As good health is very important for all we must all understand what are the social determinants of health and how they affect us.

Social determinants of health are very much important and one should know about them.

Social determinants of health

Social Determinants of Health : Improve Your Life
Social Determinants of Health : Improve Your Life

Learn and note down that the social determinants of health are conditions in the environments in which people are born, live, learn, work, play, worship, and age that affect there overall  health, functioning, and life quality with outcomes and risks. 

Social Determinants of Health conditions of social, economic, and physical  in these environments and settings (e.g., kidz school, social church, everyday workplace, and living neighborhood) have been referred to as “place.” In addition to the more material attributes of “place,” the patterns of social engagement and sense of security and well-being are also affected by where people live. Resources that enhance quality of life can have a significant influence on population health outcomes. 

Examples of these resources mainly and generally include safe and affordable housing, access to education, the public safety, availability of good hygienic healthy foods, local emergency/health services, and the pollution free environment which is mainly free of life-threatening toxins.

The Five Social determinants of health

1. Economic Stability : Its very important to live in a economically stable environment where one has all the resources to create his livelihood.

2. Education : Without education one gets destroyed so for a good healthy life one must be educated about health.

3. Health and Health Care : The Social determinants of health highly depends on the health care provision and overall community health.

4. Neighborhood and built environment,

5. Social and Community context.

Basic 12 Social Determinants of Health

The 12 social determinants of health are:

1. Income and social status

2. Employment and working conditions

3. Education and literacy levels e.g college education attainment

4. Childhood experiences e.g domestic violence

5. Physical environments e.g housing and where a person lives

6. Social supports and coping skills

7. Individual behaviors e,g smoking and alcohol use

8. Health services e.g access to care

9. Gender

10. Biology and genetics-examples sex and age

11. Race / Ethnicit

12. Culture

Importance of Social Determinants of Health

Social Determinants of Health determinants significantly influence your risk for chronic disease—responsible for 7 out of 10 deaths in the United States.

Social Determinants of Health affect people and below are some mentions.

Low levels of physical activity contribute to over 200,000 deaths in the United States annually. Poor nutrition. Diets low in whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, but high in sodium, processed meats, and trans fats are associated with the greatest burden of disease and this is mainly due to the improper regulation of Social Determinants of Health.

For example excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol causes 88,000 deaths in adults annually through cardiovascular disease, liver disease, cancer, and other diseases, as well as motor vehicle accidents and violence but if proper education and prevention is provided than this can be avoided .

Tobacco smoking and the cancer, high blood pressure, and respiratory disease it causes are responsible for about 1 in 5 deaths in American adults. One 2015 study found that smoking, low levels of physical activity, high alcohol intake, and obesity explained between environmental factors that influence health status.

If you watch Shameless than you will understand why Social Determinants of Health is very important as the show itself shows how drug abuse, alcohol consumption is the result of improper regulation of Social Determinants of Health by the Gallagher parents.

Determine the Social Determinants of Health where you live and try to improve and maintain it so that we all can live a better life.


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