As we all know Food has been an important part of our life you must understand that what you eat you become, for example if you eat healthy food, follow healthy diet, have healthy meals then your body becomes healthy and in turn your life becomes healthy and vital and you live disease free.

But its a matter of concern that the people all around the world have unhealthy food consumption habits that is affecting their health in a negative way, we have discussed the American Food consumption data as what goes in USA is followed by the whole world as a fashionable cult.

USA Food Consumption Data study

Your Food Consumption decides Your Body health
Food Consumption study

Lets understand the American Food Consumption habit as eating healthy helps you live healthy but a lot of  you are not eating healthy and relying on the junk and highly processed food that is very harmful to your health.

Soft drinks, sugar, corn syrup, and other sweeteners now occupy a major share of the American dietary pie. The amount of processed cheese and stored chicken has also increased significantly in the American diet over the last century, with the consumption of high amount of calories from animal products now at over a harmful 25 percent. 

With so many animal products and high fat processed foods in the modern diet, there is little room for unrefined or unprocessed vegetation and its really affecting the overall health of America and other countries.

Various study proves that Americans consume less than 10 percent of their calories from unrefined plant foods such as fruits, beans, seeds, and vegetables. However, that 10 percent figure is very much misleading and confusing, because about half the vegetable consumption in America is white potato products, including processed cold stored fries and chips and that is the same case with India, Canada and other countries! 

If we try to remove the white potato from consideration (not a particularly nutritious food), the other produce would amount to less than 5 percent of the American diet.

The modern day food consumption and the basic diet is not slightly deficient in just a handful of micronutrients; it is grossly deficient in hundreds of important plant-derived vitamins and nutrients that are important immunity-building compounds. These are not all optional; you can’t have a lifetime of good health without them and you have to include green vegetables in for better immunity of your body in your diet.

Green Vegetables Food Consumption

Your Food Consumption decides Your Body health
Green vegetables food consumption

As you all know the importance of good food consumption you must all follow a healthy diet.

To identify these important antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins that are deficient in your daily Food Consumption, we must recognize a broad class of beneficial compounds, including the very big and whole carotene family (including lycopene, beta-carotene, alpha-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin); and an assortment of other compounds that maximize the inner body cell function, thus enabling the greater healing properties of immune cells.

Understand that compounds such as alpha-lipoic acid, flavonoids, bioflavonoids, polyphenols and phenolic acids, quercetin, rutin, anthocyanins and proanthocyanins, allium compounds, allyl sulfides, glucosinolates, isothiocyanates, lignans, and pectins are all very important for you. All these classes of compounds impact our health; and without them our health, and especially our immune system, dramatically suffers.

No matter how vague and how much different dietary theories there are out there, pretty much everyone agrees that vegetables are good for your Health.

But the question is just how good they truly are has been time to time debated. Sadly, the data from observational studies is often flawed simply because most people don’t eat enough green leafy vegetables to have a measurable impact on their body health

However, some long-term observational studies by many researchers do indeed demonstrate that green vegetable Food  consumption is the most important factor in preventing chronic disease and premature death.

Some basic points proving green vegetables food consumption is beneficial for you.

  • Slows down the constant release of sugar (carbohydrate) and helps you easily avoid insulin spike. Spike of the insulin overloaded pancreas, leading to the pancreas fatigue and eventually to Insulin Resistance, Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Very good source of high amount of Vitamin C. Most green vegetables are good source of Vitamin C.
  • Source of iron, calcium, magnesium and other minerals, vitamins and nutrients.
  • Many vegetables are also source for one or more essential amino acids.

This is the main reason that we encourage you to include green veggies in your food consumption and make your body healthy.

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