Here are some of the fastest and fascinating ways for you to gain wisdom.

Remember that Confucius has actually said 

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest".

Gain Wisdom with Awareness, Solitude and inner awakening

17+ Fastest way for you to Gain Wisdom
17+ Fastest way for you to Gain Wisdom

You cannot gain wisdom in 1 minute, you need to learn to be wise so here we will give you some best tips to gain wisdom.

17 Best Ways To Gain Wisdom 

These 17 ways are teachings of a wise man.

Follow these 17 tipa to gain wisdom and stay poised.

  1. To gain wisdom, you MUST devote yourself to the process of learning and applying what you have learned. This process takes a long time, a long period of discomfort, pain and struggle.
  2. Check yourself first. You may already have many traits or qualities that you need to work on. Don't just throw away everything you have or everything your life taught you, including the hardships in your life. 20% of it is important, but 80% of it is unhealthy.
  3. You must be eager to attend health school and be willing to exercise patience, perseverance and endurance. I can't promise you that it will be easy, but in the right sense, combined with the desire to find something more precious than gold, or precious stones, you can get there.
  4. There is no set time or time to learn wisdom, and there is no limit to wisdom. It is an ongoing process that involves lifelong learning. Acquired wisdom will soon be forgotten and will die. People who gain wisdom will soon die without you.
  5. First of all, you have to kill all kinds of fears, and cultivate deep skin of failure, ridicule, danger, human jealousy, slander, exploitation, persecution, and everything related to pride. Instead of accepting humility.
  6. People will hurt you, and you will feel great pain. But this is nothing compared to how you would destroy yourself if you did not learn to forgive, and control anger and bitterness.
  7. Most people don't have the time to be smart and will do anything to avoid it. In fact, most people prefer death without it, because most people prefer the shorter way of life.
  8. Wisdom is gained through years of struggle, mistakes, and mistakes. Schools teach you how to avoid mistakes. Life teaches you to make mistakes so you can increase your intelligence by finding out why you made mistakes and mistakes. The more you learn, the less conflict there is, so mistakes are lessened.
  9. I don’t teach you to go out there looking for mistakes and failures. I teach you to be prepared because life is full of them. However, I teach you to learn from them if possible.
  10. Always find a quiet place. Alone. No mobile phones, internet, computers, and television. Away from all noise. Away from the office, away from the crowds and away from everything. Certainly, fresh air and nature. Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in all the knowledge and anxieties of life. At least for now. How do you feel? Now take a deep breath and get used to the fresh air. Ask yourself— "what am I doing wrong or right?" Start asking everything. Then start from a clean slide - Clean cloth. Gather your brain into all the rubbish.
  11. Wisdom is not knowledge. In fact, wisdom is the opposite of knowledge, because you do not need education to get it, but you do need an open mind, determination and common sense.
  12. Take a book of wisdom and read it as if your life were dependent on it. For example, you might start by reading the Bible book of Proverbs, written by the wisest man who ever lived. Don't worry if you don't believe. Although it is found in the Bible, it is not a religious textbook. The kings have read it. Unbelievers have learned it, and they have acquired more wisdom to protect their kingdoms, their wealth, their lives, and their families.
  13. You will not be wise overnight or read wisdom books alone. But you will be wise by continuing to persevere, and by applying the principles of wisdom.
  14. Learn to be respectful and kind. Learn to share, and learn to help. You do not have the wisdom to catch and collect everything for yourself. You gain wisdom by sharing the little you have with others who have nothing.
  15. Learn the art of listening and admit that you do not know everything. In fact, the listener gains more than the speaker, and the speaker loses more than the listener. Socrates said it all when he said, "What I know - I know nothing…"
  16. Although wisdom is unseen, the effect of wisdom is obvious. Although wisdom is sometimes acquired through trial and error, once it is discovered, trials and errors will be greatly reduced as you become wiser.
  17. Wisdom is far more valuable than gold, diamonds, or other precious stones. It gives you the power to get whatever you want, but more importantly, it gives you the power to control greed and to avoid danger.

Follow the wise to gain wisdom 

A wise man has said the fastest way to gain wisdom is to create awareness so read below to understand.

Wisdom does not come with age, but with awareness. Age and experience help with the process of knowing, but it doesn't matter.

Don't worry about "It's too fast, you're too smart". Jump straight into wisdom by learning knowledge.

You need to develop self-awareness beyond the obvious. Understand all your feelings and it is the cause. Your whole action and motivation action. 

Your whole connection to the thought you get into. Your motivators, your fears, your strengths and your weaknesses. Know who you are and what you are doing.

You have to improve the knowledge of the world around you. Understand all cultures. Learn how people think, act and act. 

Learn about their feelings and why. Read the events that take place in your city. Don’t just spend all day with your headphones focused on you, look around you; man cannot gain wisdom without understanding the world in which he lives.

And now to answer your question: The fastest way to acquire wisdom is to create awareness.

There are a lot of exercises for this, but what I like is the following: go to a public place and just sit. Look at the people passing by and the things around you. 

As you look at someone, train yourself to see what your judgment is about that person. Then strive to clear your mind. Learn "Beware without judgment", a skill that is easier said than done. 

Look at everything around you and think about their function in this world, why are you here? Think about how you feel inside: are you not feeling well? Are you sure? Worried? Over time, as with anything else, you will get better and better at this job. And believe me, it works.

7 Points to remember in your quest to gain wisdom

Choose which one you wish to help create.

Always remember these points to gain wisdom.

1. The worst evil is the ego (yours and everyone else's)

2. No one and nothing, which should be more than questioning or criticizing.

3. "Truth" is independent of sight. (It doesn't matter how you feel or what you believe).

4. Those who can make you believe unreasonable things can also lead you to commit crimes.

5. It is not your abilities that make you who you are, your decisions.

6. Complexity, it is often the first refuge of deception and the last of the deceived.

7. When faced with difficult decisions. The path that leads to the least damage and the best performance is your choice.

Remember these 7 points in your quest to gain wisdom.

9 surefire fastest ways to gain wisdom 

Here are 10 awesome ways for you to gain wisdom.

Remember what confucius said before always.

  1. Spend alone time doing meditation.
  2. Travel to holy places.
  3. Work good deeds. 
  4. Start respecting people.
  5. Listen to others.
  6. Do Not responding hastily. 
  7. Don't duplicate patterns, create new patterns
  8. Don't go chasing waterfalls!
  9. Examine what you keep telling yourself. How do you limit yourself? Wisdom puts you behind the scope of commitment.

So these are some basic tips  for you to gain wisdom.

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