Here is the meaning of Comprehensive eye care explained for you, so read and learn about the basics of comprehensive eye care.

What is meaning and use of comprehensive eye care?

What is comprehensive eye care?
What is comprehensive eye care?

Comprehensive eye care aims to provide people with access to eye care services that meet their needs at all stages of life. 

This includes not only prevention and treatment but also vision modification. EYE-Q provides comprehensive eye care treatment for patients with visual impairment including retardation, retinal detachment or vision loss.

Complete eye care is provided for people who are far-sighted, visionary, with astigmatism or presbyopia (as well as those who may have an eye-related medical condition, who need cataract surgery, or other forms of advanced surgical care).

Services provided in Comprehensive eye care

Comprehensive eye care services include eye health promotion, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all relevant eye diseases and rehabilitation of those with incurable blindness as well low opinion, according to recommendations and guidelines based on evidence as well resources available.

A complete comprehensive eye care program is one that offers the services listed above in contrast groups (age, gender, location, genetics, etc.). Requires development and maintenance of infrastructure, training and professional use of staff at all levels, (optometrists, ophthalmologists, intermediate staff, specialists, etc.) to monitor and evaluate performance and directed performance research.

Comprehensive Eye care Vs Vision Screening

Special equipment and procedures, which are not available as part of the vision test, are required to adequately monitor the eyes and eyes.

Only an optometry surgeon or ophthalmologist can fully examine the eye and the eyes. Those doctors have the special training needed to make a clear diagnosis and to provide treatment.

Complete Comprehensive eye care adult eye examinations include:

Patient and family health history.

Measurement of visual acuity.

Preliminary assessments of visual acuity and eye health, including in-depth comprehension, color vision, case view (side) and students' response to light.

A test of resistance status to detect the presence of near vision, distant vision or astigmatism.

Examination of eye focus, eye contact and eye movement strength.

Eye health check-ups.

Additional tests as required.

Opinion testing systems cannot replace conventional visionary care. Children or adults who pass vision tests may have eye or vision health problems. A thorough eye examination is the only effective way to confirm or rule out any eye disease or vision problem.

Building blocks of Comprehensive eye care systems

Comprehensive eye care program based on six building blocks:

1. Comprehensive eye care services that deliver effective, safe, high quality interventions (including prevention, diagnosis, management and rehabilitation) in those that need them, when and where they are needed, with minimal waste of resources, too with continuous care at all levels of care, settings, and providers.

2. Reorganization of eye health workers towards additional long-term care and support with the skills and knowledge required to adopt a patient-centered approach as well with training to help patients develop self-regulation strategies and adhere to long-term word management methods. (This is especially important when managing diseases such as diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma, in which patients need lifelong adherence treatment and follow-up.)

3.  Leadership and administration to strengthen the protection of blindness across the country policies and programs and ensuring that they are included in national health plans as well comprehensive development frameworks and strong links across government, intermediate different providers also between medical care and social services.

5. Financial health plan, which raises sufficient eye health funding, in various ways which ensures that patients with eye conditions do not suffer from trauma costs due to chronic illness and extended treatment, and increasing insurance schemes to cover the costs associated with treatment and drug costs.

6.Eye health information system, which ensures production, analysis, the dissemination and use of reliable and timely information for eye health decisions, the state of eye health and the functioning of the eye health system. Equitable access to essential medical products and guaranteed quality technology, safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Applying basics of comprehensive eye care for your own eye care

It is usually overlooked but the daily activities we do affect our eye health in some way. Here are some practical tips you can follow to maintain good eye health with some comprehensive eye care tips:

1) Avoid rubbing your eyes when something comes in

If an outside object such as dust or a branch gets inside your eye, wash it with cold water instead of rubbing it. If it does not come out or cause severe pain, visit an eye doctor as it can scratch the cornea and lead to damage to the corneal. Disha Eye Hospital, one of the leading eye hospitals in Kolkata, has a team of eye specialists who can assist you in this regard.

2) Wear UV protection sunglasses when outdoors

UV (ultraviolet) rays in sunlight have harmful effects on the eyes. Whenever you spend time in the sun, be sure to wear sunglasses with UVA and UVB.

3) Wear safety goggles in the workshop

Your eyes are prone to injury as a result of flying debris while working in a workshop. Make sure you always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes.

Use these 3 very simple and comprehensive eye care tips for the care of your own eyes.

Preventive eye care comprehensive eye care tips

As comprehensive eye care also includes prevention of your eyes safety, here are some of the most basic preventive comprehensive eye care tips for you.

You take good care of your body, so why not pay attention to the health of your eye? When you think about life your eyes should not be a one-day affair but a full-time routine that should include cleansing and rubbing.

However, these are not just two things you need to do to keep your eyes peeled, and there are numbers to follow. Here is a practical guide that my 91203 eye doctor suggested when I last saw him in the form of my dry eyes.

You too can follow the below preventive comprehensive eye care tips -

  1. Know What to Eat - What you eat plays a big role in how the eyes work over the years, so make sure you eat healthy. Look at what your eyes really need in terms of vitamins and make sure you take supplements if you think you are lacking somewhere.
  2. Stop Smoking - Yes, your lungs are affected but your eyes are also affected. Smoking weakens the body and affects your eyes - you may not notice it immediately but you will be convinced.
  3. Take Vacations - People have a habit of being busy these days and spend most of their day using a PC or laptop and especially their phone - the use of all that affects eye health. If your job requires sitting in front of a PC for long hours be sure to take breaks to relax your eyes. While doing so you can exercise your eyes to take full care of your eyes. Wash with cold water if needed.
  4. Sleep Well - An ophthalmologist in Glendale often complains that I do not have my eyes completely closed and that is because I do not sleep well. Yes, I know how important it is to get enough sleep, but if you have been in a similar situation for some time, you need to be serious about it now.
  5. Visit your optometrist often - Arrange regular appointments with an optometrist near you for complete information on your eye health and any treatment options available. Visiting an eye doctor does not mean that you have an eye disease, it simply means taking full responsibility for your eyes and taking the necessary steps to keep them healthy.
  6. Wear sunglasses - Yes the sun is important but much of it can be harmful to your eyes, so make sure you never go out in the sun without sunglasses.

The eyes are a treasure and need attention; start caring now!

This is all about comprehensive eye care, thanks for reading.

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