Here is the list of top 5 best health and fitness apps for you so check out these best android health and fitness apps right now.

Using Health Apps A good Way To Track health

best health and fitness apps
Best health and fitness apps

In the Covid-19 epidemic, one of the most difficult tasks is to maintain proper nutrition and stay healthy. But with a busy schedule of your office work, business, and other work is not always possible.

But no need to worry about that, solid Android apps can help as these are best health and fitness apps.

There are millions of android apps besides business, production, and financial, social and health apps.

But it's not that easy, though. There are many Android health and fitness apps, but very few Android fitness apps. Avoid downloading the trash and our list of recommended options, including those for running, cycling, sleep monitoring, exercise and Pilates.

We have developed these apps based on their vision to help people live healthier lives in many ways. By selecting these apps, we have considered other factors such as user ratings, accessibility, accessibility, format, performance, and compliance with a healthy lifestyle and the needs of a living community.

Check out the below List of Android health apps and best health and fitness apps for you to use right now.

See list.

1. Practo - Your Health App the best health and fitness app

In anticipation of the 2014 mobile conference, Franco voted as the best health app. New version integrated with Uber cab - Get an Uber cab directly from your doctor. Practo is an award-winning healthcare program, with the help of the Practo app you can find doctors, clinics, spas, gyms, or diagnostic labs easily and book quick appointments too. 

Apart from this, you can ask free health questions from doctors at Practo Consult, customize your Practo Health Feed, or order medication online.

Features: -

Find a doctor based on location, diagnosis, symptoms, or specific treatment options.

See all information such as qualifications, consultation fees and other patient updates.

Search diagnostic labs based on necessary tests such as blood tests, MRI, thyroid, etc.

Read special health articles and tips included by health professionals in the Practo Health Feed.

Keep your favorite doctors and appointments.

This is one of the best best health and fitness apps for android and Iphone users.

2. Google Fit - Fitness Fitness the best free health and fitness app for android

Google has its own Android health and fitness apps, a “Google fit” fully integrated with android and android wear.

Weight, heartbeat, and performance (like running, circling or walking) are automatically entered into google fit. Set your daily goals according to steps, time, distance, calories burned. Get personalized recommendations and career goals training.

Features: -

Real-time tracking of your travels running, and cycling

Push-up, sit-up, and squat to get and train from your Android Wear watch

Nutritional integration and sleep app

Customized understanding and training

This is one of the best free health and fitness apps for android

3. Nike + Running best men's health and fitness apps

The Nike + Running App tracks your track records and helps you reach your goals - whether you're running your first race, or setting a new personal record. From first-time runners to marathon runners, you will find the pace and motivation you need to run faster and faster than ever before.

Features: -

Track your progress easily

Stay Motivated

Compare And Competition

Guidance and Training

4. Runkeeper - GPS Track Run Walk

Runkeeper is another popular fitness app in the Google Play Store and is highly rated and trusted by 45 million users. You can track your running, walking, cycling, performance training, and all other exercise activities using GPS on your Android phone.

Features: -

Use your Android Wear smartwatch to track all the statistics, right on your wrist!

Find and follow Run / Walk training programs as a beginner

See your entire training calendar directly in the running app, and be trained in individual exercises while working with audio signals

Its one of the best health and fitness apps.

5. Doctor on Demand: MD & Therapy

Great app for all mothers / caregivers to take care of their babies! This app helps to deal with minor infections, cough / cold / allergies / flu, children's questions, and emotional health concerns.

Features: -

Mothers or caregivers can easily meet with childcare professionals, lactation consultation, or Part-Partum health issues.

Doctors focus on your care, without interruption or distraction.

MDs and board-certified specialists only here.

Hope you like this list of best health and fitness apps and you use these super awesome best health and fitness apps for tracking your health.

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