Here is the explanation if astrology is true and if astrology is real science or just a basic wisdom of the generation of old.

In most of the western countries people seem to be dependent on astrology prediction to foresee and ensure their success in life, but is astrology true and is astrology a real science is the main question asked by many.

Understanding the reality of Astrology is very important as people seem to take it as a final verdict of their future fate which is wrong as astrolgy is merely a tool that helps you decide and do better in your present to have a safe future.

The Reality of Astrology

Is Astrology Real
Reality of Astrology

Astrology is the study of stars related to ones Kundali, that helps them decide and plan their future and take action in present that will be beneficial in the future.

Understand the Power of Karma Before Understanding Astrology

When we question Astrology we think of the power of our Karma and is our Karma non-relational and falsified by the astral stars prediction of astrology, the answer to which is no, so read below to understand.

The view of Karma: Man writes his life. Gautama Buddha takes this idea lightly. He values ​​it so much that he says "karma weaves the whole body of life". Please note that you agree with your beliefs when writing:

I believe that when a person really works hard, God gives him his whole heart for his success

However. However. However. The difference is in the way he describes karma. You seem to notice that karma starts with you starting a title, he says the title starts long before you even think about it. 

And so you think and decide what to do and you come a little later. It's confusing that I can. However, this is a crux of karma and a quote from commenting on his speeches:

Please forgive me for saying this: Because you start explaining karma after you start or go the route, you will be wrong throughout your journey of analysis of life, however you go forward meditating.

Instead, and it is his request, please see that whatever you want at any time is nothing but the abolition of the karmic practice that was brought to mind and just caught you saying "I want it. I am this. 

This desire and I want it to be worse that the universe (or God) support me if I work hard ". There is an ego focused on this idea - the feeling of 'I AM.'

Instead, the yogi sees a desire like this "Here is a desire that comes from the mind. If it is good, let me cultivate it as much as possible, devote myself to the universe until the time of another karmic tendency to mature and catch me. If some of my karmic habits are weak, then nothing to worry about .

How astrology Fits into the bigger picture of Karma reality?

We want astrology not because some random planets want to come to us - helpless creatures. No. We consult astrologers to understand the karmic tendencies that work and that oppose us. 

So that when karma matures - we can feel angry with ourselves and the world and have peace. 

And astrology can play a role in karmic proportions because it is a good mirror to look at. 

When I get dressed, I can put all my clothes on myself. But this one neckline is deceptive, so I take the help of a mirror in my room, looking at where I can see myself and dressing very well.

We take the help of astrology because we want to see it clearly. Equality is a missing piece thus we cannot understand. 

If one day you reach a point where you can achieve a strong, lasting peace of mind, you do not have to be an astrologer to ignore that story for the rest of your life.

Peace of mind is important, because it keeps you anxious. Anxiety is a major disorder as described in this Indian text:

Before you can rely on such tools as astrology, it is very important to demonstrate that you believe in the power of fate. 

Many people are not happy with the idea of ​​destiny as they feel that predestination. I've always avoided these ideas and I've always been a strong supporter of hard work. 

Something happened in my life that made me wonder if my '100% pure intentions' and 'related actions' were the only reasons for the outcome. 

I could not accept success everywhere. I learned about this and later accepted the role of fate in human life.

Krishna, in the Bhagvad Gita, says this about fate:

Fate is a real deciding factor in an individual being successful or not irrespective of his hard work.

Astrology is true, but can Astrolger be true or not

Astrology is based on the principles of Science and so your answer to question "Is astrology true" is yes as astrology has solid foundations.

I will now answer the question in 2 parts.

1. Why does the question "Is astrology true" arise?

You need 10 years of hard work and technical training to become a surgeon, but anyone in India can be an astronomer. 

Boys in college stars see the hand of girls. Most pseudo-astronomers are like that. 

You need to be a Glib salesman and smart to be a successful astronomer. Its a rule of thumb, which will help you grow the business. There is no official authority like SEBI, RBI or MCI to keep a check. 

People will look to the stars and be deceived. They are reluctant to believe in astrology.

2. Why the real Astrolger is not available.

There are not many real astrologers available right now, as most of them are just naive fakes.

As there are many degrees in Economics and Physics here in  India. Why not everyone becomes Mr Raguram Rajan or A P J Abdul Kalam

It takes decades of study and practice to become True Astrolgers. Those who are enlightened, however, leave the field and repent. They are not accustomed.

Astrology was never intended to predict events or to change the future. Otherwise Maharishi Vashisht would have stopped the vanvaas of King Rama. 

An astronomer should guide you on your spiritual journey by giving suggestions according to your level of understanding.

The study of the stars as a god is true, that astrologers like bogus gurus are not.

Astrology helps you in management 

Astrology helps you in proper management as it gives you a simple glimpse of what you do and what you can not.

In the language of management, there are five steps to accomplishing any project:


Overall management.

Tools used.

The actual act.

Predestination or the power of previous karma.

I would recommend that you find it for yourself, and if you choose to accept it then follow only the desires of astrology. 

Because otherwise, you would feel sick and vomited when you talked to an astrologer. 

And please know that, action is very important, life is about doing positive deeds. Not going to the mirror for everything that comes into your life. 

So, I put your thoughts into doing the best hard work, and then write your own life.

 I have come to realize that the universe supports the best way to make your dreams come true but it rarely comes down to the manifestation of your karma.

So your answer to your questions like Is astrology true, Is astrology a real science and many others is yes, but do not think the verdict of astrology as something that you are bounded to as it is merely a tool that helps you choose better to have a successful future.

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