Dorayaki calories count is 195 with and the break down of these calories gives you 38 grams carbs, 2 grams fat and 4 grams protein.

So as we have listed the net count of Dorayaki Calories we are gonna discuss its overall nutritional facts and its overall health benefits. 

Nutritional facts and details of dorayaki calories

Dorayaki Calories facts
Dorayaki calories

One serving of dorayaki gives 195-200 calories, so let us look at its nutritional table.

Dorayaki Calories count 195 gives nutritional value of :

• Total fat content of 1.0 g, Saturated fat of of 0.3 g, polyunsaturated fat of 0.2 g and monounsaturated fat total of 0.3 g and cholesterol total of – 37.4 g

• Sodium value of 602 mg and the potassium value of 20.7 mg. 

• Total carbohydrate value worth 37.5 g, with Dietary fiber value of 5.4 g and the sugar content is 15.0 g; remaining being other basic carbohydrate components.

• Total protein content is 4 g.

What is Dorayaki?

The dorayaki calories we get from dorayaki is perhaps one of the most well known and popular Japanese dessert dish. 

It is traditionally made of two very small round pancakes, sandwiched together by tasty red bean paste.

The red bean paste is responsible for most of the nutrition in dorayaki calories.

Types of Dorayaki Calories

Here is the list of dorayaki calories in different types of dorayaki :

We are gonna look at all the various types of dorayaki calories.

Dorayaki Lemon  Calories: 302  •Carbs: 44g •Fat: 11g •Protein: 3g

Dorayaki Butter, 1 piece Calories: 345 •Carbs: 42g •Fat: 12g •Protein: 4g

Dorayaki Yamazaki, 100 g Calories: 263 •Carbs: 54g •Fat: 2g •Protein: 6g

Hime Dorayaki, 24 g Calories: 62 •Carbs: 12g •Fat: 2g •Protein: 2g

Dorayaki Marukyo, 1 packaged cake Calories: 212 •Carbs: 36g •Fat: 2g •Protein: 5g

Nutritive Benefits Of Dorayaki Calories

Here are the benefits of Dorayaki Calories :


1. Red bean paste used in dorayaki makes it very rich in protein as well as it has soluble fibre promotes weight loss. It reduces LDL also.

2. As Dorayaki Calories have magnesium, potassium, and low-sodium content it that helps us to reduce the blood pressure. 

3. Other important nutrients we get from these calories are B vitamins, iron, zinc and copper. 

4. The read beans are low in fat content. 

5. Dorayaki Calories also provide us with complete protein in combination with those amino acids present in wheat. 

So this is all about dorayaki calories.

Check other facts about dorayaki calories at wiki.

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