Let us understand and learn the main role of calcium for body and some of the best ways for the intake of calcium.

Calcium for body is a very healthy nutrient that is needed by all living organisms, including all humans. It is one of the most abundant mineral in the body, and it is very much important and vital for bone health.


For healthy bones and healthy teeth you need calcium but there are also other main roles of calcium for body.


Main Role of Calcium For Body


We all know calcium is important for bone strength but lets look at some of the basic common roles of calcium for body that is very much important for good health and good life.


Calcium Keep bones and teeth strong (99% of our calcium intake contributes to this)

Helps to maintain the overall base skeletal structure and function

Maintain a regular healthy heartbeat

Contributes to health areas like nerve function, muscle contraction and blood clotting

Calcium for body is used by cells for transporting ions, activating enzymes , and for communicating with other cells


Benefits Of Having Calcium In Your Diet


As we have stated some of the most common importance of calcium we also want to give you the most awesome benefits of calcium for body and calcium in your diet inclusion friends as calcium is just very highly important for having a healthy life and a good strong body.


Calcium intake decreases the risk of osteoporosis

Calcium for body decreases risk of colorectal cancer

Calcium in daily diet maintains a healthy systolic blood pressure

Calcium for body just decrease risk of obesity


Too Much Calcium Leads Too


See we are give very high emphasis on the fact of the need for the calcium for body but of you are just excessing the amount of calcium in your body then it can actually lead to some problems like.



Kidney stones


Too Little Calcium Leads too


As too much of anything is a problem same like that too less of anything is also a big problem for anyone so below are the listed problems that arise due to the deficiency of calcium


Low Calcium for body that is called calcium deficiency disease, aka hypocalcemia

Low calcium for body increases risk of osteoporosis

Symptoms of hypocalcemia can include the symptoms and problems like weak hair, nails, memory loss, and seizures

So we suggest you to take a proper diet rich with calcium for body requirement by consulting a good nutritionist.


Top 10 Foods High In Calcium 


As you need calcium for body for a healthy living below are the list of foods that are high in content of calcium and you can them to full fill your calcium needs.


Dark leafy greens contains good calcium, example: Watercress (100 g = 120 mg)

Low fat cheese is a good source of calcium for body, example: Mozzarella Nonfat (100 g = 961 mg)

Low fat milk and yogurt is the best source of calcium for body (100g = 183 mg)

Chinese cabbage is the best, examples: Pak choi, Bok Choy (100 g = 105 mg)

Fortified soy products also have calcium, example: Tofu (100 g = 350 mg)

Okra (100 g = 77 mg)

Broccoli (100 g = 47 mg)

Green Snap Beans (100 g = 37 mg)

Almonds (100 g = 264 mg)

Canned fish, example: Sardines (100 g = 383 mg)


Importance of Calcium For Body


We must always be aware of the need of calcium for body as we need calcium in our body to serve the following purposes -


Around the total amount of 99% of the calcium in the human body is in the bones and teeth. Calcium is essential for the development, growth, and maintenance of human and animal bone.

Calcium for body helps regulate muscle contraction. When a nerve starts to stimulates a muscle, the body releases nutrient called calcium. The calcium that is present in the body helps the proteins in muscle carry out the work of contraction.

Calcium in the body plays a key role in the process of blood clotting. Calcium’s role in muscle function includes maintaining the action of the heart muscle. Calcium relaxes the smooth muscle that surrounds blood vessels.

Calcium present in the body is a co-factor for many enzymes.

Adequate levels of calcium in the body is associated with a recorded reduced risk of blood pressure, cancer and improved cholesterol levels of the body.


Taking Intake of Calcium For Body


Here are some of the best tips on how to eat more calcium.


Include some healthy and good dairy products in your diet every day. Choose from a large option of milk, yogurt, cheese or milk-based custard.

Learn to love and eat the healthy leafy green vegetables. Include a serve of healthy green broccoli, cabbage, bok choy or spinach on your lunch and dinner plate on a daily basis.

Eat more amount of fish then you normally eat. If you can’t get fresh fish, eat a good tinned fish such as sardines or salmon with the bones left in but only do it if you know how too.

Replace the daily intake of meat in some meals with tofu. Your family will enjoy the change and cutting back on the high saturated fat is actually very good for your health.

Snack on calcium-rich nuts like the famous and healthy Brazil nuts or almonds. Keep a container of nuts and seeds with you and have a small handful as a daily snack so that you can eat it any time you want.

Reduce your intake of daily caffeine, soft drinks and other harmful drinks like alcohol. They all inhibit calcium absorption and they should be used in account of basic moderation.

Sprinkle good amount of sesame seeds over vegetables or salads. Sesame seeds are easy to include in all meals and are high in calcium for body.

Try eating and including calcium-fortified foods for breakfast. Some cereals, fruit juices and breads now come with superb calcium added to their base ingredients.

Educate your children about the importance of calcium for body and also on the importance of including dairy products in their diet. If they prefer the healthy soy milk, make sure it is fortified with calcium and encourage them to eat good healthy cheese and yogurt.

If you know about leonard hofstatter then you must choose lactose-free yogurts and cheese if you have an intolerance to lactose. These products still have all the good calcium for body included.

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