Here are some of the best ways to consume 150g of protein per day.

Its best to get 150 gms of protein per day for your overall body development.

Consuming 150g of Protein per day 

How to consume 150g of protein per day?
How to consume 150g of protein per day?

Eating about 150gm of protein a day is a good dose for anyone who wants to build muscle and lose fat from there in the body.

And the amount of protein varies from person to person because everyone has different height, weight, goals, body type, etc.

So what foods can you add to your diet to get 150gm of protein belowis the list,

1. Consuming Eggs To get 150gms of Protein per day 

One whole egg will give you 6gm protein, and one egg white will give you about 3.5gm of protein, which is why you can safely eat 1-2 whole eggs and egg yolks daily to meet your protein requirement.

2. Kidney beans to get 150 gms of protein per day 

Also known as Rajma, a good combination of rajma (about 100gm) and the right amount of rice will give you 12-15gm of total protein in your diet.

Since rajma is not a complete source of protein, this is why you combine it with rice or grains to complete the amino acid profile.

3. Chickpeas to get 150 gms of protein per day 

And just like kidney bean chickpeas also come from the legume family and are a good source of protein, besides chickpeas protein is also rich in iron, magnesium, and other essential vitamins and minerals.

So 100gm of chicks will give you a good 9-10gm of protein and you can increase the protein content by mixing some grains and rice with it.

4. Whey protein to get 150 gms of protein per day 

When it comes to meeting your daily protein needs, whey protein should be at the top of the list, such as eating a diet, say eating 8 eggs will give you the same amount of protein, such as eating 100gm of chicken breast about 22-23gm of protein, which you should also get food, cook it and eat it, now to simplify the whole process, introduced whey protein made from formula milk only, take just one scoop quality whey protein will give you about 24gm of total protein, which is often beneficial and easy to meet and your daily protein need.

Also, whey protein is the fastest protein that can be made in our body, our body digests it very quickly, which we usually need when we finish our exercise, so the perfect source of protein you can have after exercise is whey protein.

A good whey protein you can look for for organic muscle mass protein and raw whey you can add to your postworkout shake at any time of the day you can get a good 24gm of protein in one operation, and this whey mixes well and is expensive as well.

Some of the things you can add whey protein to are in smoothies, in your oats, and in any other food you can skillfully add to get the perfect 24gm of protein in your diet.

5. Soya cones to get 150 gms of protein per day 

When it comes to cheap protein sources, soy chunks should be at the top of the list.
As 100gm soy chunks will give you a good 52gm of protein.

Now it comes to soy chunks as this dietary item is undisputed for many people as some people say it tends to produce too much estrogen in their bodies leading to hormonal imbalances, others say it does not affect it at all.

So the best thing anyone can do to get the best benefits from soybean meal is to eat it in moderation, that is, having soy pieces of about 50-80gm a day will not be a problem for them.

When you get the right amount of protein and you are away from any possible reaction again. Since soybeans are one of the best sources of protein, they are high in protein and inexpensive.

6.Lentils (Green Moong) to get 150 gms of protein per day 

Green Moong is also a great source of protein for all vegetarian / vegetarians out there, even non-vegetarians can also eat it as 100gm of raw moong included will give you the right amount of 22gm protein.

Also, it is not a complete source of protein but for beginners or even internally, it is a good diet to include in your daily diet.

7. Whole Grain to get 150 gms of protein per day 

Whole grains like oats, rice, whole wheat, Bajra, Amarnath, sorghum are a great source of complex carbohydrates that you can add to your daily diet to complete the missing amino acids from other protein sources.

Along with protein, carbs also provide many important vitamins and minerals and should therefore be part of your diet.

8. Dried fruit to get 150 gms of protein per day 

Dried fruits are usually a good source of healthy fats but also healthy fats provide a good amount of protein and, dried fruits like almonds, walnuts, and seeds like chia, pumpkin, etc. will give you about 6-8gm protein per serving.

So dried fruits and seeds should be a part of your diet as they provide a decent protein and a good amount of healthy fats that are essential for your hormone production.

9. Nat Butter Naturally to get 150 gms of protein per day 

One teaspoon of natural peanut butter TB will give you a good 4gm of protein and thus you can eat about 2TB of peanut butter daily in your diet to get 8gm protein.

The only thing you need to take care of is to use natural peanut butter.

10. Cottage cheese to get 150 gms of protein per day 

100gm of paneer will give you a good 15gm of protein and 18gm of fat too, so you can add paneer to your diet but make sure you don’t overdo it because it also has a lot of fat.

So strike a balance between eating that balance.

11. Tofu to get 150 gms of protein per day 

Tofu is a soy sauce based on soy milk, which is rich in protein, as 100gm of tofu will give you a good 10gm of protein.

12. Chicken / Fish to get 150 gms of protein per day 

Coming to the last and most used source of protein is chicken and fish that you can add to your diet 3-4 times a week, as 100gm chicken breast will give you 23gm good protein, and 100gm of fish will also give you a good 22gm of protein.
which are complete sources of protein

So these are some of the best options you can easily add to your diet to eat 150gm protein, which can vary with your diet and your favorite goals.

Thanks for reading !!!

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