Kansa wand is an age-old skin care remedy used in ancient Ayurveda. This magic wand works wonders for our skin and face and has miraculous benefits.

If you are wondering what magic wand this is - The Kansa Wand? It is a simple face massaging tool in the shape of a dome. The dome is an amalgamation of two metals, Copper and Tin.

It is attached to a handle so that holding and massaging it on the skin is done in a hassle-free manner. Massaging this wand on the face stimulates blood circulation in the area and improves collagen production. Let us look at kansa wand benefits and process of working.

Kansa Wand Origin and Facts You must know about


Kansa wand explained

Before looking at Kansa wand benefits you must know what is it, so Kansa wand is an Ayurveda-approved facial massaging tool that enhances beauty and revitalizes the skin and ensures regenerative skin results. It is probably the most ancient tool used for beauty enhancement.

Though Its roots go back to ancient times, it does not fail to meet our beauty expectations in modern times. The Kansa wand has been found to spread its magic for a very long time.

It has been depicted in ancient Ayurveda that the wand has miraculous effects on the skin. It improves lymphatic drainage resulting in more sculpted and toned facial features.

Kansa Wand benefits and Uses

According to Ayurveda, The Kansa Wand benefits are of ancient value and are not just limited to external beauty but internal health as well.

Lymphatic drainage:

A proper and limited massage of a Kansa wand on regular basis results in lymphatic drainage under the skin. Lymphatic drainage means eliminating toxins from lymph nodes and is a skin detoxification process. This is one of the major kansa wand benefits that you must note down.

pH balanced:

The unbalanced pH of the skin aggravates conditions like acne, wrinkles, etc. According to Ayurveda, The Kansa Wand is said to reinstate the pH of skin that is below 5 to promote supple and healthy skin.
Relieving stress and tension:

The massaging effect of this tool helps in the reduction of stress and tension thereby relaxing facial muscles and enhancing effective blood flow.

Glowing skin and better complexion:

 A well-directed facial massage increases blood flow and oxygen supply to the face so that the face looks flushed and glowing. Apart from this, it also improves skin complexion.

Is using Kansa Wand safe for the skin?

Using a Kansa Wand is no doubt the safest of all but here are certain contradictions to this massaging technique.

It is always safe to confirm prior about any allergies to the metal. The skin may turn grey during the massage which is perfectly safe as it indicates skin getting detoxified. Trying a skin patch test is always a better option to confirm if you are allergic to the wand metal.

A Good quality massage oil is a perfect pairing option for a soothing skin massage, Preferably Kumkumadi oil works wonders when used with the Kansa Wand.

Avoid massage( with or without Kansa Wand) If you have recently treated skin with Botox and fillers because massaging may move the fillers out of place. If your skin has scars, bumps, Lumps, or any other skin condition, in such cases, it is always better to consult with your dermatologist before using the wand.

Kansa wand working explained

As technology is advancing, there are many revolutions seen in skincare as well. Newly Engineered products, cosmetic treatments, and Surgical methods to wave off those aging signs from the skin. Though there are many benefits to these advancements, at the same time they can prove to be very expensive.

Here is where a good part to say that the ancient tools and techniques have a separate and vast fan following. Due to their originality and affordable nature, these tools are re-surfacing as modern ones. Kansa is one of the same. To get clarity on Kansa wand benefits you need to know how the wand works on our skin. So here is what it does.

When the wand is massaged on the skin, it works like magic. The feel of metal with proper and appropriate pressure itself feels great on the skin. You can feel it working right away from the first use as you can feel the rush under the skin.

It promotes lymphatic drainage and hence removes toxins to enhance the skin texture. The metal of the wand reacts with the acid and reduces the pH of the skin. All in all, a Kansa wand massage improves blood circulation in the facial area which gives a flushed look and radiant skin. Using it for regular intervals results in a sculpted and toned structure to the face.

How is the Kansa Wand used?

As miraculous and magical as the Kansa Wand is, its effect counts only and only if it is used appropriately. Consequently, it must be used cautiously and with the proper know-how.

The Kansa wand can be used on the face and feet as well. But before using it, there are certain key points to consider.

  •     Always try a skin patch test before switching to using the Kansa Wand. Try massaging the wand on a small skin area to check for allergies.
  •     Usage of good quality massage oils is recommended to be paired with the wand.
  •     Sometimes, skin color may be changed to grayish, which is not a cause of concern as it is a result of toxins being eliminated from the skin.
  •     The right amount of pressure must be applied while using the wand to massage. Refrain from applying excessive pressure
  •     The use of the wand must be limited to once or twice a week and overuse must be avoided.

On a personal note, the Kansa wand works effectively if used to massage the Marma Points on the face and feet.

Marma Points- What should we know about them?

‘Before using a Kansa Wand massage on the face, We should be aware of the Marma Points located in the facial area.

According to Ayurveda, there are multiple pressure points on our face and body that when stimulated activate the energy channels in our body and impact our well-being. These points channel energy to our mind, body, and soul and are present at the junction of every two muscles, bones, tendons, veins, ligaments, and tissues.

There are of total 108 Marma points on our body. Out of which one is in our mind. Similarly, There are 10 Marma points on the face which are:

  •     Eyebrow inner part
  •     Cheekbones
  •     Between the two eyebrows
  •     Corners of the nose
  •     Between Nose and Eyebrows inner ridge junction
  •     Between nose and mouth
  •     Corner of the mouth
  •     Chin
  •     Lower eyelids
  •     The Crown

Consequently, There are 5 Marma Points present on either of the feet.. They are located

  •     At the Center of the foot (Talahidraya Marma)
  •     Below the Ankle joint (Kurchashira Marma)
  •     Between the big toe and first toe (Kshipra Marma)
  •     The junction between the foot and leg (Gulpha Marma)
  •     Two-finger gap on both sides of the Kshipra Marma(Kurcha Marma)

How do we use the Kansa wand? The Correct procedure

The Kansa wand does not benefit only the face but it can also be used to massage feet which has surprising benefits beauty-wise and health-wise.

Use On Face:

  1.     Start with a dab of oil on the wand.
  2.     Massage the Kansa wand on your forehead in a figure-eight motion.
  3.     Use very light circular movements from the temple to the base of the bridge of your nose
  4.     Apply a gentle upward stroke on the jaw area.
  5.     Massage for up to 15 minutes.
  6.     Wash away excess oil or moisturizer.
  7.     Always use the high-quality serum/oil or moisturizer of your choice.

Use on feet

  1.     Start with a dab of oil on the wand.
  2.     Slowly Massage the Kansa wand on the sole in an upward and downward motion.
  3.     By applying gentle but firm pressure, Massage in a circular motion. Continue the circular motions on every part of your foot, including the toes.
  4.     Continue a gentle massage for 10-15 minutes on both feet
  5.     Wipe each foot clean to get rid of excess remnant oil.

Final Thoughts on Kansa wand

The Kansa wand is an ancient skincare tool that pre-dates the Jade roller and the Gua Sha tool. It has its roots deep in Ayurveda and incorporates 5000 years old technique to provide glowing skin and sculpted facial features thereby reducing the pH of the skin to a healthy one.

The magic comes from the metals infused to create the wand that works wonders on the skin making the wand truly beneficial and useful for all skin types. The wand is a whole and sole solution to lustrous skin.

Why go for expensive and chaotic skin treatments or foreign techniques when we can rely on the age-old but highly effective skincare tool that has ancient Indian values instilled? Kansa Wand is a must-have facial massage tool that needs to be included in our skincare routine. Hope you learned about Kansa wand benefits but before using consult your doctor.

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