Decoding the cold and flu myths thats been haunting you so that during this time of pandemic you learn to be more safe and sound.

In United States alone there are an estimated one billion cold infections every year and usually it occurs between October and March. 

The average adult suffers from two to four colds annually while the average child gets six to ten. 

Indeed, nothing is more harmful than getting a bad cold or flu. But do you know the reason we suffer so much and so bad is because we do all the worse things when we get sick? 

For example drinking coffee and sodas and eating an ice cream cone and pudding can easily make your flu or cold super worse—or can increase the harmful effects of it. 

Never count and be dependent on a flu shot offering an ironclad protection, either. Flu shots have not been as successful as hoped because viral infections constantly change its matrix and make one year’s vaccine virtually non-effective the next year.
However, when it comes to colds and flu, recognize that few points are the source of so many myths. 

For example, many believe and consider that colds are caused by use of cold weather, and that not dressing properly for weather conditions will lead to illness. 

Another uncommon belief is that a person must be ill or should be having a weakened immune system to be susceptible to flu and colds and its not true as one with good immune system can be highly susceptible if not follows proper health care and basic body cleanliness.

The truth about cold 

Decoding the cold and flu myths thats been haunting you

The truth is that colds are caused by different types of viruses which are naked to normal eyes. The biggest example is the current pandemic of Covid as every one is suffering from cold and flu as it is the preliminary stage.

In order to get sick from these viruses that cause colds, you must come into direct contact with them and through this contact they attach to your cells and multiply within your cells to cause infection. 

Second, a person does not needs to have a weakened immune system to be susceptible to flu and cold viruses as in one study involving healthy adults, 90 percent became infected when cold viruses were transmitted through the nose and via other sources.

1 Of those, a large percentage developed symptoms associated with the common cold. More than two hundred viruses are known to cause colds. 

Indeed, there are so many different types of defective strain of cold viruses it is difficult to develop a proper vaccine to provide strong protection against all of them.

Unlike what many think about the transmission of colds, the viruses that cause them are usually transmitted by direct contact with the source of hands.

The symptoms of the cold and flu are due to the result of the body’s immune response to the fight these virus

This causes inflammation in the lining of the nose, resulting in sneezing and a blocked, runny nose. 

Fluid starts to drain from the nose to the throat, causing painful soreness, and from the back of the throat to the chest, causing chest coughing. 

The truth  about flu 

There is a general sense of belief that the symptoms of a cold can become so severe it can develop into the flu.

Although the truth is that the flu is also a type of respiratory infection caused by viruses such as Covid, Saars etc.

And as in case with cold viruses, you must be similarly exposed to the bad flu virus to become badly infected. 

So note the fact that it is not transmitted via high cold weather, nor is it a compulsion or  necessity to be sick to become infected. 

Unless a person is infected with both cold and flu response viruses, it is unlikely that a cold will develop into a viral flu.
It is a bad headache for all that the defined symptoms of a severe cold and the flu are so similar it is difficult for many to distinguish between the two. 

Types of cold and flu viruses due to influenza

There are mainly three types of viruses that cause flu: influenza types A, B, and C.

Influenza type A is mainly classified into two groups based on their specefic types of surface proteins that are recognized by our body immune systems. 

Specefic Influenza types A and B viruses are defined as the most common cause of disease. 

Influenza type C is responsible for less severe respiratory infections and is usually not involved in epidemics. 

The type A influenza virus has also been found in animals, including birds, pigs, and whales and is highly transmitted by them. 
The way of transmission for flu viruses is through the respiratory droplets from sneezes and coughs. 

An infected person may badly sneeze or cough, and droplets carrying the virus may get on the mouth or nose of a person in close proximity. 

This gives the virus an easy access to the cells of the respiratory tract, thus causing illness. 

Adults may be contagious before symptoms as it is hard to see the symptom signs and are capable of spreading the germs for up to seven days after symptoms appear.

 Children may be highly and unknowingly contagious for several days before the show sign of ant symptoms and may be highly contagious for ten days or more afterward. 

Influenza type C causes less severe respiratory infections where as A and B are the main source of influenza and is usually  involved in outbreak of epidemics. 

Persons with weak immune systems may spread viruses for months unknowingly.

Symtomps of Cold and Flu

Symptoms from the cold and flu are usually far more severe and occur quickly after infection. In addition to the common cold symptoms, flu symptoms include high fever (above 102 degrees Fahrenheit), headaches, body aches, muscle aches, and tiredness. 

Sometimes people with the cold and flu get in contact of secondary infections, causing big type of complications. Some examples are general ,bacterial pneumonia, ear and sinus infections, and worsening of long-term chronic illnesses.

Thus we tried you giving some facts and killing your mind myths about cold and flu so we request you to stay healthy and wealthy.

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