Here is the best resting metabolic rate calculator made for you to so that you can know the rate at which your body burns energy being at complete rest.

We will define some of the main points explaining the importance of resting metabolic rate calculator metric, the main difference between basal metabolic rate nd resting metabolic rate and some tips on how to improve your resting metabolic rate.

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Below is our free metric resting metabolic rate calculator for you.

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Burning 500 Kcals a day, by diet modification you would lose about 1lb of weight a week.

What is the meaning of RMR?

Free Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator
Free Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator 

Resting metabolic rate (also called RMR) is the base rate at which your body burns the required energy when it is at complete rest. 

You can calculate your resting metabolic rate to see how many calories your body needs to perform basic functions like ;




body functions

Mind functions

So Resting metabolic rate calculator metric estimates the amount of calories used by a persons body to keep it alive (in rest time). 

How to Use Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator?

The Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator online are easy to use, just follow these steps :

1. Select your gender

2. Enter your height

3. Enter your weight

4. Enter your age

After confirming your submissions just click on the calculate button and your will get your results.

Metric Calculations of Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator

The calculation of Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator is based on a modified Harris-Benedict formula. 

This modification allows to sum calories that are burned during food digestion. Digestion increases your basal metabolic rate by 5-10%. 

For example, if you eat 1800 calories one day, about 90-180 of them will be used for digesting, absorbing, and storing meal nutrients.

Are Online Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator Metric Accurate?

No the Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator present online just gives you an estimate of your RMR and they are not accurate.

Because RMR is a very complex calculation, even for medical (especially sports medicine) professionals. 

It involves knowing accurately your main basal temperature, your basic basal O2 saturation ( how much oxygen is in your blood under no stress), your fat/muscle/bone ratio (accurately measured only under water!) , as well as your height, weight, and age. 

If all you have is height, weight, and age, the RMR results can always fluctuate. 

The best way is to find your exact RMR is via getting in contact with a good doctor.

Difference between RMR and BMR

While the Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator can be used by  all as the basal metabolic calculator still there is difference in them.

Both the terms BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) and RMR (Rest Metabolic Rate) seems to be same by their definition.

But the basic difference between these two are the initial basic conditions of Subject (person of which BMR and RMR is being measured) and function includes in RMR additional to functions consider in BMR.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the amount of energy required by a person to keep his/her body in basic functioning at complete rest. 

These functions are respiration, blood circulation and cell growth. RMR in addition to above functions also includes digestion function.

In BMR, subject should not eat or drink anything before 12 hours to test. But in RMR subject can eat i.e he/she need not to do fast.

In BMR, suject should sleep 8 hours and upon waking only reading will be recorded. While sleeping condition is not applicable in case of RMR.

BMR can measured in testing facility only, while RMR can be measured anywhere, of course rest to subject is necessary.

BMR is always slightly higher than RMR.

Symptoms of Low Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator Metric

If you get a lower result in out Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator metric then you can be going through the below symptom's :

1. Unexpected Weight Gain

Often the most prominent sign of low metabolism is unexpected weight gain, even when you are eating well, exercising regularly. It can be due to hypothyroidism that slows down the metabolic rate.

2. Fatigue

If even after getting a sound sleep you wake up feeling tired the whole day, your metabolism could be the culprit.

3. Dry Skin/Brittle Nail/Hair Fall

Slow metabolism leads to dry skin, brittle nails and hair fall because your body fails to utilize the micronutrients in the food you eat.

4. Constant Headache

Slow metabolism due to underactive thyroid glands can trigger frequent attacks of a headache or a constant pain in your head or even a migraine.

5. Depression

Your gut health is largely responsible for your mood and mental health, and your metabolism largely impacts your gut. Moreover, a slow metabolic rate slows down bodily functions including the brain’s and the result could leave you feeling depressed.

6. Sugar Cravings

If you constantly crave for sugar and carbohydrates then it could be insulin resistance in play which in turn slowdowns your metabolism.

7. Constipation

Due to low metabolic rate, food takes time to process.

Causes of Low Resting Metabolic rate

The main causes of low RMR can be :


bad eating habits

bad lifestyle

very little physical activity



being workaholic and getting no rest

Remedies to Improve Low Resting Metabolic rate

The basic remedies that you can follow to improve your RMR can be :

Eating Healthy

Following proper diet



Doing Yoga

Doing Breating exercise to increse the blood flow

Avoiding Alcohol and smoking

These are some of the most basic activities that can help you improve your resting metabolic rate but you should always consult your doctor if you feel any serious problems.

Thanks for using our Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator.

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