Who does now no longer need to be beautiful? Every human being spends an ample amount of their life thinking about how to look and feel beautiful.

When we speak about beauty, what comes to our mind? 


Beautiful skin and hair are what everyone thinks about. Our facial beauty is noticed by others in the first go. No matter how we feel from the inside but our appearance from the outside is what makes the first impression.


Nowadays, there are many beauty products available at our fingertips. Similarly, Ayurveda has an age-old remedy known as “KUMKUMADI OIL”.


Kumkumadi Oil has its roots deep in Ayurveda possessing various health and beauty benefits. With these many benefits (that we will see in detail further) it will not be wrong to call it “An Elixir of Youth”.


What is Kumkumadi Oil and Why its called Miracle Elixir?


Kumkumadi oil Overview

“Kumkumadi oil” is an Ayurvedic Facial oil and a blend of multiple natural herbs such as Saffron, Turmeric, Sandalwood, Rose Water, essential oils, and many more. It is completely natural, organic, vegan at the same time Paraben and Sulfate-free.


Kumkumadi oil works wonders by naturally illuminating skin and lightening the tone. It has proven benefits in improving skin texture, minimizing the dark circles, repairing hyper-pigmentation, reducing signs of aging, and getting rid of skin discoloration, blemishes, and scars.


What does Kumkumadi Oil Consists of?


Some major ingredients used for making Kumkumadi oil are as follows:


Kesar or saffron - Crocus Sativus:


It is the main ingredient of the oil. Rich in Anti-oxidants which help in skin lightening and improve complexion.


Chandan or sandalwood – Pterocarpus santalinus :


Sandalwood is another important element of oil. It nourishes the skin and reduces pimples, acne, and its marks. In addition, sandalwood reduces blemishes, dullness, and excess oil from the skin.


Manjistha - Rubia cordifolia:


It is a natural blood purifier. Manjistha reduces pigmentation thereby improving complexion. Very effective for healing wounds and reduction of inflammation.


Yashtimadhu (Mulethi) or Licorice - Glycyrrhiza glabra:


It is a type of root obtained from the Glycyrrhiza Glabra tree. Commonly known as Mulethi, this component has various health benefits such as accelerating wound healing and reducing inflammation.


Laksha or lac - Laccifer lacca:


A gum-resembling substance obtained from a female insect named Laccifer lacca helps in healing wounds and fractures easily and provides relief from bleeding disorders.


Vat Vriksha or Indian Banyan - Ficus benghalensis:


It provides protection against various skin infections. Very effective in treating moles.


Pakar or Java Fig - Ficus Lacor:


This element in Kumkumadi oil is very effective in healing wounds and scars.


Nilkand (Blue Lotus) – Nymphaea stellata:


Commonly known as Blue lotus, It provides remedies for various menstruation-related issues in females.


Kamal Kesar or sacred lotus (Indian Lotus) - Nelumbo


It is a very rich source of antioxidants as it contains flavonoids and alkaloid compounds that help reduce free radicals in the body. 


Daruhaldi - Berberis aristata:


The whole world today is familiar with the benefits of Haldi. This miracle all-rounder spice has powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Also, Haldi helps evade various infections and skin diseases.


Ushira - Vetiveria zizanioides:


Its antiseptic properties help improve blood circulation and have a calming effect on the mind. This in turn balanced hormonal disorders and treats various skin-related issues.


Padmaka - Prunus cerasoides:


It is an extract of the lotus flower which is very effective in reducing inflammation and pain. Also, very effective against cough and cold.


Pattanga - Caesalpinia sappan:


Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, This herb is very beneficial for skin care.




Dashmoolas are different types of plant roots that constitute a vital part of Kumkumadi oil. These elements work as a natural detox, thus providing nourishment to the skin. Also, they improve blood circulation and are responsible for diminishing the signs of aging.


Following are the Dashamoolas present in the Kumkumadi oil:-


  • Agnimantha - Premna mucronata: Provides glowing skin, improves texture, and prevents dark circles.   
  • Bael - Aegle marmelos: Has Anti-bacterial properties which help in controlling skin infections  
  •  Brihati - Solanum indicum: It has the properties of fighting against different types of skin infection and enables rejuvenation.  
  • Gokshura - Tribulus Terrestris: Has soothing effects on the skin. Treats various signs of aging like dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines.   
  • Kantakari - Solanum xanthocarpum: Heals wounds and encourages good skin health.Gambhari - Gmelina Arborea: It is a powerful blood cleanser and loaded with antioxidants.  
  • Patala - Stereospermum suaveolens: Helps effectively treat wounds, burns, and other scars on the skin. 
  • Shalaparni - Desmodium gangeticum: Helps fight against skin allergies. 
  • Prishnaparni - Uraria Picta: Fight against infections and promotes faster wound healing.  
  • Shyonaka - Oroxylum Indicum: It is a blood detoxifying agent.


Other Ingredients:


  • Coconut Oil
  • Goat Milk
  • Rose Water


How about a brief history of Kumkumadi oil?


Kumkumadi oil or Saffron oil consists of multiple natural oils and herbs. It has derived its name from the Sanskrit word “Kumkuma” which refers to Saffron.


In Indian Mythology, It is said that this miraculous elixir was formulated by the Twin Vedic Gods of Medicines-The Ashwini kumaras.


Benefits Of Kumkumadi oil For skin

  1. Reduces Hyperpigmentation: Kumkumadi oil is a perfect solution to solve all skin-related issues. Along with increasing the glow of the skin, this Ayurvedic oil also removes many other problems. These problems include dark spots, dark circles, scars, and hyperpigmentation or freckles.
  2. Rich in Nutrients: Kumkumadi oil is made from a combination of various herbs and plant extract. It is a blend of various natural elements that are abundant in nutrients. 
  3. Fewer side effects: Being completely natural and vegan, Kumkumadi oil has fewer side effects as compared to other cosmetic products.
  4. Used as Sunscreen: Kumkumadi Tailam protects the skin from the ill effects of the sun's UV rays. Saffron and coconut oil are the base of Kumkumadi oil which acts as a protective layer on the skin and protects from the harmful effects of sun rays. According to research, saffron absorbs ultraviolet rays, therefore skin remains safe from adverse effects of the sun. 
  5. Prevents Acne and Pimples: Multiple Ayurvedic herbs are used in making Kumkumadi oil which helps to overcome the problems of the most severe types of acne that occur on the skin. These herbs make Kumkumadi oil rich in antioxidants, and anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. All these properties are very beneficial in protecting the skin from acne. Dead skin gets easily removed by massaging the face regularly with this oil. 
  6. Removes dark spots: Kumkumadi oil is helpful in lightening acne marks or injury scars, thereby brightening and evening skin tone.
  7. Shields against Sunburns: If a person has mostly outdoor work, then he/she may be prone to sunburns, especially during summers. Sunburn may cause severe burning and itching on various parts of the body that are exposed to sun rays. Kumkumadi oil is an effective solution in such cases.
  8. Glowing skin: The age-old benefits of Kumkumadi oil for glowing and lustrous skin are well known all over India. But the effects are immediate if blended with almond oil in equal quantity and used on daily basis.
  9. Promotes healthy skin: A very common use of Kumkumadi oil is in the form of a face mask or Ubtan. When used on a regular basis, getting healthy and supple skin is a cakewalk.
  10. Effective for healing skin infections: Turmeric and other herbs present in Kumkumadi oil in a perfect blend help keep skin infections at bay. It reduces the effects of skin allergies as well.
  11. Regulates skin oiliness: The oil cleanses skin and clears up the pores thereby removing excess oil and moisturizing at the same time. Therefore, it regulates skin oiliness. 
  12. Suits all skin types: Formed from mother nature, Kumkumadi oil is a one-stop solution for almost all skin-related problems. It suits all skin types ranging from extremely oily to extremely dry skin.


How to use Kumkumadi Oil?


Kumkumadi oil has miraculous benefits on every type of skin. But it is advisable to use it in a small amount for people who have naturally oily skin. It can be used as follows:


• Wash your face with soap or face wash and gently pat dry

• Take a few drops of Kumkumadi oil and apply them evenly on your face or any other affected skin area.

• Massage evenly in circular motions for up to 10 minutes.

• Leave it on for a few hours.

• In case of dry skin, it can be left on overnight for better results.

• It should be used 2-3 times a day for dry skin.

• For regular skin, Once a day is enough.

• Kumkumadi oil can also be used in a vaporizer as steam.

• By adding 10 drops in boiling water and taking steam for 5 minutes has visible effects.

• Kumkumadi oil can be used in a face mask or as an Ubtan for quick results.


What are the Side Effects of Kumkumadi Oil?


• It may cause a burning sensation if directly in contact with the eyes. If irritation persists consult a physician.

• It is a natural oil, therefore over-use on naturally oily skin may cause irritation and discomfort.

• Sensitive skin may experience an allergic reaction.

• Use in pregnancy and breastfeeding stages must be guided by an expert




Kumkumadi oil is used in India since ancient times. It is a miraculous medicine made from Saffron, Sandalwood, Coconut, and other Ayurvedic ingredients that are a gift from mother nature.


Kumkumadi oil has been used for thousands of years by Ayurveda as medicine in Panchakarma, Nasya, and Skincare. It has major benefits for almost all skin-related issues.


It has very fewer side effects as compared to other cosmetic products. Therefore, It will not be wrong if it is considered a miraculous elixir for skin care. Although consult your doctor before using it.

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