Here are some amazing facts and good info on calories burned walking so read it out.

Real Secrets on Calories Burned Walking 


Real Secret on Calories Burned Walking
Real Secret on Calories Burned Walking 

We personally do not recommend you to estimate the number of steps you take, how fast you run, how much you weigh, how much exercise you have and the number of calories burned walking.

But still we wil give you base info on calories burned walking for your base motivation.

Calories  burned walking 10,000 steps

There is an easy way to find out. I am amazed by the many experts around me that this simple method of determination is not explained at all! Perhaps real professionals do not have the time to spend on things like weight loss.

Anyone who knows how the body acquires energy will accept one truth. OXYGEN ONE NEED! No matter the source, you still need oxygen to be converted!

So just set it up

An average person weighing 65-70 kg can burn 500-600 calories by walking 10,000 steps This is a thought based on my regular walking wearing a Fitbit smart watch:

Moderate walking gives 100-120 steps per minute.

The average weight burns 5-7 calories per minute of walking.

But keep in mind that high-speed walking that involves hands can burn up to 10 calories per minute, while slow walking can burn about 3-4 calories.

Calorie burned walking also depends on:

  1. The effort you put into it - the higher the effort, the more calories.
  2. Body weight - a heavy person needs to carry his or her weight in such a way that it burns more.
  3. Strength level - a person who is able to burn relatively few calories because his muscles work well and heat up less.
  4. The place where you walk - solid or uneven places burn a lot of calories.
  5. Wind speed - when you travel with the wind, you need more energy and vice versa.
  6. Atmospheric Heating - High temperatures will cause you to burn more calories.

Calories burned walking 30 minutes daily 

Calories burned walking actually depends on your initial weight and somehow on your speed and inclination while walking. 

A hard guide to calorie burning is about 100 calories per mile. (This is only the sixth rule; it is estimated that a person weighing 180 pounds, either on a treadmill or on a flat surface. 

If you weigh less, you will burn less; Using this as a guide, you will be traveling between 1.5 and 2 miles in 30 minutes, so maybe 150-200 calories will be burned. 

Your millage can vary (literally and figuratively). If you are just starting out, you can go slow. A common suggestion is to start with a pace where you are a little out of breath but can still have a conversation. 

If 30 minutes is too long for you, start with a modest amount and work your way up. If you feel pain or tired the next day, take a day off. Ideally you want to keep going for 6 or 7 days a week and then go for 45 - 60 minutes.

 But a steady and strong victory in this race is here. You want to be able to keep exercise and your progress over time.

But back to your weight loss question yes you can burn 120 calories in that half hour if so calories burned walking have some effect.

Calories burned walking 7 days a week

If you walk 7 days a week, your calories burned walking will be 1050 calories. A pound equals 3500 calories. So all other things are equal (no change in diet and no other exercise), it will take more than three weeks (3.3, to be exact, or about 3 weeks and 2 days) to burn one pound. In 28 days, this translation reaches 4200 calories, or 1.2 pounds. 

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. If you are overweight and / or have been sitting for a while, this could eventually get worse. 

If you are willing to look at your calories burned walkingand spend another 150 that way, you can double that number. That would be about one can of regular soda, 1 chips roll, a few cookies, 2 slices of bread, etc.

Walking fast is considered to be a low-impact exercise that boosts your energy and helps you more in cutting calories burned walking. So when done properly, and with proper diet, it can really help to lose weight.

Not only is it an easy way to exercise, but it is also available to most people. Regardless of age and fitness, everyone who wants to use a healthy lifestyle should try.

So how many is the count of calories burned walking?

While walking fast helps burn calories, the actual amount depends on a variety of factors such as your weight, your speed, and obviously the total time. But on average, if you weigh 55 kilos and walk at 4kph, you can burn 165 calories an hour. And 275 calories, when you go at a speed of 6.4kph.

And similarly, if you have 68 kilos you will burn at least 204 calories at a speed of 4kph, and 340 calories at 6.4kph per hour. If you are on the heavy side, say 82 kilos, and at a speed of 4kph, you can burn 246 calories an hour, which is not bad at all!

The average person travels at a speed of 3kph, so the faster you go, the more you weigh the actual calories burned. This report is published in the Compendium of Physical Activities.

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Science proves that too!

In a study published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, it was reported that 11 overweight women lost 7.7 kg or about 10% of their body weight after six months of daily exercise.

One study published in the Journal of Exercise Nutrition and Biochemistry states that obese women who walk three days a week for about 50 to 70 minutes lose about 2.7 kg in a 12-week period! So, you see that the results are amazing and there is no reason why you should not try to go for less.

So, the decision is yes, walking fast helps to burn calories and lose weight, so if you love this activity, you should definitely keep doing it. However, if you want to make it more effective, then try to climb the hill or increase your speed.

So above is the best base info on calories burned walking that's good enough to motivate you.

So just keep walking

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