Here is a perfect weight loss calorie calculator goal date that will help you plan your weight loss and loose weight by healthy means.

Weight loss has been a very serious goal that many look to follow but fail due to poor planning and execution that is why we have built this weight loss calorie calculator for you.

We will give you the best weight loss plan that will help you loose some weight and motivate you.

Use Weight loss calorie calculator goal date

Best Weight loss Calorie Calculator
Best Weight loss Calorie Calculator

Use the below Weight loss calorie calculator goal date by filling up the question boxes as per your daily activity and your information.

Then our algorithm will give you answers that will help you plan weight loss better.


  • Your Gender
  • Age (Years)
  • Your weight (lbs)
  • Your Height (inches)
  • Your Activity level (PAL)


  • Your body needs at rest during a typical day
  • Calories burned during a typical dayBased on your activity level (PAL)
  • Your body should lose (per day) approx.
  • Your BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Your weight category
If you lose 500 Kcals a day, you would lose about 1lb of weight a week.
BMI Formula = [Weight (lbs) / Height (inches)²] x 703 or Weight (kg) / Height (m) 2.

This is an extreme weight loss calculator made for you.

Use of Weight loss calorie calculator

Weight loss calorie calculator main use is to help you plan your fitness journey.

lets say 1 lbs = 3500 cal

An Average healthy calorie intake a day is ~ 2000

First just try to roughly calculate your daily calorie intake by writing down what you eat and drink and the amount. This will just give you an idea, it won’t be an apporx number.

Than decide on the thought of how many lbs you want to lose and in how long. Please just be realistic when making the fat loss decision. 

Start with eliminating around 300–500 calories per day for a certain period of time and you will see the results in our Weight loss calorie calculator goal date .

Choose healthy, free unprocessed foods. Avoid sugars and junk food. Be highly active and drink plenty of water.


I you want to lose 5 lbs in a healthy way and your average daily calorie intake is let’s say 2000. By eliminating around 500cal daily from your food intake and beverage intake it will take you around 5 weeks to lose the 5 lbs ( 1lbs per week).

Is this Weight loss calorie calculator goal date setter free?

We have made this Weight loss calorie calculator goal date and weight loss planner for free to use so that you can have your plan without any fail.

The best way that you can loose your weight fast is by better planning and better execution.

Health industry has many products and stuff that claim to help you with your weight loss but the fact is that you need to do the hard work of shrouding the extra fat on your body by eating healthy and exercising.

Planning Your diet with the help of Weight loss calorie calculator goal date

Planning your diet and doing better exercise is the way to go, so use our Weight loss calorie calculator goal date for free and plan better.

Get this straight we all need good Carbs, proteins, fats and the fact is that we need everything in appropriate portion. 

Portion control is the best way to cover up around 60 to 70 percent of your weight control that you can plan by checking your weight and bmi and other facts with our weight loss calorie calculator goal date.

Rest 30 percent weight control has to be done by exercises. Gym is non sense if your aim is to only lose the fat as you can do yoga and basic exercise at home. You spend 1000s of bucks in gym which is actually of no use.

Best Suggestions for Weight control

Best suggestions for weight control that are very precise and easy to do so that you get good results in Weight loss Calorie Calculator Goal Date.

Intermittent fasting worth 16:8 type with portion control is must during between the 8 hours of eating. 
Follow HIIT workout on playground for just half hour everyday.
Drink lukewarm water every time you feel thirsty.
Ditch all types of grains for some time and stuff pizza and alcohol at least till you achieve your weigh loss target. Later on, plan your habits accordingly to maintain the weight you think is appropriate for you.
Fruits, cucumbers, carrots, radishes, onions, tomatoes, lemon juice just have these whenever you like..
Follow the rule of Less salt and less sugar. Replace sea salt with healthy pink one and sugar should be avoided at any cost as much as you can.
Monitor your weight every morning with out weight loss calorie calculator goal date.

That's it.

Never aim to lose weight more than that of 1kg in any week. We all read posts where people say they are losing 20 kgs in 2 months and 15 kgs in 1 month. Please just avoid that. 

Slowly and steadily achieve your goals as weight loss needs time. Let the journey be  slow as losing 20kgs in 6–8 months time period is better and healthier compared to losing more than 20 kgs in 2–3 months.

Diet Plan that Works with our Weight loss calorie calculator goal date

Below is a basic diet plan that will work best with Weight loss calorie calculator goal date, but consult your nutritionist or doctor before using this.

Start watching your habits and get enrolled into to a basic mediation yoga class in your locality and just drink 4 litres of water without fail. Below is your diet chart:

Wake up and drink 2 glass of water. Have healthy fruit within 15 mins of waking up.
At around 8:30 am have a wholesome home cooked breakfast.
8:40 am 2 glasses of water.
10:00am a bowl of curd.
11:00 am drink water.
11:30 am any kind of dry fruits of your own choice.,
12:30 pm proper lunch : home cooked food
12:45 pm have  3 glasses of water.
2:30pm an apple
3:00 pm drink water
4:00 pm tea or coffee ( try adding honey instead of sugar)
5:30 pm one Banana
6:00 pm drink water
6:30 to 7:30 Go for a jog
7:30 or 8:00 Have some healthy home cooked dinner.

Make sure you eat every 2 hours and drank 4 liters of water.

Do early morning and went and jogging in the evening. You can make your own chart keeping in mind the 2 hours rule but just watch what you are eating.

Consult your doctor before following any kind of health advice on dr google.

Check out the banana calories.

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