As we all have heard from our child hood that health is wealth but we actually still have the curosity to understand why health is wealth.

So lets learn and understand why health is wealth and why we have to keep working on our maintenance of our health to get more wealth and vice versa.

Health is Wealth But Why?

Why it is said that Health is Wealth?
Why it is said that Health is Wealth?

A lot of people are saying and always advising you that health is wealth but why they say so, lets find out.

Wealth is the prosperity and the money you have and health is your condition of body and life.

As you must have seen that there are lot of people who have wealth but are worried all the time due to their bad health and they keep on spending all their wealth on the health then they are really poor as they have no sense of satisfaction and relief and they have to work constantly to maintain their wealth so that they can pay for their poor health treatment.

Now if I say to you I will give you 1 billion dollars but in turn you will have to take all my disease and have to stay bed ridden well many of you would smartly say yes as you would think that you can get treated for your bad health but in reality money won't stop you from dying.

To enjoy your wealth with your family and friends you must have to maintain good health as in reality everything is depending on your health as with poor health you won't  be able to enjoy your health at all.

The story of wealthy but unhealthy Man

Here is a small story that will prove to you the importance of health and clarify why health is wealth in real life.

Once there was a very wealthy man with all the money in the world but he always used to stay unhealthy and he had never paid attention to his health up till 30 years of his age he worked every single day very hard to maintain his wealthy status and he was all alone and had no time for his parents to so one day his dad died but that man couldn't go to his own dad's funeral due to his heavy work log.

His mother got him married and the man as being busy always had no time for his wife too still they are able to conceive a child but now due to the father being unhealthy the child was born with severe heart condition and was not able to live which bring more depression into the mans life.

With over work and unhealthiness the man had no time time for his wife and mom and he died being alone without actually enjoying the real happiness of life inspite of being very rich and wealthy, but at the same time an old man at the age of sixty working at that mans company was actually very healthy and living a stress free life.

So the wife of the wealthy man asked this old man that how he is able to stay so happy despite being not so rich to which the man replied I have earned well within my means and now I have 2 daughters and a son who are taking care of me and I have a wife who is always at home waiting for me to come so that we can sit together in peace and plan for our holidays.

Now you understand wealth and health are both time being variable they both never stay constant they keep on changing so you have to keep the balance at both as you can generate all the money in the world but if you are not healthy to enjoy it then its a waste.

So this is the reason that every one says Health is Wealth and you should always focus on maintaining good health my friend. 

Wealth is a waste without Health

As we have stated the importance of health is wealth saying we are just stating this fact also that being rich and wealthy is just a waste if you have no money to enjoy it.

Now consider that you have the money for burger but you can't eat it just because of your poor health then won't it hurt you, yes it will.

Consider you have money to buy a luxury car but you don't have the strength to ride it then its actually a waste if you even own the most expensive car.

Now look at all the good athletes and sportsperson they have cars and good house and big money that is they have the wealth and as their profession forces them to be healthy you see them enjoying both their health and wealth very happily right.

7 truths on Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth and you must feed this in your mind big fellow!

  1. You can live without good money and great wealth but without good health its impossible to survive even a single day.
  2. Secondly, if you are healthy and you have the ambition then you can earn wealth but if you are wealthy and caught by a very bad and deadly chronic disease because of not considering your health as priority your wealth will be of no use .
  3. In today's era of constantly and daily increasing pollution and global warming people are getting vulnerable to very harmful diseases so they should give top priority to healthy living.
  4. Being a Doctor I know the importance of healthy living … you get your self confidence ,peace of mind and a relaxed only if you stay healthy and fit.
  5. Its not you that you have to be a big body builder.You just have to be normally fit for your son/daughter to support him/her when he/she needs you.the most and you have to be fit for your wife who also wants your help as a life partner in every aspects of life and ultimately I would say your health is actually very equally important for you and your family.
  6. There is a great saying “Health mind stays in a Healthy body” so to get that healthy mind you need to make your body healthy and the satisfaction you will get will be actually very amazing .
  7. Eating all the good and high health foods or diet adds great results to your health means you should choose eating health rich food that is high in proteins,fibers ,carbohydrats,vitamins and minerals rather than wasting your money and health on junk and unhealthy food .

Hope you understand the importance now of the saying Health is Wealth and you will work to build your good health from now onwards.

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