Hi guys here we have given a good Workout plan for 16 year old male to build muscle at home, so you can read this article and build good health.

As right now many of the teens are looking for workout plan for 16 year old male to get a good an easy accurate plan for free.

But the fact is if you are looking for a workout plan for teenage guys to build muscle at home or workout plan for 16 Year old male you should not trust internet articles blindly and cross check the facts with a real trainer or a health  professional.

In this article we have tried to provide you a sensible workout plan for 16 to 18 year old teenage guys to build muscle at gym or home, but we suggest you to follow it only after an advice from your doctor as every persons body needs and capability are different.

Must Know Facts Before Using Any Workout plan for 16 To 18 year old male at Home

Workout plan for 16 year old male
Workout plan for 16 year old male 

Other than following a good  workout plan for teenage guys to build muscle at home all the teenagers must know that muscle building depends mainly on diet, rest time, intensity of workout and other such important factors.

So we have discussed all the main important factors necessary to include with a nice Workout plan for 16 year old male to build muscle at home and they are ;

1. Food - food or diet is one of the most important thing in building muscle, fact is that protein rich food helps you to get good healthy muscles and complex carbs too. So always equally consume carbs and protein like 150grams protein and 300 grams carbs.

2. Workout intensity - How much time is spend at gym and how much gap one keeps between the workout will give show how much muscle they will get. In a general case any gym hunk will suggest you to hit gym 6 times week and 2 hours a day with 1 minute gap between the workout or sets and increase the weight every week, just start with small weight if you are beginner.

3. Workout routine - getting muscle depends on how much weight one lifts, More a person lift more his muscles will change within the workout routine of every 3 months. Normally it is suggest to train each body part at last once a week.

4. Water - drinking water is very important as a person needs to stay hydrated so at least drink 4 liters of water a day.

5. Sleep - It is necessary to at least sleep for 8 hours sleep per day, resting easy and sleeping good is most important while building muscle.

6. Supplement's - Supplements are defined as the most important factor while building muscle as it can give anyone quicker result. So it is good to use whey protein, BCAA, glutamine, mass gainer, multi vitamins etc but do it one doctors advice only.

Few Factors and things to avoid while using a Workout plan for 16 year old male to build muscle at home

1. Natural sugar - 5 Grams of sugar is just more than enough for per day and more consumption of sugar results in less stamina.

2. Salt - Avoid salt at any cost if you are burning fat and working out for building muscle.

3. Ego boosted lifting - Avoid lifting very heavy weights by looking at someone, if you do that then you will end up damaging and fracturing your bones and stretch marks on your skin. Start with easy pushups, good warm up, and gradually increase the weights you use.

Organizing The Training Part in Workout plan for teenage guys to build muscle at home

First task every person has to face in his journey for beginning bodybuilding is to build up a solid foundation of muscle. Later, you can try to really better shape the muscles.

But the first step in using a workout plan for teenage guys to build muscle at home is organizing your training and below are some points to help you with that -

1. First - each body part needs an exercise for 2 times a week - use a good 3 day basic split (3 days to train entire body)

2. Second - work out on each body part 3 times a week - use a 2 day basic split

3. Include Abdominals exercise in every workout, both levels

4. Train at least 6 days a week, taking the Sunday off as a healthy rest day.

Basic exercise and diet program to follow in workout plan for teenage guys to build muscle at home

This is a perfect routine workout plan for 16 Year old male 

Monday - Work on Chest & Back

Tuesday -  Work on Shoulders & Upper arms

Wednesday - Work on Thighs, Calves & lower back

Thursday - Work on Chest & Back

Friday - Work on Shoulders, Upper arms & Forearms

Saturday -  Work on your Thighs, Calves & Lower back

Work out on Abdominals every day


8 to 12 repetitions for upper body muscles

12 to 16 repetitions for the major leg muscles


You need to do at least 4 sets in order to have volume of training necessary to fully stimulate all the available muscle fiber.

First set - a warm-up set with a light weight. 15 repetitions or slightly more.

Second set - add weight so that muscle fails at about 10 to 12

Third set - Add more weights to bring the failure point down to 8 to 10 repetitions

Fourth set - For maximum strength, add enough weight so your muscles fail after only 6 repetitions (power set)

Nutrition and Diet intake to use with workout plan for teenage guys to build muscle at home ;

Protein - they are the building blocks of muscle tissues : used to build, repair and maintain muscle so you have to eat it. Source - Eggs, fish, soybeans, milk, peanuts, Broccoli

Carbs - they are the fuel for energy: body's primary and most easily available source of energy. Source- brown rice, sweet potato, banana, oats etc.

Training partner - you will also need a good training partner for first few days of your training. Choose someone who really care about your success like your dad. 

9 strength and muscle building exercises for teenagers to get quick results

Below is a healthy workout plan for teenage guys to build muscle at home with steps and precautions but remember that warming up with 10 minutes of cardio + stretching is a must. 

Also before you start  each exercise, do one set of good warm-ups without weights and one with 50% of your training weight.

Remember to regulate the intensity with the weights. During following this workout plan for teenage guys to build muscle at home, take your own time to find for each exercise the number of repetitions and the weight that are best suited to your own bodybuilding goals.

Number of repetitions : 8-12 reps per set, 3 sets

60 second break between each set.


Follow Quiet cardio or mobility exercises .

List of workout plan for teenage guys from age 14 to 18 to build muscle at home

  1. Pull ups
  2. Push ups
  3. Burpees
  4. Bodyweight rows
  5. Handstands
  6. Crawling
  7. Bulgarian squats, lunges, squats, pistols, shrimp squats.
  8. Sprinting on a flat grout OR Uphill.
  9. Core/abs exercises

And all of the basic variations of the movements listed above that you can imagine!

Best Tips to Make Workout plan for 16 year old male to build muscle Faster

Here are a couple of proven methods to help improve and quicken the workout plan for 16 year old male  :

1. Increase the time you exercise under tension - make sure to basically increase the time that you need to lower your body (the eccentric part of the base movements). So, to majorly build more muscle - increase the tension.

2. Take good pauses throughout the movements. For example, when you do a swift pull up, pause at the top of every movement for about 2–3 seconds. You can also pause at the exact middle range of the movement.

3. Perform high Volume Workouts - let’s say gym hunkies are telling you to do 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 squats. OR 100 pull ups and 150 dips. You get the idea. At the end of your each sessions, make sure that you cover a lot of reps. CAUTION: if you apply this method, 3–4 workouts per week will be absolutely enough to hit your goals.

4. Increase your rest period time - to enhance your body conditioning and relax your body so that it is able to do more work in less time required.

5. Perform super sets - Combine your pulling movement (pull ups or horizontal pull up) with a same to same push movement (dips or push ups) without any kind of rest in between. This will help you gain muscle.

How Can You Improve the Workout plan for 16 year old male Results?

To improve and increase the results of Workout plan for 16 year old male you must know that hormones are insanely powerful; in fact, if your hormones are in a perfect condition, you can actually build muscle easily! 

If you follow a nice workout plan for teenage guys to build muscle at home then it will easily aid the growth hormones which in turn will enhance the growth of muscles. So relax, get good sleep and eat healthy and it will help your cause.

Remember that the thought process was - “I’ll lift exercise hard to gain muscle, and eat less to lose fat”. This, unfortunately, does not work.

Remember to increase your daily calorie intake by 250–500 per day also you will need 1 gram protein per pound of body weight (for example if you weigh 160 pounds, that’s 160 grams of protein per day). Here are the things Dr. Robbins suggests you get your protein from…

As we told you earlier in this article eat fish, chicken and healthy protein and avoid way too much fat and salt.

So this is all about workout plan for teenage guys from age between 15 to 18 years old to build muscle at home or gym thanks for reading.

Hope you find good tips on Workout plan for 16 year old male, just do not follow or blindly trust every article on internet, get yourself a trainer or consult with a good health professional for better results.

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