The 7 Benifits of Chanting meditation for beginners will make you feel better as it helps develop mind and body and removes anxiety and depression. 

Chanting meditation for Beginners is a very good practice to achieve mental peace and  other health benefits. As chanting meditation is the best way of getting in touch with our source energy.

   The attraction to chanting meditation is increasing due to the extremely busy and active lifestyles we lead.  Silent and still meditations offer an antidote to the active distractions in our lives.

7 Benifits of Chanting meditation for Beginners
Chanting meditation 

7 Benifits of chanting meditation for beginners 

   Chanting meditation for beginners has a great list of benifits for example it develops and increases the lung capacity thus increasing the oxygen content deeper into the body tissues and releasing more carbon dioxide. Here is a basic list of other benifits of chanting meditation.

1) Allows for complete self-expression, and is a vehicle to release stressed-up emotions. 
2) Increases self-confidence allowing the expression of thoughts and feelings with full emotion. 

3) Increases the breath capacity by developing the muscles in the diaphragm and abdominal regions.  

4) Allows a focus in the present state-of-mind, there is less preoccupation about events in the past or future.  

5) Promotes a healthier attitude toward the body, as relaxed muscle groups in the upper body allow a free passage of air during sound production.  

6) The richer, pleasant speaking and sounding voice improves the expression of speech and enhances the personality.  

7) Improves overall health, increasing the levels of creativity, imagination, bringing a zest of energy to all those with whom you interact.

7 Benifits of Chanting meditation for Beginners

Chanting meditation guide

   Chanting meditation is a dominant form of meditation in East Asia, and India in particular and chanting meditation is now becoming very popular in the West. 

 This kind of meditation is widespread and utilized by more individuals than other forms of silent meditation.

  Chanting meditation is often done collectively using a short phrase (a mantra), a simple melody, or is sometimes sung on a single tone.

  The simplicity of the melody allows for group participation; no one needs a developed sense of musicianship in order to participate.  

Importance of Chanting in meditation 

   Chanting during meditation is considered as a meditative practice, has great efficacy.  First, chanting unites the body, breath, and mind into a single activity.  This is a very effective means for developing concentration, one-pointedness of mind.  

Other forms of concentration meditations are more difficult because the mind tends to wander easily from the object of concentration. But chanting meditation is easy.

 In chanting, however, because the body, breath, and mind are all united on a single activity, the development of concentration happens rapidly and with less effort. 

    Chanting unites the musical and discursive (wandering) functions of the mind which do not normally work together. 
Hence chanting meditation for beginners is highly productive and beneficial.

 However when chanting the functions of the mind become one with the music. The result is an energizing of the mind, with a positively altered state of consciousness.   

Chanting meditation wellness 

  Chanting meditation creates a state of relaxation with an abundance of energy.  Chanting meditation, as a social activity, unites participants, creating a feeling of closeness between fellow humans. 

 The collective voice of a group chant is a clear example of the core understanding of dependent origination, inter-dependent transformation. 

 The sound of the chant constantly changes;  this displays the core truth of constant change. And it implies the core improvement of life of a person leading to wellness in every area.

   Finally, when the chant ceases, this is a clear display of the truth of life.  There is a great silence which is like listening to favorite piece of music in which  we find our trueself” 

  The experience of chanting meditation is essentially humming "OM" while breathing, and in the  sounds of chanting, one begins and ends with breath. Chanting meditation is, “life’s mystery,” the beautiful connection and the gateway between earth and the unknown.  

Hence chanting meditation for beginners will do wonders if practiced daily as chanting meditation works as a medicine for us.

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