Here is some of easy technique which is an alternative to calorie counter.

Self calorie calculator For You

Calculating Calories burnt without Calorie Calculator
Calculating Calories burnt without Calorie Calculator

Calories burned per hour can be calculated using the BMI Calculator: Calculate your Body Mass Index. Are you overweight, obese, or overweight?

BMR & RMR Calculator: Measure Metal Basal and Resting Rates, and how many calories you burn per day depending on the overall activity level.

Activity Calculator: Choose from hundreds of activities to see how many calories you are burning, or calculate how many calories you are burning in 24 hours. 

Calorie Counter For exercise calories burn counting

The amount of energy expended by the body ("calories burned") during exercise such as bicep curl has two things: more work done by your muscles to lift weight, and more work done by your body to provide increased blood- flow in the muscles, breathe more air, remove debris, etc. 

Firstly  calories burnt is easy to calculate using Basic Physics and is addressed in many books and web services so duhhh don't buy calorie counter if you can't afford one. 

The latter should be measured based on "normal" performance as measured by the body. It varies widely (depending on many features, many), so your app will be able to give users a hard idea.

As a starting point you can imagine that the work done by the muscles with applied energy is multiplied by the distance transmitted to the target (W = Fd). 

For any exercise that involves lifting weights this is easy and will probably be very accurate so your calorie counter need is high. 

Then you have to repeat the answer to whatever you believe is the "fudge factor" needed to answer the body's cost. In other forms of exercise follow the same ideas and be creative!

All exercises are based on these ideas, and can only provide a measure of calories burned. The challenge is to make the estimates accurate enough (earning between 20% is outstanding) to be effective.

So now you know basics of counting calories and hence you can easily use a calorie counter.

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