Here are some of the best known facts on chocolate covered strawberries calories that is gonna make you think about the sweet strawberry right now.

Chocolate covered strawberries calories and Nutrition Facts

chocolate covered strawberries calories

There are in general a total of 140 calories in 1 strawberry (52 g) of Edible mix of Chocolate Dipped Strawberries so now you know the exact value of chocolate covered strawberries calories.

Chocolate covered strawberries Calorie breakdown amounts to 44% fat, 50% carbs, 6% protein which is 7g fats, 18g carbs and 2g protein.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 strawberry (52 g)

Amount Per Serving

Calories                           140

Total Fat                          7.00g9%

Saturated Fat                   4.000g20%

Trans Fat                         0.000g

Polyunsaturated Fat        0.000g

Monounsaturated Fat      0.000g

Cholesterol                      0mg

Sodium                            0mg

Total Carbohydrate         18.00g

Dietary Fiber                  1.0g

Sugars                            1.00g

Protein                           2.00g

Vitamin D-




Strawberries are mostly loved by many of us but if you know and have tasted the chocolate covered strawberries then you must be eager to know about the chocolate covered strawberries calories.

Here are some of the most interesting facts on chocolate covered strawberries calories. 

Chocolate-covered Strawberry Calories

Below are the base content of chocolate covered strawberry calories to help you plan you eating.

Type of Dipped Strawberry                                           Serving           Calories  Fat Sugar
Strawberries dipped in semi-sweet baking chocolate  1 strawberry     100    6 g 10 g
Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate                          1 strawberry      60    4 g  4 g
Strawberries dipped in white chocolate                          1 strawberry       75    4 g  9 g

The overall chocolate covered strawberries calories is up to 80+. If one just actually considers the fat content, it’s not so bad at all. Sugar wise, each dipped strawberry has at least a total of around 5 grams of sugar. 

Also note that dark chocolate dipped strawberries have the very basic and most least amount of calories. On the other hand, a milk-chocolate-covered strawberry has more than or equal to 100 calories, making it not best suited for those watching their loss of weight. 

Strawberry in chocolate covered strawberries calories is a good fruity source of vitamin C, so this dessert is actually a very good vitamin source wise. When only chocolate and strawberries are mainly used, the calorie count mainly equals to calories of the ingredients. But if the somewhat base shortening or base hydrogenated oils and added sweeteners are in generally used, the calories can increase actually the increase in the use of chocolate covering.

Tips To make chocolate covered strawberries with Low calories

Here are pro-tips to make chocolate covered strawberries with low calories:

  1. Gently remove any overly soft small berries. These don't dip well and they certainly don't keep up the mix. Your berries will need good amount of time to dry (usually around and hour or so, depending on your chocolate mixture) so be sure to properly factor that in.
  2. Keep the overall base stems on. You will need these much later.
  3. Wash the sorted and small strawberries and then pat them dry with some good hand towels or paper towels. You want them good and as dry as possible so that they don't at all collect the pore of issue like condensation/moisture under the chocolate shell.
  4. Double boiling the chocolate properly is suggested and is ideal. It's the best way of uniformly properly melting the chocolate, keeping it from burning it right, and reducing the overall air bubbles.
  5. If you are unwilling or unable to use a general home kitchen stove, microwaving is another good home base option. If microwaving, heat the chocolate for about a time period of one minute, remove & stir it, then for another 30 seconds. Once you take it out, stir it to fully proper melt. Chocolate does burn and you don't want to put it in for over a minute on full heating power. Stirring it keeps it from burning the base while ensuring that it all gets melted.
  6. Start with the largest kind of strawberries. You want to do them first because they have the largest base type of surface area so dip them when you have the most good amount of chocolate and they can be fully enveloped.
  7. Dip the strawberries in the chocolate by their base of the stems (gently). This is pretty straightforward -- you don't want to get your hand fingerprints on the chocolate so don't touch anything at all but just the stem.
  8. Leave a little ring of red feel at the top for aesthetics & proper function. Don't fully immerse the strawberry. They look nicer with some over the top red still showing. Also, it's good to have the chocolate shell not curve inwards at the end because it'll crack off more easily when bitten if it is.
  9. Dry the strawberries on wax paper on something stiff (like a cutting board or a tray). Chocolate won't stick to wax paper so they'll come off nicely. You want a board underneath for moving them around later -- it can be super annoying to try and move a flimsy piece of paper with 20 strawberries on it around later.
  10. Drizzle other colored base and good chocolate (white, dark, etc) across for color. This is purely for the valued aesthetic purposes but it does lend any kind of extra air of classiness to your healthy awesome tasty dessert.

Hope that you enjoy your chocolate covered strawberries with low calories.

Chocolate covered strawberries calories refrigeration

Chocolate covered strawberries calories can be kept refrigerated but not frozen. They're still very much raw strawberries (with some part usually still naturally exposed) and thus will spoil quickly at the normal room temperature. 

Plus once the hot base of molten chocolate hits them even if they were chilled before they're instantly warmed into the very zone called “danger zone” (40°F-140°F) where mold, bacteria, etc. thrives, giving the little kind of crazy bit of nasties a head start on the overall process.

We hope now you know what you needed to know about chocolate covered strawberries calories.

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