Understand the Importance of Health in your life to live better as we all know that nothing is worse than a pandemic spread via deadly disease that makes you stuck in your home worried for your own life and life of others.

During the year 2020 the covid corona virus has been the major cause of a large pandemic resulting in deaths of many and the number of persons being affected by these type of disease is uncountable. 

But during this outbreak many of the people were unaffected even after getting in direct contact of a particular host and many were able to fight this virus even after getting affected and this was all possible due to their strong immune system resulting in their health being almost unaffected.

Thus all of you need to understand the importance of health in your life to live better and fight off the deadly diseases. 

But first you need to understand what is health to understand the importance of health.

Health definition and Health models

Understand the Importance of Health in your life to live better
Importance of Health

To understand the importance of health and the health model basics we first need to understand the definition of health so one should ask why health is important and what is health as the answers to these questions will force and awakening within you.

For some, the word health simply means the antithesis that is opposite of sickness, disease and having a better immunity to survive longer. And to many others, health means fitness, wellness, or well-being. 

More bookish meaning of health is a state referring complete emotional and physical well-being and in general being free from any illness and any type of injury.

As our collective understanding of illness has improved, so has our ability to grasp the various meaning of health. 

Importance of health is very easy to understand and one can understand health on a basic level by comparing and differing the medical model of health and also the public health model, and discussing the six dimensions of health.

Models of Health

Models of health are created to generalise the importance of health and for defining and differentiating public health and individual health.

Models of health over the centuries have been based on different ideals and models of human health from the past have dominated the pathway for creation of new and better models.

Our current model of health has broadened from attention on the human body to an understanding of health as a mirrored image not only of ourselves, but also of our communities. 

Individual health model

Medical Model before the 20th century, perceptions of health were dominated by the medical model, within which importance of health status focused totally on the individual and his or her tissues and organs. 

The surest way to improve health was to cure the individual’s disease, either with medication to treat the disease-causing agent or through surgery to get rid of or repair the diseased tissues. Thus, government resources focused on initiatives that led to treatment, instead of prevention, of disease.

Public Health Model 

Not until the first decades of the 1900s did researchers begin to acknowledge that entire populations of poor people, particularly those living in certain locations, were victims of environmental factors over which they'd little control: polluted water and air, a low-quality diet, poor housing, and unsafe work settings. 

 As a result, researchers began to concentrate on an ecological or public health model, which views diseases and other negative health events as a results of an individual’s interaction along with his or her social and physical environment. 

 Recognition of the general public health model enabled health officials to maneuver to regulate contaminants in water, as an example, by building adequate sewers, and to manage burning and other styles of pollution. within the early 1900s, colleges began offering courses in health and hygiene. 

 Over time, public health officials began to acknowledge and address many other forces affecting human health, including hazardous work conditions; pollution; negative influences within the home and social environment; abuse of medication and alcohol; stress; unsafe behavior; diet; sedentary lifestyle; and price, quality, and access to health care. 

Both the health models are created or defined to create awareness on importance of health on community level and individual level. 

Importance of health to fight disease 

Understand the Importance of Health in your life to live better
Stats of death caused due to health issues are very high

Importance of health
is understood by many when they face some serious kind of health issues and disease. 

Lets just understand disease a disease is a kind of uneasiness in normal functioning of the body so the most common type of disease and a serious health issue is obesity and it isn’t an issue just for the individual, together with its associated health problems, obesity burdens the U.S. health care system and therefore the U.S. economy overall. 

According to the us Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the medical costs of obesity within the u. s. are nearly $150 billion every year. Obesity also costs the general public indirectly through reduced tax revenues thanks to income lost from absenteeism and premature death, increased disability payments due to an inability to stay within the workforce, and increased insurance rates as claims rise for treatment of obesity and associated diseases. 

And in general we took the example of obesity as due to obesity many have understood the importance of health and are improving their eating habits, including exercise in daily regime so as to stay in good health.

Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and illegal drug use also place an economic burden on our communities and society. Moreover these behaviors have social and emotional consequences, like for folks that lose their loved ones in their prime. The burden on caregivers who personally sacrifice to require care of these disabled by diseases is another a part of this problem. 

At the foundation of the priority that individual health choices cost society is an ethical question: To what extent should the general public be held in command of an individual’s unhealthy choices? Should we require individuals to somehow get hold of their poor choices? In some cases, we already do. 

We easily and mainly tax cigarettes and alcohol, and lots of states’ tax exemptions for food items exclude candy and sweetened soft drinks. On the opposite side of the controversy are those that argue that smoking, drinking, and over-eating are behaviors that need treatment, not punishment. 

Thus understanding the importance of health to avoid the loss of our loved ones is very much necessary. Both the health models that is public and individual are very important as examples of radiation release in japan, corona virus originating from china are a better examples of public health model as any distress caused can be saved by creating more awareness on importance of health and public behavior for protection of any public outbreak. 

And in the same way when you as an individual get more aware and learn the importance of health you surely help yourself, your family and your community to live better.


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