicum which means peach peach.
  6. Tomatoes are a very rich source of lycopene that is essential for the health of the prostate gland in men.
  7. There is an annual unclean festival in Spain. It is called La Tomatina. It really does add tomatoes but what people do, they don't eat tomatoes. They tossed each other a tomato. About 150,000 tomatoes are used.
  8. The weight of the largest tomato ever produced was 3.5 kilos. Yes, that was the weight of the biggest tomato. It grew in Oklahoma, USA in 1986.
  9. People often ate tomatoes, thinking that they were poisoned because of their association with belladonna or (deadly nightshade).

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