As health is very important to you and your loved ones and as in your day most of the time you have to meet people you’ve never met for job work you need to be sure of your health advances and look for yourself out in the harmful surroundings as your health is highly important to you and to the well-being of your local environment, as well as the entire planet. 

Let’s take a look at how important is to take care of your health and why you must take care of yourself to save yourself from harmful viruses and be healthy.

Understanding the importance of your health stats for a good life.

Understanding the importance of health

lets understand the importance of good health in life.

Definition of health : The health of human body is defined as the body ability to function properly and effeciently and help you live a happy wealthy life as all have said health is wealth.

Health has been the most concerned topic in every bodies life as we all do gym, yoga exercise, dieting and nutritional eating to maintain a perfect health and stay away from any health problems, Almost everyone knows that overeating leads to weight gain, or that drinking and driving increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents. But other choices you make every day may influence your well-being in ways you’re not at all aware of. 

For instance, did you know that the amount of sleep you get each night could highly affect your body weight, your ability to ward off colds, your emotional mood, your interactions with others, and even your driving? What’s more, inadequate sleep is one of the most commonly reported impediments to academic success.

Similarly, drinking alcohol on a regular basis reduces your immediate health and your academic performance. It also sharply increases your risk of unintentional injuries—not only motor vehicle accidents, but also falls, drownings, and burn injuries. 

This is especially significant because for people between the ages of 15 and 44, unintentional injury—whether related to alcohol use or any other factor—is the leading cause of largest death . It isn’t an exaggeration to say that healthy choices have immediate benefits. 

Such bad and unhealthy habits are the main cause we are all suffering from high diseases and we should be more careful in regards of our basic health as our health is just important as our wealth.

When you’re well nourished, fit, rested, and free from the influence of nicotine, alcohol, and other drugs, you’re more likely to avoid illness, succeed in school, maintain supportive relationships, participate in  meaningful work and community activities, and enjoy your leisure time.choose Health now for Long-term rewards Successful aging starts now. 

Making Good Health Choices

For leading a happy life one must need to stay healthy and for staying healthy one must learn to make better choices.

The choices you make today are like seeds: Planting good seeds that means you’re more likely to enjoy the fruits of a longer and healthier life. In contrast, poor choices increase the chances of a shorter life, as well as persistent illness, addiction, and other limitations on quality and quantity of life.ot health?

 That may sound like a simple question, but it isn’t. health is a process, not something we just “get.” People who are healthy in their fifties, sixties, and beyond aren’t just lucky or the beneficiaries of hardy genes. In most cases, those who are healthy and thriving in later years set the stage for good health by making it a priority in their early years. 

Whether the coming upcoming decades of your life are filled with good health, productive careers, special relationships, and fulfillment of life goals is influenced by the health choices you make—beginning right now.

Like choosing fruits over processed foods, choosing juice over caffeine, choosing yoga over laziness.

Ignoring the health issues

Describe the immediate and long-term rewards of healthy behaviors and the effects that your health choices may have on others. All day, the media reminds us of high health challenges facing the world, the nation—maybe even your campus or community. 

You might want to ignore these health issues, but you can’t. In the twenty-first century, your health is connected to the health of people with whom you directly interact as its clearly evident looking at the current world scenario.

Ignoring the health issues and being unaware of health importance will not only make you the sufferer but also the people around you so taking care of your health is highly important.

Effects of ill health

In a basic survey on effects of ill health by the National College Health Association, students indicated that stress, anxiety, poor sleep, and recurrent minor illnesses, among other things, had prevented them from performing in their exams and academics.

Same has been founded in a life of working professionals.

According to current mortality rates the proportion of deaths within a population due to effects of ill health has gone down to a level of 50-60 years in comparison with the average life expectancy at birth in the United States is projected to be 78.8 years for a child born in 2013 

 In other words we expect that Americans born today will live to an aver-age age of over 78 years, more than 30 years longer than the 47-year life expectancy for people born in the early 1900s. But due to health imbalance and effects of ill health this rate has gone down.

Infectious disease effects on humans

life expectancy a century ago was largely determined by our susceptibility to infectious disease. In 1900, over 30 percent of all deaths high deaths occurred among children younger than 5 years old, and the leading cause of death was viral infection.

Even among adults, infectious diseases such as tuberculosis and pneumo-nia were the leading causes of death, and widespread epidem-ics of infectious diseases such as influenza crossed national boundaries, killing millions.

Vaccines for good health and disease control

With the development of vaccines and antibiotic for good health, life expectancy increased dramatically as premature deaths from infectious diseases decreased. As a result, chronic diseases such as heart disease, cerebrovascular disease (which leads to strokes), cancer, and chronic lower respiratory diseases became leading causes of health issues resulting in death. 

Advances in diagnostic technologies, heart and brain surgery, radiation and other cancer treatments, as well as new medications, have continued the trend of increasing healthy life expectancy mortality The proportion of deaths to expectancy Expected number of years of life remaining at a given age, such as at birth.chronic disease 

A disease that typically begins slowly, progresses, and persists, with a variety of signs and symptoms that can be treated but not cured by medication so to maintain good health and take care of yourself via adopting a healthy behavior as its much more easy then undergoing heavy operations and taking harmful medications.

So improve your health habits and take care of your health as health is wealth.


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