Here are some nutritional facts of Hey yalls calories, hey y'all calories sweetened and other variants of hey yalls, so read and learn.

Hey yalls drink serving size 341 ml contains 180 calories, carbohydrate 19g, fats 2g, Proteins 0g

Hey yalls Calories Facts

Hey yalls calories Facts and Benefits For You
Hey yalls calories Facts and Benefits For You

Hey yalls calories count is 180 in 341 ml.

So the Hey Yalls calories nutritional facts for 341 ml are defined below :

  • Calories: 180 
  • Carbs: 19g 
  • Fat: 2g 
  • Protein: 0g

What is Hey Yall?

Hey Yall is a kind of hard iced tea or a brewed black tea vodka, Hey Yall is generally sweetened and good to taste.

Hey Y’all calories in its Brewed Black Tea Vodka offers fans a sip that provided them  35% alcohol hard bar experience.


Hey yalls calories are made with all-natural ingredients and real black tea, Hey yalls calories black tea flavoured vodka gives the alcohol lovers a wonderful hard bar experience.


So Hey Y'alls  are actually hard iced teas consumed highly in Canada, these teas are vodka-based drinks. In other areas, Hey Y'alls are made by using flavored malt.

Taste of Hey Yalls Calories

Hey y'all calories sweetened form provides the customer a sweet cold hard iced tea taste with a pinch of vodka feel in it.

The taste of hey yalls drink provides a satisfaction feeling to its customers in the month of hot summer.

There are also other unsweetened varieties of Hey yall and they are :

1. Classic dry tea finish.
2. Fresh Georgia Peach.

3. Fresh Georgia Peach. Perfect for the beach or the ballpark.

4. Carolina watermelon iced tea 

5. Raspberry iced tea

6. Southern Mint iced tea 

So this is all about Hey Yalls calories and nutritional facts that we have to tell you about, if you feel like to add something just comment below.

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