love calculator prank
love calculator prank

Check out this cool love calculator prank that is made for you so that you can have a fun time with your friends and family members.

Our calculator is designed to make you laugh and give you a good time experience with your loved ones as being happy is being healthy.

Use Percentage Love Calculator Prank Below

Below is the answer that will make you laugh so just smile and play.

Love Calculator Prank Score

Please enter names below :

Your Name

Lover's Name

Love Calculator Prank 3 Names Game

You can Play with two of your friends deciding which one is better on the compatible scale with you in a fun way.

This is just to generate laugh so do not take the results seriously.

This is different from a link generation game.

Using Love Calculator Prank 

Whenever you are stressed or in a tense mood you can just use this love calculator prank type your name and other person name and create a prank answer of your relationship status and share it with them to have fun.

As now a days every one is always in a bit of stress and playing a game of love prank can lighten their mood and can give them a smile, so use it for that.

You can use this love calculator Prank on :

1. Your friends

2. Your Family member's

3. Your Office Colleagues

Benefits of Using Love Calculator Prank

The main purpose of any prank is to make fun of friends and family to have a laugh together, so use this love calculator prank to make everyone around you happy in a fun way.

The best benefits of using this calculator are :

1. It helps you stay positive

2. It helps you create a strong bond with friends and family

3. It helps you laugh

4. It relaxes your mind

Our prank script is an easy to execute script and it does not takes in your email and other info like other scripts.

Although if you want you can get the main script from you can try out scripts like github.

Does this love calculator prank really works?

Well no website can give you accurate answers as it is a fun prank, so this calculator is also not accurate like all the others present on internet.

As most of these prank sites use css and js files to execute the codes and give you an answer and hence you play it as a prank on your friends as it does not gives you an accurate answer.

Our is a kind of astrology love calculator Prank that gives you funny compatibility results based in the direction of stars.

How to delete love calculator prank results?

The sites which take your mail id to give you the prank results can use your mail id to gather personal information also the results of these sites can be annoying so to delete the results follow the below 4 steps :

1. Open your mail account.

2. Compose a mail saying you want to delete your info from the database of the prank site

3. Send the mail to the account mention on the prank website you used.

4. Or just use a fake account and use the website in incognito mode.

The best way to avoid such scam sites is to use our calculator which is absolutely free and doesn't requires your email.

Doing Fun Loving activity is good for health and that is why we have added this fun calculator for you.

Check out our BMI calculator.


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