Prenatal yoga during pregnancy is to be done with proper guidance and care. For active prenatal yoga care mail us and get a tutor.

Prenatal yoga during pregnancy

Prenatal yoga during pregnancy is to be done with proper guidance and care. As pregnancy is a wonderful opportunity for the mother to not only connect with the growing child but to reconnect with the neglected ‘inner child’ prenatal yoga helps a mom keep herself and her baby more fit.

Prenatal Yoga provides a perfect time to nourish and positively influence a growing seed.  

Just as a wonderful seed when properly cared for with healthy nutrition, air, water and light blossoms into a flower and then a delicious fruit, you too can give the growing child  a great head start.  


Prenatal yoga during pregnancy

Prenatal  yoga during pregnancy is very essential to do. As the for your baby the first 9 months in the womb followed by the subsequent years with you, you and the child establishes fundamental rhythm, thought, breathing patterns, and a core value system to cope with in life. 

 After this period  the child becomes much more naturally  fit and is able to cope with ever-changing environment. 

  Prenatal Yoga allows the mother to balance herself inside out and influence the child in healthy way. 

During this growth in the womb the placenta is the exchange barrier for the child. 

The mother not only influences the feeding and excreting of the child but every thought and action of the mother directly or indirectly influences the child. 

Pregnancy is a delicate time and correct asana practice is a must as. 

Improper practice may result in complications to the mother and the growing fetus. So kindly exercise prenatal yoga under professional guidance.

Prenatal Yoga allows the mother  to: 

1) Breathe relaxed using the diaphragm

 2) Learn asanas to increase flexibility,    balance and strength 

3) Relax the mind and body 

4) Manage stress 

5) Connect and influence the child positively 

6) Take the worry away from pregnancy 

7) Give the child the healthiest start in life   

Thus prenatal yoga during pregnancy is good to do.


Prenatal yoga during pregnancy
Prenatal yoga 

Modify  the yoga poses to meet your particular needs.  Do not strain yourself or be discomforted in any pose  as the baby is well protected both by the abdominal muscles and  the amniotic sac in the womb but still you should care for your own health too. 

Listen to the body be the best judge of what yoga poses you can practice during pregnancy.   


 The Sitting Poses are very important, as they stretch open the pelvis, making the delivery process easier. 

The Standing Poses strengthen the legs and thighs and assist to carry the baby in the womb.  


 The  body secretes a hormone called ‘relaxin’ during pregnancy which  increases flexibility in the ligaments and joints. 

Some  asanas are easier to practice as the pregnancy progresses. It is more effective to practice yoga 15 minutes daily than practicing a 1 ½ hour session once a week. 
Rest, relax, and incorporate the breathing exercises in the daily routine.  Observe the delicate changes in the body and enjoy the growth of the child.     

As prenatal yoga during pregnancy is highly beneficial for you, you should never do it without proper professional guidance.

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