Here are 15 best life changing books that you can try reading and learn some good things to be successful in your life.

15 Best Books that are able to change your life in a story of success

15 Awesome Best Life Changing Books For You
15 Awesome Best Life Changing Books For You

All the successful people do say that best life changing books are portable magic and the main reason that they are enjoying great success in life. Its true as best life changing books transform you from an altering ordinary, demotivated soul to an extravagant successful fighter.

Best life changing books are in general a sanctuary for every individual out there with a spontaneous brainy imagination; Books are mans friends in the loneliest of times and they are teachers.

Best life changing books are proof that time travel does exist because a book enables the voice of the writer to escape the shackles of time and speak out to the reader through its pages.

Here we have listed some of most must read best life changing books of all time, for you, so read these best life changing books to get success.

Want to know what are the top picks so far for best books of all time? Scroll below:

Must Read best life changing books of 2021:

We’ve made a list of top 15 best life changing books of all time.

1. The 4 hour work week.


This is one of the best life changing books and is must read for those people who are looking to make some good amount of money to afford the luxurious lifestyle they want in their life.

Have you been thinking that it would take your whole life to make a million dollars?

That’s not the case:

The book chronicles the techniques of how Tim, the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, managed to jump from earning $40,000 annually to earning the sum in a month! The best part is, the book is about so much more than just making money: it’ll help you rethink your lifestyle and will enable you to make your entire life so much more productive!

Review – ( Must read best life changing books ):

The 4-Hour Work Week has been appreciated for its valor and individualism and while Tim Ferris has his critics, the book has managed to change lives. Josh Steimle has publicly announced his love for the book on Forbes and goes on to say that it saved him from working 90 days a week!


✅ Empowers all tits readers to dream irrespective of capital money they have

✅ Helps people explore unconventional ways

✅ A highly motivating book based on personal experience; easy to believe


❌Persuades all the books reader towards ditching 9-5; something that’s not actually possible

❌Does not provides any mental health options when suggesting new startup businesses

❌Does not mention the overall harsh business risks involved

2. Good to Great: Why some companies make the leap…and others don’t


This book is actually one of the best life changing books to enjoy reading, known to open closed doors for those who are struggling to make the necessary leap and add a little extra mass to their very ordinary life and become actually extraordinary; it has proven to generate a lot of revenue.

The best to the best is written and based on a lot of research and carries careful business evaluation and basic real-life assessments.

The author of "Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make Over… and Others Do Not", Jim Collins, was curious about the factors that keep a company going. Good to Great was built on the basis of his hard work and the results of his discoveries; which makes the book even more impressive.

This good and must read book has empowered six companies to leap from good to great! The book lists six ingredients from the best to the greatest they need. They will definitely change your life.

Review Updates:

Many reviewers talked about the impact the book had on his life while writing his Campaign Blog and talked about how he would weigh it as the top three business books of all time.

He went to answer a question about what he had taken from the book, “I took it from him to focus on important skills and not be distracted by other things.”

He evaluates it as one of the best books of all time and goes on to say that it should be included in every section written in business books and self-help books because it has really helped him.


✅ Helps you learn the skills to deal with people from corporate world

✅ Motivate entrepreneurs towards valid conversation

✅ Covers a broad spectrum of management practices


❌ Does not cover anything other than management

❌ Too long to read the same content over and over

❌ Slight theoretical; less motivational

3. Think and grow rich


This book “Think & Grow Rich” is a good addition to best life changing books for you as it is Napoleon Hill’s very first published version in 1937. This book has managed to carry out the basic wisdom of two-decades-long research which has been in general conducted by an old and wise man who wanted to know the real key to success.

You may be wondering, what exactly has the author published in this book?

Well after many hardships, he became successful and proposed the thirteen steps to success and the seventeen main principles of success.


Several well-educated people continue to say that this book was life-changing and that it was real and beautiful. This book has been able to change the lives of several high profile celebrities and there is so much for everyone to learn from!

The book received many positive reviews on Reddit and is rated as one of the most widely read pieces of the 21st century.


✅ This book motivates its reader to become proficient in disciplines like Specialized Knowledge, Decision Making, Imagination, Organized Planning, and teamwork.

✅Being one of the business world’s favorite books, the book can be purchased in only in $ 3.29 at Amazon


❌ It can be said that the book is lengthy to the point of being extreme

❌Its language may be classified as difficult for non-native readers.

4. Built to last: Successful habits for visionary companies


This book is a comprehensive framework: a program that can be used by managers and entrepreneurs at all levels, who want to make their ideas prosperous in the present and in the future. I think the cost of a book is a small amount of money compared to the great information one would get about this book.

The letter was written at a time when no business was booming for more than eight years.

Review Update:

Several people left their reviews by reading a good article about Build to Last, and one such review states, “The final construction is a moving book, which left me shocked at how the author managed to find such a point in '94. ”


✅ This best life changing book provides practical implications to succeed

✅ A valid framework, an action plan, and influential language

✅ It helps in provoking and generating a call of action inside a person.


❌ It's actually excessively lengthy

❌It's being very much implementable to certain businesses and may include measures which may become boring and outdated in the next 5 years following due to rapid globalization.

5. The richest man in Babylon


This book is unique in its writing and inner wealth creation design. Based on the stories of ancient peoples, it contains fascinating legends of merchants, tradesmen, and shepherds and keeps one on their toes and faithful. The richest man in Babylon records all the lessons one must have in his hands to save a lot of what he earns, to get out of debt, to invest in the right businesses, to attract luck, to choose wise investments, and to protect lasting wealth.

The most interesting aspect of this book is its connection with history; how to prove that life is an endless, repetitive concept, and that human nature remains the same despite the past.

The writer compares the later times to the Babylonians who were the first to discover and use prosperity.


Several well-educated people continue to give many positive reviews about the book, and while many go on to say that the book was real and simple, it has provided the most important lessons: save your money, be wise while choosing and move on!


✅ Based on real stories

✅ Perfectly connects past world to modern era practices

✅ Considers the risk factors involved


❌ Part of it seems like fiction

❌ The story involves too many characters making it difficult to link

❌ Success in the book is measured only through money

6. Grit: The power of passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth


Pioneer psychologist Angela Duckworth introduces the concept of "grit", which she says is a special combination of love and persistence.

Wondering what the main lesson is?

This book makes entrepreneurs realize that grit actually acts as an enzyme on the path to technology. Angela proves her ‘grit’ vision by telling the success stories of different people in different contexts. This is a great process to motivate and keep the book interesting by making you think;

Why any effort you make in the end doubles your goal and how a lifelong interest is rekindled.

Review Update:

Dustin Flanary talks about Angela Duckworth's Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance and notes that one of the best things he has shown in his book is that hardships lead people to flourish in ways that ineffective comfort.

Making it one of the top spots in the non-fictional program we’ve compiled, is certainly one of the best books of 2019, and raises the most read-by-section category!


✅ Connects success to the science of thinking and perceiving

✅ Every claim is backed by logical justification

✅ Stresses on the role of cognitive thinking


❌ The language used for explanation is difficult to understand

❌ The book is only motivational with no action plan

❌ At times, very irrelevant and casual stuff is written

7. You are a Badass: How to stop Doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life


You are a badass worth reading in 2019 because of its refreshing and repetitive content. The author, Jen Sincero, has edited 27 chapters which is a complete package.

So, what's the big deal about a book called slang?

Encouraging stories, wise advice, simple exercises, and occasional insults, this book helps a person to identify and change harmful beliefs and behaviors that prevent them from getting what they want. It empowers a person to create the life they want and empowers them to build it NOW.

Review Updates:

Several people shared their book enthusiasm for good reading and some went on to say things like; “Does it kick you like a badass, really? It makes you a man! You are no longer the same after you go through it. ”

Making it one of the top places in the list of untrue programs we have created, is certainly one of the pieces to read.


✅ The book is very engaging

✅ The tone of the author is friendly and good enough to connect

✅ The book has complete action plan rather than advice's

✅ It is all about the recent era


❌ It doesn’t have anything for people who are working on outdated technologies

❌ It tells people to do what they love irrespective of gauging the scope of the project

❌ Does not appreciate people as they are

8. Screw it, Let’s do it! By Richard Branson


Screw it, Let's do it! in one of Richard Branson's favorite quotes and in a book he wrote, given the same name, he writes the life lessons he learned while running a successful business and trying to measure his private life along the way.

He points out, however, that while criticism can be crippling and sometimes lead to decision-making, trying, over and over again, is the only way one can achieve greatness. He urges his students to do only what they love.


People on internet were saying a lot about "Screw it, Let's do it!" and most of everyone had good reviews;

Internet is famous for highlighting great things so if I were you I would look at this on my list that I should have had.

Some reader pointed out that it is important for people to stop complaining to God about what they do not have and start thanking them for the resources and things they have been given instead.

Making it the top of the most unreadable books, is certainly one of the best books of 2019.


✅ The book is globally praised.

✅ It has humorous language and the engaging content.


❌ In this book Richard has managed to ignore several real-world issues.

9. To kill a MockingBird


What better way to control your wanderings than to enjoy Harper Lee's, To Kill a Mockingbird.

The plot puts your mind into chaos, the story allows you to see things from the perspective of a young girl, coming of age in the South. He lives with his father, who is a lawyer, who puts everything at risk to protect a black man who is accused of innocence.

More than a million copies of this book have been sold and are still on sale!

Review Update:

Killing the Mockingbird is the best-selling in the world and has also been approved by the US education board as a textbook for elementary school students. Several people at Goodreads left bright and promising ideas, one of which was,



✅ Covers topics like racial injustice

✅ Breaks the barriers of an ideal conventional expected story plot

✅ Connects to the characters while maintaining the interest level

✅ Promotes tolerance among readers


❌ Use of racial epithets go too far

❌ Invites segmented readers; the author has partial opinions

❌ Portrayed only the negative side of USA

10. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


Paulo Coelho is one of the most famous writers of our time. Almost all of his work is glorious, but nothing has hit the Alchemist yet. This mysterious novel takes its readers on a magical journey following Santiago, students are known to discover themselves while enjoying this work of art.

Review Update:

People have been fans of The Alchemist since its release, several readers at Good read continue to say good things about it.

One such gentleman said,



✅ Over all Lessons evolve from the simplicity of life making it easier to adopt

✅ Gives overall Stress on identifying one’s true self

✅ It Does not glorify nationalities, money and material belongings


❌ The story has become slightly outdated in comparison to the recent era

11. The Book Thief: Enhanced Movie Tie Edition


Markus Zusak has written some of the most inspiring books. Book thief is another example, books will change your outlook on life and you will never be able to put you down!

The story is very interesting and set in 1939, the Nazi era during the War.

The main character Liesel Meminger lives outside of Munich and is a successive thief of books!

He shares stolen books with his foster father and nearby residents during a bomb blast in his town.

The story is one of the most fascinating books ever written and piled up with sites and punishment to keep a student imprisoned.


People have been crazy about this book since it came out in 2005. Today thousands of copies have been printed and read.

Shannon in the Good read went on to say;


As a fan favorite, it has earned its place on our 2019 list!


✅ This good book emphasizes helping people with knowledge

✅ Sentences are well structured; short and precise

✅ This book in general Recreates the era of Nazis in a light manner


❌It badly Promotes the concept of robbery

❌ It is basically a religion-oriented book

12. And Then There Were None By Angatha Christie


"And then there were none" one of the best mysterious books ever written. The story involves dozens of main characters all heading to a mysterious place called Indian Island. They were invited by Mr. or Mrs. U.N. Owen, or Mrs. Constance Culmington. Gradually everyone begins to die, and more importantly, the killer is one of them.

Review Update:

Janet Lingel Aldrich talks about loving all of Agatha Christe’s books but always finding “then nothing” is very interesting in re-reading.


✅ This book captures enthralling facts

✅ Agatha Christie is by far the best thriller writer to have ever lived


❌The book is considered a  superb classic

❌Language is a bit difficult to understand

❌ It tells the story of people living in more cultured times than ours

13. A Case Of exploding Mangoes By Muhammad Hanif


One of the best novels ever written, The case of the mango explosion, tells the story of a plane crash that killed General Zia-ul-Haq, former President of Pakistan. It is revered all over the world and is a thing of the past.

Review Update:

In his full review, Chandak Sengoopta goes on to say that while the book examines all critical historical characters with great pleasure, it still manages to bring to an end the real life and the sad but true meaning of the events that took place at that time, making it worth reading.

Making it one of the most popular books in the fairy tale category!


✅The book is very humorous

✅ It is definitely worth your time and easy to read!


❌People who don’t enjoy historical fictions aren’t going to enjoy this book

❌It has been said by critics that the novel fails to build tension and then finishes it all too quickly leaving the reader feeling deflated

14. IT, By Stephen King


One of the best novels ever written, The case of the mango explosion, tells the story of a plane crash that killed General Zia-ul-Haq, former President of Pakistan. It is revered all over the world and is a thing of the past.

Review Update:

In his full review, Chandak Sengoopta goes on to say that while the book examines all critical historical characters with great pleasure, it still manages to bring to an end the real life and the sad but true meaning of the events that took place at that time, making it worth reading.

Making it one of the most popular books in the fairy tale category!


✅ The overall story is beautifully written and scary

✅ Stephen King manages to scare us and highlight real-life issues at the same time!


❌ People are actually not sure whether the movie adaptations of the book have done it justice or have managed to ruin the overall series.

15. “Will Grayson, Will Grayson” By John Green And David Levithan


Will Grayson, Will Grayson is a unique and well-written story that follows two equal boys, who share the same name but live a different life and have their own demons to conquer. Their paths fall into what can only be called a miracle and they are able to help each other find their way.

Review Update:

The Guardian writers love Will Grayson, Will Grayson and have a lot of good things to say;

“Actually, it was a book I never thought I would love. But my love for John Green drew me to it, and I would leave it untouched in my bag for the holidays until I had no books left over, and I fell in love with it later! ”

Making it one of the most popular books in the fairy tale category!


✅ The book is a worth your time

✅ It is very short and easy to read and understand

✅ It deals with all the basic real-world issues like most of John Green’s books do.


❌ All the hating Critics of John Green say that Will Grayson, Will Grayson is just another one of his books written on the model of the other book of John Green’s Let it snow

So above are the 15 best life changing books that one should read and must have it, although there are many other best life changing books that we will keep on adding to this article or our blog.

Thank you :)

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